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Led Zeppelin in Las Vegas?

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11 hours ago, mikezep61 said:

Here's a photo from August 1969 which shows Elvis and Ike & Tina Turner on the International Hotel marquee:


I'm lovin' it. This and all else seals the deal that Led Zeppelin performed in Las Vegas in August 1969 (as far as I'm concerned).

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 Some loose ends in response to PlanetPage's last post:

- The UNLV Rebel Yell school newspaper was not published during the summer, and as a result did not cover the show (no issues between May 22, 1969 - September 24, 1969).

- The show would not have been covered in the Las Vegas Free Press because it did not begin publishing until January 1, 1970 (when Vol. 1 #1 was produced).

- Mike Tell ("of the Las Vegas Israelite") promoted the Three Dog Night concert at the Ice Palace in conjunction with KLUC radio on July 4, 1969 and the Iron Butterfly gig on December 6, 1969, so it certainly confirms that he was promoting gigs at the Ice Palace during this time.  Here are the listings from the Las Vegas Sun:

69-07-03 Las Vegas Sun (3 Dog Night) ed.jpg

69-12-05 Las Vegas Sun (edited).png





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Here are some Las Vegas Israelite clippings regarding The Doors show Mike Tell promoted on October 4, 1969. The last clipping mentions Mike Tell bringing "Led Zepplin" to Las Vegas!  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any other mention of the Led Zeppelin Las Vegas gig in the Israelite, including the day after the Led Zeppelin gig (August 8, 1969).  It was a weekly paper produced on Friday, and there was no mention of Led Zeppelin in the August 1st or August 15th issues either.

At least this corroborates Michael Tell bringing Led Zeppelin to Las Vegas just a few months after it happened!

I've attached a few other Ice Palace clippings from 1969 too.

69-10-03 Las Vegas Israelite.jpg

69-10-03 Las Vegas Israelite b.jpg

69-10-10 pg. 1 Las Vegas Israelite.jpg

Las_Vegas_Israelite_Las_Vegas_Nev_19691010_page_4 ed.jpg

69-10-10 pg. 5 Las Vegas Israelite.jpg

69-10-17 Las Vegas Israelite ed.jpg

69-12-12 las Vegas Israelite ed.jpg

69-07-18 Las Vegas Israelite.jpg

69-11-28 Las Vegas Israelite.jpg

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Hello everyone, I remain indebted to Ms.  Su Kim Chung, Special Collections, UNLV Archives for accepting my request in her most valuable time.  She has very kindly sent us the fans the following outstanding confirmations from The Las Vegas  August 1969 Publication, "Fabulous" that lists events of Vegas including Ike and Tina Turner, Elvis among others.  I have been in search of this magazine for quite some time, (august 9, 1969 Tina Turner Cover of Fabulous on Ebay Sold Out)... with Sincerest Thanks to Ms. Su Kim Chung, here are the photos that she has sent to us...




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Remain indebted to Ms. Su Kim Chung for sending us this additional confirmation from Las Vegas Review Journal from April, 1970, that further confirms previous August 7, 1969 appearance by "LZ" at Ice Palace...

Thank you Ms. Su Kim Chung!!

August 9, 1969 Fabulous Magaine Ms. Chung confirms is Not in UNLV archives.  A photo from ebay (sold out)

and MikeZep, thank you for such wonderful contribution and sorry for late response... 

**Mike I just wanted to add detail that reason for curfew being extened to midnight on weeknight August 7, 1969  Thursday  - Bylaw - during summer months, there is no school, otherwise school night, 10:00 pm....  Ike and Tina Turner at Casino Lounge appear 10th Window, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 am as stated in the listing above...ofcouse, thinking of Legendary "John Paul Jones, and our Beloved Road Manager, The Great "Richard Cole"....




Edited by PlanetPage
additional detail:

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