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  2. Cryin' won't help you prayin' won't do you no goodNow cryin' won't help you prayin' won't do you no goodWhen the levee breaks mama you got to moveAll last night sat on the levee and moanedAll last night sat on the levee and moanedThinkin' 'bout me baby and my happy homeGoing to ChicagoGoing to Chicago
  3. That is called a circular argument. First you claim such as system stinks and does not work, then you claim well, it does work but only under a certain criteria. You want to talk about theft? Ok, what about the Social Security Act of April 1983 when Reagan and a bi-partisan congress looted SS, the most successful government program at the time. Or how about 70% of African-Americans who will never collect a dime because their average life expectancy is 65 years old? Or how about people such as my father who died at age 65 after collecting one check. There are millions upon millions of Americans who pay into this system but never receive a dime, instead the government just takes that money and redistributes it to other programs, mostly military related. Now that is what I call theft. Also, per the GAO and every other independent accounting agency, Medicare for all would SAVE American taxpayers over 2 trillion compared to what is in place now. BONUS: No more losing ones life's savings due to a disease or accident. No more being denied credit due to unpaid medical bills again as a result of matters completely out of a persons control. Talking about control, there are two reasons and two reasons only we do not have a single-payer or other type of hybrid style system such as other countries enjoy. Those reasons are profit as primary concern and overall control over the majority of the American people. You want to leave your current, shitty job and get a better job? Well, I hope you enjoy not having coverage for three months, hope your kids don't get sick. Healthcare is the primary reason people stay in shitty jobs, the primary reason most Americans cannot enjoy upward mobility.
  4. More deflection and partisan bullshit. πŸ™„ They're called "entitlements" for government budget purposes but they're actually benefits EARNED by paying into the system. You paid into it, you should take from it.
  5. Today
  6. One of my favorites: "Lots of people talk and few of them knowSoul of a woman was created below, yeah"
  7. I would like to thank the good folks at the Led Zeppelin forums for introducing me to Rival Sons. Every time someone at work complains that music sucks now a days, I tell them "Give these guys a listen!" and play "Electric Man". EVERYONE here now loves Rivals Sons!
  8. "Your Time is Gonna Come" - Led Zeppelin
  9. As I turn to you, you smile at me, how could we say no? From her eyes a different smile like that of one who knows I took her word, I took it all, beneath the sign that said U-Haul Makes me wonder what I did before we synchronized But all that lives is born to die And our time is flying, see the candle burning low Got no time for spreadin' roots, The time has come to be gone I'll meet you up there where the path runs straight and high In the Light you will find the road
  10. πŸ”₯Japan!πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ John is returning to TOKYO in September. Performing on 3rd Sep and 5 Sep at PIT INN , Shinjuku with a new duo called Sons Of Chipotle (JPJ and Anssi Karttunen). A rare chance to see two of the world's finest musicians in a very small club. Tickets on sale on SUNDAY morning. Link will be posted soon. Also appearing with JPJ and Anssi will be #JimORourke and Otomo Yoshihide
  11. So many highlights to seeing this one: 1) GTBT 2) Kashmir 3) For Your Life RπŸ˜ŽπŸŽΈπŸ‘
  12. So many greats ones to choose from. It was an April morning when they told us we should go As I turn to you, you smiled at me How could we say no? Oh, the fun to have To live the dreams we always had Oh, the songs to sing When we at last return again Ah caught you smiling at me, That's the way it should be, Like a leaf is to a tree, so fine As we walk down the country lanes, I'll be singing a song, hear me calling your name Hear the wind whiste in the trees, Telling mother nature 'bout you and me So of one thing I am sure, It's a friendship so pure, Angels singing all around My dog is so fine Yeah, ain't but one thing to do Spend my nat'ral life with you, You're the finest dog I knew, so fine When you're old and your eyes are dim, There ain't no old shep gonna happen again, We'll still go walking down country lanes, I'll sing the same old songs, hear me call your name
  13. I like it. Thanks for posting - I had not heard of him.
  14. Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face And stars to fill my dream... I'm a traveler of both time and space To be where I have been... R😎
  15. LedZed66 - makes me realise there is just so much. ...and I really need so much I Got to have so much! DO IT!
  16. I was seven years old and have a vague memory of the tv coverage. Don't forget that the Aussies helped out! 😊
  17. Didn't Joe Massot film Baltimore to prepare his crew for the MSG concerts? Could there be some footage of 1973 Baltimore lying around in a film canister somewhere?
  18. The mighty arms of Atlas Hold the heavens from the earth And as we wind on down the road Our shadows taller than our soul To be a rock and not to roll All I see turns to brown As the sun burns the ground If the sun refused to shine I would still be loving you When mountains crumble to the sea There will still be you and me Workin' from seven to eleven every night Oh, my tears they fell like rain
  19. Like I said, no evidence of a Bay Area show in 1972 exists. So maybe someone should inform Dave Lewis and Simon Pallett.
  20. Hey, oh, though the winds of change may blow around you But that will always be so
  21. Just staggering the numbers of people that watched. I heard the number last night. On the rabbit ears Zenith TVs many of us. Walter Cronkite. I remember is well. I was 12, almost 13. 8 years later I got to see Led Zeppelin and you would not believe how many around here envy me for that. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren were the new Columbus. They have this crazy You Tube show that says some believe a metal shell surrounds the Moon, and under is are alien instruments that monitor various activity. I find it far fetched. They say that when the Lunar Module landed it created a sound proving the Mono is hollow? Just wierd
  22. Been watching City on A Hill. A 10 part series with Kevin Bacon about the early 90s armored truck robberies in Boston. The other guy from Mystic River is in it. At least in the first 5. On Showtime.
  23. Wow its been a long time this thread was dormant? Freaking BABS is up a few posts. The old boy disappeared from the face of the Earth. Hope he is OK? I know he is not old
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