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  2. Hey all, After working on the Boss Tone Studio for months, I'm finally satisfied with everything and am pleased to share this with any Katana amp owners on this site :) This patch is based entirely on Jimmy's SuperLead Marshall that he used for the MSG run for their film TSRTS (allegedly modded with KT88's). Hope it's up to scratch, enjoy (link to download below) https://www.dropbox.com/s/snfebyzkbm8j1k2/JP%20CD8.tsl?dl=0
  3. Not even that much, probably less than a minute of music. Same for the TSRTS snippet that was released. My guess is, this is scam, they took the two snippets, tacked on RS and Kashmir from some other show, then added on Wanton Song rehearsals/out-takes that have been around for a long time (e.g. Alternate Graffiti, Chicago '73 rehearsals, etc.).
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  5. Wanton Song on that original soundboard source is incomplete, only about half.
  6. Yeah, Lycra louts as I call them, they are the worst, heads down, I'm coming fuck everyone else, usually doing 30mph plus. I don't mind the sedate riders who ride safely and considerately. But those louts I wish them ill, have no sympathy when they have an accident "Serves you right prick".
  7. Those O"s!!!!! So the Blue Jays are playing their games in Buffalo, right up the thruway from yours truly. Man, that means my Orioles are coming to Buffalo!!!! I have to start looking for rooftops. I know damn well I cannot get into Pettibones restaurant that overlooks the entire stadium and is in fact attached to the stadium if you have ever been there. The Buffalo Bisons of AAA call it home. They change parent teams more than I change , well, you know. Were they not just with the Mets? I think the Pirates once were the parent? Rochester, on the other hand, has had only the Baltimore Orioles, for almost half a century, and then the damn Twins which I want no part of. I have seen many an Oriole play here first in a Red Wings uniform. Including Bobby Grich, Don Baylor, Cal Ripken, and was there when they played the exhibition vs the Orioles team that had Brooks Robinson, Boog Powell, Don Buford, Paul Blair, Frank Robinson, Jim Palmer and on and on. I made sure I had my seat right next to the third base line near Brooks. I had connections in those days. My late Aunt worked with the president of Gannet news. So I had the box seats many nights.
  8. My apologies...you are correct. The Spandex Nazi's using pedal power.
  9. Liberated ? This isn't liberated its for sale. Liberation won't happen until it's on Dime, TTD etc.
  10. So, I wonder if someone got the whole tape, and they're fucking with fans...or they only got these 4 songs. Another "teaser" ...why is Wanton partial??!! Tiresome . Here's pics. This guy is asking $78!
  11. Their last few promotional videos -- Living In a Ghost Town, Criss Cross, Scarlet with Paul what's his face -- are just bloody awful.
  12. I just noticed that the product details for The Complete sessions I purchased on ebay says format CD-R, this means it's been burned to CD and not original correct? The label says Atlantic but the distributor says Wea, did I get duped and bought an unofficial copy? The UPC code is 0081227943899 These are the actual photos the seller says are from the actual CD, I just messaged him about the CD-R issue, let's see what he says. I appreciate any help.
  13. Happy Led Zeppelin Day to one of the greatest bands that ever existed!
  14. Bikers ? You mean cyclists surely.
  15. I was cleaning up outside and a bee went into my glove and stung me on the wrist. That was about 8 hours ago and it still hurts. ☹️
  16. ^^^ Excellent synopsis, with the Legacy portion being particularly remarkable. I'll see how much I can contribute to expanding upon what is already established.
  17. Train derailment in Scotland 12 August, 2020. Sadly there are three deaths, including the driver and the conductor. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8619291/ScotRail-train-derails-near-Aberdeen-sparking-emergency-response.html
  18. It's after midnight, yet the Heat Index is still 96F...
  19. Not murder, self defense if the guy who shot him felt threatened like he said. What does make me sad though is the AK guy's obvious immaturity and stupidity was taken advantage of by the violent extremist organizations he was supporting and it ultimately got him killed.
  20. Happy Led Zeppelin Day!!! RπŸ˜ŽπŸŽΈπŸ‘
  21. It's got The Wanton Song as part of the live set, and the song is cut... seems just like the Minneapolis SBD to me.I'll bet it's authentic.
  22. Cool, thanks for sharing. R😎
  23. Bicycles, right? Yeah, 250 pounds against 4,000 pounds. Who will come out on top?
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