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  2. My wife and I feel the exact same way. We had no intentions of watching, but several friends and coworkers suggested it. We were bored one night and watched the first episode and could not stop watching. Each episode gets crazier.
  3. My ex-wife was shopping on my eBay account for our upcoming wedding about 15 years ago. A few days later I got an email from "ebay" confirming a recent purchase. I have always been very diligent in identifying these types of scams but given the fact the item in question was similar to what she had purchased and was looking at on eBay, and the fact that the eBay page very convincingly identical to an eBay one, I clicked on the link and signed into "ebay". As soon as I pressed the Enter button I immediately realized I didn't perform all my screening techniques and immediately unplugged the internet and computer and logged into my eBay account from my laptop and changed my password. Upon further investigation, the email wasn't legit and my ex-wife never purchased that item. To this day, I have not known any repercussions from my actions.... perhaps my quick actions at the time prevented any negative consequences.
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  5. He's super affectionate.
  6. Love 'em all. Watching this right now.
  7. redrum

    2020 MLB Thread

    Modern baseball....... And here's the windup (after pitcher sanitizes the ball)......The pitch......Ball!! Catcher sanitizes the ball before tossing it back to the pitcher...... Pitcher tosses to first......1st baseman sanitizes the ball before tossing it back to the pitcher. Etc., etc., etc.
  8. Any idea how far Jimmy got with project and were there going to be songs from all tours?
  9. I'll take that bet. I've been hearing that doomsday shit ever since I was born.
  10. Abe to declare state of emergency covering big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka Prime Minister Shinzo Abe intends to declare a state of emergency over the coronavirus outbreak in Japan, a government official said Monday, as a recent surge in infections sweeps Tokyo and other major cities. The prime minister was set to express his intention of declaring the state of emergency — the first of its kind in Japan — at a meeting of the government's coronavirus response headquarters as early as Monday afternoon, sources said. At the meeting, he is expected to ask an advisory committee comprised mainly of infectious disease experts for advice on whether the current situation meets the requirements for issuing a declaration. The official declaration is expected on Tuesday, and will take effect Wednesday, according to an administration source. Abe is required to specify which areas will be targeted and for how long. Major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka will likely be targeted, the government official added. Hyogo Prefecture could also be covered under the declaration, media reports said. Abe had been reluctant to issue such a declaration concerned about the possible economic impact. But he reversed course after seeing a surge in infections in metropolitan areas in recent days, according to sources.
  11. The first half of your post is conjecture unworthy of comment. They were contractually obliged to provide a studio album, not a live album. Jimmy had already begun work on a chronological live album as far back as 1977.
  12. +1 Exactly (don’t forget the earthquakes, wildfires & future hail, frogs, locusts, brimstone, blood, etc) R😎
  13. Put them up against a wall perhaps. The Bible Belt existed long before California and they'll still exist long after California collapses into bankruptcy and anarchy.
  14. I thought California was Bankrupt. (struggling to keep light bills on) with a 1.6 trillion dollar deficit due to structural, government debt, taxes and regulations. Tax Incentives (less regulations, etc mentioned above) in Georgia have led to the film industry majority successfully moving shop recently here (Screen Gems, Tyler Perry Studios, Turner Studios, WarnerMedia, Pinewood Studios, Disney / Marvel, Walking Dead-AMC, Stranger Things & other Netflix originals, etc. R😎
  15. My Led Zeppelin 2 Reissue has Living Loving Wreck instead of Living Loving Maid.
  16. So move. Whine whine whine. If you hate it in California so much, move to Meth Lab, Arkansas or Oxycontinville, West Virginia. I'll put California's congress and senate members up against any other state's. Especially that cretin Mitch McConnell and his craven pals. Half the states in the Bible Belt wouldn't even be able to exist if it wasn't for the money California pumps into the economy and the aid it provides to other states.
  17. I hear you and understand yours and others frustrations. But it helps to think of SAJ as just playing the role of conservative crank here on the forum and not take him seriously and react or ignore accordingly. Believing SAJ at face value is about as pointless as believing anything that comes out of Trump's hole.
  18. Probably because Page was in no shape to go through various shows, edit/splice songs, etc. Outtakes were already lying around, so basically low-hanging fruit.
  19. More Quarantine Cinema. The 1972 original. Accept no substitutes. In my top 5 of Bronson movies...top 5 Jan-Michael Vincent, too. Cool vintage '70s Los Angeles locations. John Payne is a boxing mug who gets framed for the murder of his double-crossing wife. Evelyn Keyes tries to help him out. Best of all are the jewel fence and his heavy, played by Jay Adler and Jack Lambert.t Evelyn Keyes creates a pandemic in New York City. Definitely B-movie quality...maybe even C-level. Two notable things about the movie are Evelyn Keyes and cinematography by Joseph Birac. A solid little noir. Again...stick with the original. Accept no substitutes.
