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  2. Sam, Mook, and bcarter690: Thanks to your initial urging and Sam's engaging follow up efforts, the "dedicated" 10/17/69 Carnegie Hall LZ Concert Forum site was created and has since received more than 30,000 visits and hundreds of comments with additional contextual material. This extensive collection of photos and other postings is a fitting tribute to this memorable and highly pivotal live performance by the band during its early formative years! Once again, here is a link (below) to this dedicated Forum site for your convenience. Enjoy! DRowan
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  4. R.I.P. John Hutchinson (early David Bowie guitarist) RšŸ˜Ž
  5. Regarding rock guitar I have to agree, Blackmore was the first. That being said though, check out some of Glen Campbell's live playing from the late 60's & 70's. Now THAT is fast playing, as in crazy, super fast, clean playing. Glen Campbell was one hellofa guitar player.
  6. They could do what they did in Hawaii and build homes for the homeless, give them mental health care (when needed) and job training. So far it is a resounding success and has saved the Hawaiian taxpayers millions. Turns out if you treat them like humans they will act like humans. Interactions with police are down significantly, the use of the ER as the primary health provider is way down, social services in general are way down as a result of this program. I will not take a moral stand on this because the numbers speak for themselves. These programs save lives and save money, the only reason not to implement them is simply because people hate the homeless. It is simply amazing how governments will literally cut their own throat financially before they help in an instance they believe is caused by a lack of discipline and basic obligation on the part of a segment of society.
  7. There is no such thing as enforceable gun control when these cities are a few short miles away from areas where guns can be purchased legally. Chicago has strict gun control but just outside the city limits are more gun shops then just about anywhere (opportunity knocking) as there is no gun control outside the city. NY, well, just drive the three miles to NJ of 15 miles to PA. Then there is how a person, in any state, can buy guns and have them delivered. Most legitimate dealers will not deliver to cities that have gun laws but that is an easy work around, just get a PO box outside of that town. The fact is, gun control and regulation can only really work at the national level and I doubt that would ever happen. No President has ever had the balls to even suggest that yet these gun lobby's keep pushing that silly narrative just to drive up gun sales. Did Clinton take yer guns? Did Obama? Nope, nor will it ever happen because the gun lobby is just too strong and dems like that sweet money just like the republicans. Never let a law get in the way of profit, both the Ferngi 117th Rule of Acquisition and the psalm of most politicians.
  8. Do a search on YouTube. They're not difficult to find
  9. From a Yahoo news article this morning, note how many of the States are Democrat-controlled "defund the police", gun-control States: Of all the states, Illinois had the highest number of gun violence incidents, with 109 incidents tracked. Texas followed with 63 incidents, and then Pennsylvania, California and New York, where there were 59, 52 and 48 incidents, respectively, over the last week.
  10. Yet another example (as if any more were needed) that this is all 100% horseshit (pardon the pun): Covid could be spread through flatulence, say ministers (msn.com)
  11. A mix of sun & rain--typical Florida weather....
  12. Just kids having fun. Er, so I've heard...šŸ™„
  13. Checked em out on youtube and that is some good stuff. Damn that guy can sing.
  14. Poverty and lack of education? I see a lot of expensive cellphones and education in the United States is free. Did you mean to say systemic racism? That's the most popular excuse used when black youth act the damn fool. Anyway, no need to deflect into Whataboutism, we can agree to disagree about what this is.
  15. That is modern day commemorative merchandise sold at Wal-Mart. If any shirts were sold in 1973 I may have a photo on file, but that definitely isn't one.
  16. What is and What Should Never Be. I wasn't too familiar with Led Zep 1, and Whole Lotta Love was already over played in LA, when, driving into Las Vegas at age 16, my buddy was debuting Led Zep II on his 8 track tape machine. We were just coming into town and blasting the volume when I heard the way cool speaker separation of the power chords at the end of What is, and that sound, and Jimmy's staccato pick scraping between the chords - was the coolest thing I had ever heart up to that point in my life. That song was my first favorite, though Heartbreaker was a close second about 5 minutes later. Damn, that lead is fast.
  17. Where can I find these tracks from Headley Grange...????
  18. She should have shot the bongo player too. šŸ˜„
  19. Must be the Einstein time warp shifter. šŸ˜„
  20. Tarrantino's new book "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" is now out. It is a novelization of the film, with much more stuff in it than the film. Available in paperback I found it interesting that he insisted on paper back, dubbing it for "mass market" and priced at under $10. Very smart marketing really, I'm sure he will make more selling in quantity, than if he was selling $25 hardbook versions. Also if people are interested, the audio book of this is narrated by actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. https://www.amazon.com/Once-Upon-Time-Hollywood-Novel/dp/0063112523 Lastly for those who may be interested. Quentin Tarrantino was recently interviewed on the Joe Rogan show. For those who are fans of Tarrantino, or who are fans of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, I strongly suggest you check it out. It has some really great stuff in the interview, and some candid details Tarrantino talks about over the film, his career, and other things. The podcast is nearly 3 hours, but I enjoyed all of it. Rogan did a great interview, and Tarrantino was very happy to answer all questions and then beyond add more info. His comments about actor Bruce Lee were great. Here is a link on youtube which is audio only. The Rogan interviews are now on spotify, but you would need an account, so youtube works better for many.
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