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Colorado and Washington legalize Marijuana

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2 hours ago, Bong-Man said:


Yes, because the only reason this passed is because the people were ill-informed, misled, and you were outspent.  Perhaps one of your biggest donors, the makers of fentanyl, didn't donate enough to your cause.  In spite of an overwhelming voice from the people themselves, you of course know what's better for all of us.  



^  ^  I was quite pleased at the voting results and the turnout.  Also happy that a Democrat was elected Governor, as she has vowed to assist the process as opposed to obstructing.  9 years ago the people of Michigan voted for medical marijuana, and the only thing the Republican Party has accomplished during that time is obstructing the process.  They had a chance this Summer to handle the issue themselves legislatively before the election, and still couldn't manage to read the writing on the wall for their own benefit.  When Republican candidate for Governor Bill Schuette was asked about this issue during a recent debate, he went off for 10 minutes about the opiate problem, never once mentioning anything related to the actual issue being voted on.  

I've got a nephew who is fighting a grow operation that was approved a couple miles from his Grand Rapids home.  He's worried about how this will affect his children.  He tells me this as he's sipping on some wine he made in his own basement.  I've learned not to waste my breath.  Same with the garbage line they use about how weed has increased in strength.  I can buy alcohol from 4% alcohol content to 160 proof vodka....what's the difference ?              

You should hear the bollocks they talk over hear. " The stuff smoked in the 70's was not nearly as strong as today" Rubbish

Then these people roll out the usual misinformed garbage. " My son hanged himself because of THE SKUNK" SKUNK??? This is the buzz word for non smokers, who I may add more than likely drink or turn to an opiate for pain relief. Breeders have crossed so many varieties that it is a minefield. There are only 2 types of weed: Sativa and Indica. End of. Chuck in the Ruderalis(Hemp) strain for Autos then that is what there is. 

It is never a good thing to sit around all day smoking dope just like it is not a good idea to drink alcohol all day. Education is the key but then again it is still illegal and is likely to remain so in this backward country for the foreseeable future.

Note to add: The UK is the largest supplier of medical Marijuana and not only is a home office spokesperson on drugs the wife of the CEO ( British Sugar) but our deluded, bigoted Prime Minster, is a shareholder in British Sugar, the company that grows it. That my friends just sums it all up?


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So cannabis now legal 10 states in the US and medical use is legal in 21 more.  That's 33 out of 50!  

Man, if it's really "stronger than it was in the '60's and '70's", it must get ya WASTED, cuz I barely remember high school... 

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