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Zep live at Chicago Stadium '73

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Hi Everyone.. trying a new font here!! First of all, condolences to you The Only Way to Fly on the passing away of your uncle George Wadley... God bless.

To Porgie66, yes, please do please send me your email!! 

And, oddly enough, Yes, I do remember Bonzo wearing a turban plus it's in my diaries!!! Thanks for asking, and glad to be able to help nail down some more Led Zeppelin history!! I also remember quite well the sequin spider web t-shirt.


Here is a photo of the front door of the Court of the Golden Hand, where I first saw Led Zeppelin and met Robert Plant.


1359 N. Astor front door.jpg

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On 8/29/2016 at 8:30 PM, The Only Way To Fly said:

My Grandmother. She had taken her son (my at the time 13 year old Uncle) to these gigs. My Uncle George passed away in 1990 but remember one Christmas my cousin got TSRTS on VHS and we put it. It was quite a trip when Grandma said from across the room "George, didn't I take you to this concert"? I was like wait... Grandma, you saw Zeppelin?. She said it was very very loud and Jimmy Page looked so skinny. 

He went again during 77 and attended the gig where Page get's sick and they call it early. I remember talking to him about both shows & he said the 73 show was the best. Being his first concert & the other gig getting cut short. I miss him. So does Grandma, it was her only son. She's 90+ now & lives in Tucson. 

George Wadley BTW - if there's anybody from Oak Park HS from the 1970's on here. RIP 1960 - 1990. 

Thanks for sharing , cool Grandma!  

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