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  2. I've got it down to under 20 tracks, stopped there. can't cut out anymore
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  4. Rock and Roll is the song I got into with Zep in 1988 when I started to dig into them when I was a teenager. All I heard was the ending part after Jimmy's solo.
  5. One of my favorites is from the Jan. 22, 1973 show. The intimate atmosphere in the arena with the band playing in front of a small, appreciative English crowd heightens the emotional nature of the song, and the professional recording helps convey the feeling of being there with them.
  6. No, I wasn’t suggesting he was singing that. Just pointing out he’d likely know phrases
  7. That's fine, just establish you'll be thrown out at the end.
  8. Sure but she never would have told him ain't no need to hide. No wife has ever said that phrase.
  9. Plenty’s wife is of Indian / Asian heritage
  10. Oh! Thanks so much for letting me know. My mistake.
  11. You're hearing it wrong. He's saying "Ain't no need to hide" at 10:11.
  12. It's not terribly surprising that someone from England, where lots of people from India also reside, would know some basic Indian words and phrases. He also speaks some French, so chalk it up to him being well rounded.
  13. Oct 3 Japan and Seattle 73 are two of my fav versions. I also love Oct 2 version, warts and all. I grew up with the Oct 2 show tho (since high school in the 80s) so there's some bias from nostalgia there.
  14. Hey! Today in the band's official YouTube channel, How Many More Times- Royal Albert Hall 1970 has been uploaded. While listening the 20 mins recording, at 10:11 I heard him saying "Ek do tin char"... That's actually "One, two, three, four " in the Indian language. How can that be possible? I heard it many times but every time it sounded the same. There's no such mention of these Indian words even in the lyrics. Someone please help. I need an answer.
  15. I've always loved this version. Page was struggling for the first half of this night, but I think that struggling benefited the song. His playing here is softer and more careful, and that vulnerability/gentleness perfectly matches the mood of the arrangement as well as what the song is all about. And Robert really shines on this one. There are certainly stronger, more assured versions on other nights in 75 but this one is tops for me.
  16. I tried to film but was pounced upon by security and warned if i did it again i’d be thrown out!
  17. After abstaining from wine and weed this week, we are chomping at the bit to get Chinese eyed this evening. To kick off, a Gin and Tonic at the bar with a rather large Doob of some excellent Super Skunk. A plate of Sheep's Cheese and Chorizo for nibbles. A half a Spatchcock Chicken marinated in Mango and Chipotle served with fat Chips. A Rioja for me and a NZ Sauvignon Blanc for Mrs CP. Tunes and more greenery until the wee hours.
  18. I didn't see anyone vidoeing but I was on the 3rd row so most of the audience was behind me. Someone may have done some.
  19. Damn, Steve is sounds damn fine on those songs. Perry is one of my top 3 favorite singers and has been gone far too long. Met him twice, once at his solo show in Mesa back in the 90's (dude was selling beer at a concession stand prior to the show!!!), and another time in Del Mar, CA while hiking. A very kind and genuine person with immense talent.
  20. Those drag bikes were INSANE! Coffin Cheaters indeed.
  21. I know Collins was on stage. I was being sarcastic
  22. Thanks and sounds good. I appreciate this very much and the amount of love and passion you put into these remasters.
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