  20. This is my first post . I’ve been reading and checking into this forum since 2008 . I’ve been a Zeppelin fan for over 35 years. Mr. SAJ . You are by far the most delusional , irritating , fear mongering , idiots I have ever read . I used to feel sorry for you when Sam the Webmaster would put you in your place . But I’ve been looking at you Pedo pics on the Beautiful Girls thread . Honestly I think you should be locked up just from that . In this thread you have stated that you put Governors and Mayors on notice ?! Seriously? Your crazy behavior on detailing every moment of Jimmy’s life was more then enough to know you are a shit bag who always has to be right . Now you have ventured into needing medical treatment . I have no doubt that you are the fat kid in the basement . I will say that you are pretty intelligent . At least we’ll read on crazy conspiracy theories . Absolutely you seem educated . But you are just obnoxious . You don’t ever nor have you ever put anyone on notice ! Seriously , re read all of your recent posts . And to defend this maniac who happens to be our president ? The same guy who said it was a liberal hoax ? The same man who said it would go away like a miracle ? The same man who didn’t want people getting off of a cruise ship because it would change the numbers ? To place this on local government or states is another jackass thing to say . Listen , continue to live your pathetic little existence in Tokyo , or in some basement in Virginia . Wherever . But seriously look at what you are writing . Look at what you are contributing too .
  21. I presented historical facts and you present emotion / opinion because you’re a Blackmore devotee (professional and personal; thinking he can do no wrong). THIS is the Focus and I stand on evidence, so let’s agree to disagree, because I’m not changing my mind and you’re not wanting to look at the facts. I enjoy DP music of all their lineups. You only enjoy a certain segment of their lineup/ history. Now, let’s move on with this subject and get to their music. I’m not here to squabble with someone over their subjective opinion over someone’s personal life (I’m here to present historical facts). I’ve met many musicians (including most members of DP) and celebrities having worked 20+ years in the industry and there’s always a few bad apples in the bunch (regardless of how talented they may be). The Eagles had Don Felder (who wrote “Hotel California” and demanded he sing it on the record / concert ). He was later fired from the band for not being a team player and for having issues with other band members (Glenn Frey R.I.P. & Don Henley). No one said there was anything wrong with Ian Paice or the name Deep Purple. You brought that up for some unknown reason (where there is no argument; Paice was and is within his legal and moral right as last surviving / remaining member after Jon Lord R.I.P. passed away). It’s served him, the music and the loyal fans well (whatever lineup over the years). Think of it like a football / soccer team. Although a certain defining sound / direction or template was created by some earlier members, the band carried on. When some players aren’t team oriented, they lose focus of the intention of the band and want everything directed at them (as Dio said in video regarding Blackmore (w/ Rainbow). He (Blackmore) wasn’t a team player there (or in DP). He’s always been all about himself, so he left. He had a tantrum (actually multiple ones like a child along with his breakdown) and then didn’t want anyone else to play under the DP name (so he tried to keep others (the majority) who were and are happily functioning better without him some 20 years after the fact from playing as a team (under the name). Blackmore for DP is like the Vinnie Vincent of KISS. Vincent, as talented as he was as a critical songwriter for many of their 80s - 90s hits and blazingly fast guitarist with KISS, he simply didn’t put his ego / abrasive personality in check before getting on stage. He tried to upstage Paul and Gene live and wouldn’t stop soloing so they fired him. Ace Frehley (KISS’ original guitarist) created their logo, but he’s not in the group now. He didn’t demand they change their name or logo after he left them or try to get his logo back. Paul Stanley actually updated / improved upon the look (of the two SS) of the logo. KISS like most every other band (in the history of rock n roll) moves on with various lineup changes. Fleetwood Mac has undergone multiple lineup changes, too (Peter Green original blues guitarist and now without Lindsey Buckingham ; their most popular songwriter/guitarist ) and they’re still selling out stadiums like Deep Purple (regardless of lineup changes). The Beatles had Pete Best as their original drummer before Ringo. Yes has had so many versions, too and they’re still together (after Chris Squire R.I.P. , Bruford retired, Jon Anderson left forming his own version of the band with Wakeman and Trevor Rabin (who wrote their biggest hit “Owner of a Lonely Heart” (after Steve Howe, who wrote “Roundabout”, which was actually Deep Purple’s earlier name when touring Denmark in April ‘68 ). So, if DP kept their name as Roundabout throughout the late 60s into 70s, would some early fans of the band have thought of them as a Yes tribute (cover) band ? Probably not. R😎
  22. Coming from you that is quite the compliment.
  23. They would have likely broken up by summer of 81' if either Jimmy or Bonzo had not succumbed to their addictions. Plant was ready to leave and if Plant left, Bonzo would likely have followed. The hard edged album Jimmy was talking about never would have happened, ITTOD was going to be Zep's last studio album no matter what. The question which puzzles me is why they did not release a live album of a post-73' show to fulfill their contractual obligation to Atlantic instead of the outtakes Coda represented.
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