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  2. Happy 420 Everyone. I will sparking one up this afternoon.
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  4. The spiral staircase scene is amazing. Audrey Hepburn has a small roll as 'Chiquita.'
  5. The West Coast March '75 "No Quarters" where Jones and Bonham send the jam off in a jazz direction are the best for '75 IMO, especially March 19 and 25th. You have to hear the 6/11/77 "No Quarter", absolutely killer version. There is NO bad version of "No Quarter".
  6. Bong-Man lives! Welcome back, man. I wonder if Goff lived in L.A. He probably lived in Orange County and drove up for the games.
  7. Thanks. I just sent you a message with the link.
  8. Bingo Parlor (Guaranteed to bring in a crowd of blue haired competitive, so have tour books available for sale that look like bingo cards. R😎
  9. Nice work. Thx for sharing. R😎
  10. I HATED that era of Pink Floyd. So uninspired, no improvisation. I know The Wall and other performances were on timers and led to little improv, but this was so much worse. Gilmour wasn’t competing against a wall being constructed for Christ’s sake....
  11. All previous work is so great, None of your work can be missed. Would you be so kind to send a link, please.
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  13. Cool perspective! ive never really listened to the 1977 versions...... beyond the listen to this eddie version...... so i guess i have work to do. We Have Work To Do GIF.mp4
  14. The '73 tour has some very nice versions (Vancouver), but to my ears, the shorter compact renditions usually stuck to the same pattern or vibe; whereas on the '75 tour (particularly February and onwards) the jams got bigger, obviously & more creative. There's not one NQ from that period, where I would say the piano jams sounded similar to another night. The '77 tour is also high on my list for NQ & how they stretched out the improvisational jams into 2 sections, even if the 2nd section before the outro had a similar vibe or pattern to it. The 4/28/77 performance is high on my favo
  15. Mad art skills by Christelle Bilodeau.
  16. The feature of the '75 versions that make them worthwhile is the 3-man improvisation that follows JPJ's solo. The musicianship and synchronicity are out of this world. Take another listen to 18 May, Earls Court. Top notch!
  17. FIRSTLY. AM SORRY ABOUT MY GRAMMER AND SPELLING. ENGLISH ISNT MY FIRST LANGUAGE. Whenever i read posts about no quarter live, here and all over the internet.There seems to be a lot of praise for the 1975 versions, but to my ears and my personal inner led zeppelin core(lol)..... they are bad. I find them to be overlong and boring (not a good combination). Jimmys solo's seem to fail 90% of the time. john paul jones is as usual professional and competent but i just dont FEEEL it this year(the led zeppelin insyncness in no quarter and in general isn't there)- MAYBE ITS THE UGLY SOUNDBOARDS BL
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