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Rolling Stones Thread

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1 hour ago, SteveAJones said:

One of the reasons why I like the Hamburg video I posted is I think it provides an accurate representation of the overall experience. There's no question Keith struggles at times, but I don't think his playing has degraded to the extent that Berry's did in his late 80s. I don't think Mick is phoning it in at all. If anything, he's attempting to compensate for the band's diminished  energy and physicality onstage and for the most part succeeding. They've added some new tracks to the setlist and incorporated a fan vote, which is about as much can be expected at this point. They're not gonna play deep cuts from the back catalog. The prices are outrageous, but people seem to be paying them. All that said, I do think it's time they draw the curtain down on the band before the Reaper does. In so doing, they can be very meticulous about how they go out. I'd like to see them do one last tour, but it would be kept short (about six weeks) and limited (about six cities, with three dates in each city). Each of the six cities would get a theater show, an arena show and a stadium show. I'm talking NYC, Chicago, LA, Tokyo, Frankfurt & London. Mick Taylor & Bill Wyman would be part of the London shows. This is my suggestion.    

It's about time they came back to Liverpool, I'm sick of traveling for gigs,  even Manchester which is only an hour away (traffic dependant) is too far. Liverpool Echo Arena is only twenty mins/half an hour away (again traffic dependant).  No way am I ever going to London for a gig again, too far too expensive and too time consuming..

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