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I don't like some of Chris Farlowes singing, I think it's overly dramatic and the lyrics are not that good either. But Plant's song and many good Page ideas, are really good and it's cool, he doesn't want to prove himself, as an eighties type guitarist, he does some great instrumentals. But everyone has to have his own opinion, I mean, are the opening acts at Woodstock bad, because they don't have virtuosos and just strumming, yet still some really good lyrics and are the latter bands not good enough, because guitarist's don't play as fast as Jimmy!? Music can always give you something good if you listen right, but in the context of wider life, although Led Zeppelin at the beginning, probably didn't have to know anything else, but in which city they are!  ;) :)  It's great, how Jimmy live in 1988, still did everything he could techically, but on the album, he is more of a writer, but not that much of an innovator really. You can only be an innovator, with each new song and strum heh. The riffs are really good and the emotional balads, resonate nicely, especially the live solos and the singing live is better. Nice album!

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