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  2. Xolo1974

    Page's Best Playing Post Zeppelin

    Bizarre festival at Cologne with Plant in 98. Check out No Quarter from that show. Superb
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  4. chillumpuffer

    Page's Best Playing Post Zeppelin

    Personally? The last night of the Outrider tour, in fact most of the Outrider tour from what I have heard. I saw Jimmy finishing off his tour in Manchester. His playing was fantastic. Secondly and very rarely heard, Plant & Page at Buxton Opera House for an Alexis Korner benefit show. They were great
  5. I did some work on it...
  6. What is Jimmy's best guitar playing since Zeppelin? I never listened to Heaven Knows from Now and Zen before, but when I listened to it tonight, I was shocked at how awesome the guitar solo was! Jimmy wasn't playing too well in the 80s and I would never have expected such a slick, sleek, contemporary sound from him, with modern (for the 80s) phrasing to boot. It's easily as good as any Zeppelin solo from their heyday. Have you guys listened to his solo on Heaven Knows? What a pro. He plays what the song requires and does it so well. Still had that studio musician touch. Very tasty. What do you think is Jimmy's finest piece of work post Zep?
  7. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    People don''t elect the President, the states elect the President. A little technicality about us being a Constitutional Republic and not a straight democracy. The founding fathers had many more reasons NOT to form a Union, so having balance was key to them coming to an agreement. But the small states do matter, they matter a lot. Although maybe not every election cycle. I think Hillary proved that a politician shouldn't ignore ANY state no matter how few electoral votes they have. Hillary assumed she had it in the bag; she should have paid more attention to states she felt she didn't need. And there is where small states have power to be heard; when elections are close. In 1996 Bill Clinton won largely Democrat West Virginia (5 electoral votes), but in 2000 Al Gore didn't care about West Virginia, all his loony shut down the coal industry talk, and Gore lost West Virginia and those 5 electoral votes went to Bush Jr. 5 more electoral votes for Gore would have put him at 271 electoral votes instead of 266. It would have held Bush instead at 266 instead of him getting 271 (270 to win). So you tell us again how unimportant the Electoral College system is when it gives power to the small states during close elections?
  8. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    The 2nd Amendment was not included to protect hunting, target shooting, and collecting. You seem very bright Peace Frog, consider the context of the Bill of Rights; why would protecting hunting have even been a concern--- it wouldn't. 75% of the colonies were rural at the time, hunting was as normal as owning a horse back then. No, the founding fathers had something else in mind.... and before you say militias consider that the Heller decision affirmed gun ownership as an individual right. Why shouldn't everyone who is not a criminal own guns? It's a natural right to defend one's life is it not PeaceFrog? Thing is everybody does not qualify to own guns namely criminals; however, when has any laws stopped a criminal?
  9. Christopher Lees

    Backstage arguments?

    Where can I read about this?
  10. The Pagemeister

    Rolling Stones Thread

  11. SteveAJones

    Woodstock 2019 (50th Anniversary)

    If Robert were to join David Crosby on Saturday night for Wooden Ships on the Water or Just A Song Before I Go I would be pleased.
  12. wordev1977

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    I've always thought it was odd how nothing was represented from In Through The Out Door something like I'm Gonna Crawl or All My Love would've been neat additions but I do at least think they should have played In The Evening.
  13. roof

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    I've loved reading the first half of this book: if you're about to, arm yourself with you tube access close by, and listen to all of the songs mentioned, it's fascinating and engrossing.
  14. Walter

    Beautiful Women

  15. Very nice! Saw Humble Pie several times, between the "Smokin'" tour, and "Eat It!". Great rock 'n' roll band. So sad Marriott passed on.... Thanks for sharing.
  16. Thanks for sharing. A few of their clips pop up from time to time in my YouTube feed. Always prefer professional clips, vs fan [shaky hand-held images], myself :)
  17. kirchzep27

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    In regards to Plant and Jpj , it would have been cool to hear in the evening or carouselambra.
  18. roof

    How do the latest Zeppelin Books stack up

    Led Zeppelin : Expanded Edition : All the Albums All the Songs : Martin Popoff just got this yesterday; walked into local bookshop, not expecting to find anything as the JP book is sold out ... grabbed this ... fabulous photos .. one of JPJ on p78 tuning guitar, in animal pants. Popoff loves writing about metal and has a great sense of humour. Often mentions keys and riffs. Unlike the library books, as this is mine, can envisage writing in 2B pencil alongside the writing.
  19. luvlz2

    Backstage arguments?

    Yes physically.
  20. Christopher Lees

    Robert punches Bonzo in the face

    The blues they do at the four minute mark until the end of the video is excellent! I don't recall seeing them play that that night, and I watched it. Great blues. Plant sounded awesome. The guitar players didn't step on each other's toes too much. Great solo from Jimmy.
  21. Christopher Lees

    Backstage arguments?

    You mean, Plant actually smacked him, like physically? As in, he took his hand and slapped it up side Jimmy's face leaving a red mark?
  22. gibsonfan159

    Woodstock 2019 (50th Anniversary)

    The Killers, The Lumineers, and The Raconteurs? Did this already happen ten years ago?
  23. gibsonfan159

    Random Thoughts v.3

    The irony in this is absolutely fucking astounding.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Sultan of Swing

    Song recomendations

    I'm a drummer actually, so I love Bonzo and his work
  26. hummingbird69

    Robert Plant's Range Rover 1973

    Tangents was the first book I bought about Zeppelin and I thought it was really good. I don't remember thinking it was a hatchet job.
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