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A tribute to Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones

Event details


<p>Sunkträsket presents:

A tribute to the giants!

Who does not have that hard rock piece damn its late date of birth as it was in the cradle (Child of the 70's ) played cops and robbers (Child of the 60's) or not even born when the classic monster bands who have been role models for the whole rock history was like the best? Thankfully there are now many bands their homework and put their idols 'in focus' and put toghether their shows that they sounded and looked like 35-40 years ago.

Tribute bands-era is here! Europe and the U.S. is flooded with ambitious enthusiastic cluster of musicians who live and love the mission to copy in every detail. For example, Atomic Punks (A tribute to Van Halen) from Los Angeles, is so popular because they deliver such a quality, that they almost generate the same gage as the original. A tribute evening is always characterized by relaxed and humble mood and the audience plays air guitar and sings along the songs all night through. It is an exciting and reverential event where both band and audience can unite in one great ecstasy of admiration and love for the originals. Do not miss this mini-tribute festival built on two of rock's top 5 artists: Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. Heaters are a bunch of Eksjö-guys that play different versions of Lars Winnerbäcks great tunes.

The evening to honor is The Gislepark designed to look like our beloved sunkhak: Sunkträsket = The sunky swamp

HINDENBURG (A Tribute to Led Zeppelin)

Hindenburg - A Tribute To Led Zeppelin is Sweden's most successful Led Zeppelin tribute band, which was titled Sweden's best tribute band in 2008 at the Sweden Rock festival.They have played all over Sweden, Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe.

These guys Stockholm fires a superb show that thrills even the most discriminating fans.

www.myspace.com / hindenburgledzep

ROCKS OFF (A Tribute to The Rolling Stones)

Rocks Off is arguably the largest Rolling Stones Tribute Band of Sweden!

The band has done hundreds of gigs all over Europe to an ever

growing band of enthusiastic fans. Since 2002, the band has been invited to take part in Liverpool's legendary Beatles Week, where they have appeared before twenty thousand people.

Rocks Off took part in Sweden's largest morning television show in 2003 on the same day as Genuine Stones began their three sold-out shows in Stockholm. Rocks Off has also starred in the popular program P3 live. During a Rocks Off-gig, you can expect to hear all the classics as Honky Tonk Women, Satisfaction, Jumpin 'Jack Flash, Brown Sugar, Start Me Up and many more!

But do not worry!


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