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  2. About the charges of plagiarism. But what if Zep had done an album or 5 of covers of their contemporaries? For example? A Zep version of Locomotive Breath? Or perhaps, Every Time I Roll the Dice? Working Man? Or how about Plant singing Cherry Bomb (Jones wearing out a mandolin!!)? Or, Glory Days? Superstition? My head spins.....
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  4. Nice work, Sam. There’s Some cool 4K (2K) Upconvert programs out there to enhance picture quality, too. R😎
  5. Fun to see the spooky kid outside the Laugardalsholl Hall in colour, lol. So far, Iceland footage seemed to work the best. The live clip looks incredible too, down to the blue sky peeking in the windows.
  6. It would be better if you had posted, "Sam, thanks for letting us beat each other up over this for the past few months. I understand it's time to say enough is enough".
  7. These are small steps for Sam, one giant leap for this band. Very impressed by these initial results. I can only encourage you to continue with your experimentation!
  8. I don't need to do my "own" version. The JEMS version of Source 1 and the lowgen of Source 2 speak for themselves. Just as Tarantura 2000's legacy speaks for itself as well. Overdone EQ, false advertising of being sourced from masters, overpriced re-hashes. Even their very first release as the "new" Tarantura, Four Cards, was the wrong date. It seems that my opinion is getting to you more and more. I wonder why that is? Why would my opinion be worth less than yours? I point out my observations, and back them up with examples. Hmmm....what COULD the reason be why you stick up for the Tarantura 2000 label so much? What possible reason would you have to lose it each time someone criticizes their releases? Believe me, it's not just me who is not a fan. Again, see Bootledz own reviews. Search Underground Uprising archives. Search wherever you'd like. Please, I encourage anyone to go and download the JEMS version of 7/12/73 and compare it to Tarantura 2000. Same with the lowgen of the 2nd source, currently on Dime. Compare it with the Tarantura 2000 version and listen for that horrible low-end rumble that comes from "whoever" it was that did the mastering by bumping up the low-end frequencies to the point of overload.
  9. That’s a beautiful pic. Hot and dry here today - heat index of 101. Heading to the beach for some R&R, Thursday through the weekend.
  10. You’re correct - chickens. Lots of well prepared masked peeps, supplied with stacks of bricks out there and imagine that...they attacked CNN, the so called liberal mecca... Too transparent.
  11. I finally managed to stay awake until the streaming started! I've been up for almost a whole day and I had some wine, I thought I wasn't going to make it. Every time I see and/or hear 'Celebration Day' it brings back the sad memory of not being able to travel to London since I didn't get the email to have the chance to buy a ticket. But on the other hand I'm also happy that Jimmy, Robert and John have given this legendary recital to do justice to the sacred legacy of Led Zeppelin after some failed attempts after 1980. It would have been wonderful if Robert had said in 'STH': "Does anybody remember laughter?". But anyway, I always thought the recital was excellent, although maybe 'DAC' and Jimmy's solo in 'STH' could have been better.
  12. This show really does not have a definitive version out there (that I've heard at least). Which is a shame because it's one of the best of the tour. I think Nite Owl would be the man for the job. His matrixes are the best I've ever heard... everything he has touched so far turned to gold.
  13. I agree with you. I left off one word in my post you quoted, which should have included “youth”. My post: Sounds like smart marketing: CBS & other news media to promote to older demographic & YouTube / social media to direct youth to event. R😎
  14. I didn't know this was a communist forum. I thought the users had rights. I just opined that from my point of view it's impossible to go on with this thread without talking about politics. If nobody talks about politics, then I won't either. Let's see how long this thread lasts without anyone making any political comments. As I said: let Sam do what he wants, if he wants to close it, let him close it, if he wants to leave it open, let him leave it open.
  15. If you're so upset with what you've heard, why don't you prepare your own version? We all we'll be much grateful to hear something that sounds better than this, true as that. However, I have some feeling saying that you can only criticize everything that hasn't met your personal taste, and you're trying to persuade everyone that your opinion is the most valuable. Do your own remaster and show your abilities. I am not in a position of judge anyone's work except of what I tend to think about of what I have heard but since I am not the only one who was quite satisfied with these remasters, I am quite sure that you're still missing the point of that discussion. Once again: do your own version and let us know about that. You can ever contact the label and offer your skills. Do this and don't waste your time.
  16. Dallas Raines has been a ridiculous show pony from day one. I've always hated him. What made him worse was that he took over as Eyewitness News 7's weatherman after my favourite, Dr. George Fischbeck, left. Compared to Dr. George, Dallas was an empty suit and haircut. It's long been rumoured that Dr. George was one of the sugardaddies that bankrolled Angelyne.
  17. I recently moved and dragged all my Comcast gear with me. It took 2 hours of online chat the other night to get the remote to work. She was very patient with me and me her. Got it to go and we were both very happy. Today I'm sitting here listening to thunder that has been booming for 5 hours now. Rare that it does that in this neck of the woods. Have to run to the laundromat to dry my clothes as the dryer outlet is shot. Will continue cleaning up the small house I just moved into as the guy who was here before was a total slob. I think a pig sty would be cleaner than the way that guy lived. Gad.
  18. 1906 SF earthquake looters shamed in public.
  19. Looks like we are a go... T minus 13 minutes...
  20. This is a private website, you have no individual rights to anything here. Therefore my advice to you is:
  21. Didn't you have me blocked? I'm so happy you unblocked me, communist boy. This is the home of all of us who love Led Zeppelin. Therefore I have the right to express myself, to give my opinion and to suggest whatever I want. Let Sam do what he wants.
  22. Ain't that truth Strider. But it still doesn't stop them from making a big production out of "the weather" on the local news. Dallas Raines always cracks me up with his OVER THE TOP weather reports and all of his prancing about while he shoes the weather map--- usually showing nothing. I always laugh when they send a reporter out to cover rain drop and a few puddles of water like it is some level 5 hurricane.
  23. wow, that looks pretty good, the Iceland clip in particular really came to life
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