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  2. Stephanie Powers. Just watched her in a Kung Fu episode.
  3. Dang. What's that from?
  4. Watched that one too. He was a bad boy.
  5. “What am I doing here?”, just painful to watch yet most votes in history. Nope, nothing fishy here..
  6. ^^ Thank you for the constructive criticism. I try sometimes.... 😏
  7. Cold, grey and drizzling all day. A nice day to stay in & stream my heart away....
  8. Why is Cherry Pepsi so much better than Cherry Coke? Just a question I ask myself... 😏
  9. Yesterday
  10. Damn barking dogs, and their owners. Dog barks are nothing but noise pollution. Horrible animals these things are. They belong out in the wild with wolves and coyotes, not every damn place you go now; market, parks, hotels, restaurants, shops----and all barking, barking, barking all the time. Shut these damn dogs up! They can breed and genetically engineer dogs to be all sizes and colors. Why can't they breed one to be barkless-- the way a navel orange is created to have no seeds?
  11. Many of the balloon titty and overdone make up trollips you post are not worthy of this thread. But every once in awhile you get one right, and Elizabeth Montgomery is waaaay more beautiful than most women of today.
  12. Whaaaaat??? They were serious about that stuff???? Yeah, I was clearly being facetious, but they should have never done that film. I'm so glad the lads in Zeppelin never went down that path of having cameras rolling where they rehearsed or talked about "their feelings", or any other crap where anyone would be shown in a bad light. This is why Peter Grant was such a great manager. I saw many of the film outtakes and b-roll from Shine A Light which was never released or available to the public. Bunch of old geezer grandpas and "EX rock and rollers" still acting on stage like they a
  13. Happy 75th birthday to David Gilmour! Here is a show from my favourite era of Pink Floyd…the early 1970s. Santa Monica Civic, May 1, 1970.
  14. I am sure Metallica fans wish they were only pretending in that movie.
  15. Probably my favourite "Black Dog" ever! A smoking hot version that never drags. You can really feel the roar of Jimmy's guitar and Plant nails all the notes and studio adlibs that he later dropped from the live performances.
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