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  2. I don't know those specifics but there is video from this show, so it should be possible to figure out what he played this night.
  3. The guitar on the soundboard recording from 1969, sounds like his Telecaster, to me. Do we know when he switched for live performances and would that performance contain his Tele or his Les Paul #1? ADK-Zeppy
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  5. I'm glad you like it. Because this recording already sounded good, I didn't do much to it beyond remixing it to get the instruments and vocals in the correct places. For typical soundboards, the remixing is the easy part, it's getting them to sound good that takes most of the time.
  6. Recently went through and worked on the (nearly complete) one roll of film I was "permitted" to shoot at a David Sylvian performance, back in '88. As a result, the number of satisfying images did not total much, but here are a few, and a link to the rest, should you find them of interest: "Where Were You?" blog of Michael Conen's, featuring David Sylvian performing in Berkeley, California, April 5, 1988
  7. Steve, This is the clearest sounding of all of your recent re-working of soundboard recordings. Listening with my earbuds proves that to me. Excellent job, and thanks for sharing it with all of us. ADK-Zeppy
  8. With a mini 1975 Tour Program repro... The soundboard with audience patched to complete The Wanton Song and No Quarter...
  9. Hello Steve. Requesting a copy. Cheers and awesome work as usual!
  10. Steve would you kindly send me a copy of this latest effort? Many thanks. ADK-Zeppy
  11. Awesome, Steve! Thank you again for your great work. I'll be PMing you.
  12. This is the latest installment in The Stereo Project. Sorry, no sample this time. This recording has always sounded good but the balance was off, so the main difference between this version and others is that I was able to move the instruments around so Jimmy's in the right channel and the rest of the band is centered. Send me a PM if you want a copy.
  13. Given what a huge star Robert was in 1985, it'd be odd if he hadn't been involved.
  14. How Many More Times The Lemon Song Out on the Titles Stairway to Heaven Over The Hills... Kashmir For Your Life Carouselambra Ozone Baby
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