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Song about the great Led Zeppelin

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A song I wrote about the great Led Zeppelin!


You need cooling,
the world is warming,
also because we love you,
we might have stolen some music,
but our stage was black too, 
when we were still poor 
and there was no copyrights before,
so we had to do it,
we are a bit misogynistic and sexistic,
but we were just talking, about individual relationships,
some really good ones and lasting too,
our music has got the music of all the empires
and a bit of their aggression in it,
but we are just promoting getting the world together,
we are virtuosos, 
but if a very heavy, full structure, is very intensely shaken,
it might get a bit shaky,
we got great lyrics,
you need cooling,
so here is a new song Autumn lake,
at the beginning of The song remains the same,
at the sloppy beginning of eighties,
i guess pop has to prevail now,
we hope people keep listening to music,
not just Coca Cola jingles,
we keep doing real music,
we do an amazing technological thing,
plants start to say important things,
on solo albums,
I guess it will result in everybody loving everybody,
because a few people were chosen from quite many millions,
through a ballot for a concert,
where there is love and Kashmir,
so keep loving and listening to great music,
oh yeah and the lyrics!

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