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  2. Too difficult to choose a favorite. For me the one that had the greatest immediate impact was Custard Pie. First, I was 15 and very impressionable. It had been almost two years since HOTH so we were all starving for Zeppelin. At 14-15 years old a year seems like a lifetime. It was so different from anything on HOTH. So raunchy, so sleazy, a perfect opening to the most titanic album ever. It sounded even more "forbidden" than LZII. Maybe it was just because I was 15 and it was 1975. Everytime I hear it, it takes me right back to the first time I heard it. As an added bonus, the way the keyboard snakes around the guitar in the opening.
  3. Thanks. I sent you a message with the links to the remaster.
  4. Nice, but Incorrect. Wanting to see improvement in a society via reforms to a political system in desperate need of it I would think would be a common ground starting point to start a conversation regardless of whether you think Trump or Obama is great or horrible - or anywhere in the middle. The laughable label you subscribe to me may be of convenience (I'll give you the benefit of the doubt) but Steve, the political system in the US IS broken. If you do not agree with that - ok - we will have to agree we just don't agree on a basic position. No problem. Is the US different to any other society in the ratio (per capita I mean - I realise the population differences) of those who are simply lazy fucks or drug/alcohol afflicted wastes of space? If so - why is that? Could it be America hasn't yet figured out a better way to deal with those "tens of millions" where other societies are doing better? If not - then maybe it is just a numbers game and the US being so much bigger means the same percentage burden is just much larger. I don't know - but I wonder where poverty and homelessness in the US is compared to other advanced nations. I'll have to have a look... The Illegals question is a disaster for "the left". They fail to even acknowledge a problem and scream racist at anyone who dares speak about it from a border security stand point. They deserve a LOT of derision as they seem unable to even entertain a reasonable position. Like everything though - that is an over simplification (for my convenience). A lot of illegals contribute - pay taxes, have jobs, etc. The so called "left" and "right" don't hold answers because reasonable middle ground positions are not possible anymore. Complicated problems need well though out solutions (not necessarily complicated) that respect MIDDLE positions either conservative or progressive. MIDDLE. Something that most would be happy with (most meaning most people are fairly reasonable whatever their view save for those loud voices that falsely indicate a broader position than is reality.) In terms of immigration reform i would think reasonable is securing borders and controlling WHO immigrates. You could then acknowledge the illegals that are working jobs farmers and other industries can't fill with locals and the fact they are a large contributor to the economy and possibly provide a path to citizenship for those that are actually of real value??? But useless until/unless immigration is under control. John Howard back in the day got hammered for tough immigration policies. He famously angrily said at one speech "WE will determine who comes to this country and the manner in which they come!" when addressing the "boat people" issue. He copped a LOT of flak from the left at the time but he was dead right. The issue was not one of compassion for those poor souls on the boats - it was border security - the Governments higher priority. For someone who doesn't fear anything you sure are quick to "cock my pistol". Sounds like fear or paranoia to me. How about you just say you think "Working for a better America for all" is a shit statement? No need to get yur gun son! And yeah, China have some systemic weaknesses that will hold them back for quite a while - but they also have some emerging strengths. in 2017 America published 409,000 scientific white papers. China published 426,000. This is an example year - but the trend is going up for China, down for the US. With China moving into space and developing all the ideas and tech it has stolen from the west, the Chinese will soon match or blow away the US for brains reserves to draw on. Innovation and entrepreneurship will hold the US in the lead for a while longer - China simply can't match the US in that respect - but the danger is thinking this will prohibit China from finding a way to innovate without a free market of ideas like the West enjoys. They will need to figure out how to incentivise their best and brightest to innovate. And science matters. It always has despite recent times relegating science into the "fake news" bonfire. Something to discard if it does not fit in with a particular world view. China are also showing the developing world there is an alternative to the west. It is a horrific alternative in my view - but they can sell it against the historically imperialistic and colonial past the west offered that raped countries for all they were worth resource wise. it is not a pretty picture. The "developing" world won't forever be mired in poverty and corruption - at least not all of them. And if China can get enough large emerging economies aligned with theirs, their sphere of influence just grows. They are not a threat now. To think they are not a threat soon - dangerous. I too see things the way they are Steve and it's not a pretty reality at the moment. Not bad at all personally from my seat here, but there is some crazy shit humanity seems intent on swimming around in. I'll always have a space for how things can be better. I'd hope you do to mate. That is not a bad thing.
  5. We've had 4 with S.L. Jackson, 4 with Michael Madsen, 3 with Uma Thurman, 3 with Harvey Keitel, 3 with Tim Roth, 2 with Christoph Waltz, 2 with Kurt Russell, and this is the 2nd with Leo DiCaprio... Brad Pitt automatically signals cash grab? There has always been a lot more to QT movies than just who the lead is. Tarantino has earned the benefit of the doubt.
  6. I would love to have this concert with your remaster. It’s sounds incredible
  7. My memory was one wonder and awe, seeing man on the lunar surface. I was very young at the time but that memory stuck with me. Strider, I always wanted that Revell kit, around 70-72 my mother must have been wondering where all the washing up liquid bottles, shower heads and tin foil disappeared to....
  8. Sunday nights at 7 pm. Always the time my local radio station used to host the Westwood One's Superstar Concert Series and I always looked forward to that! I taped so many shows. I think I will play one of them tonight at the same that my radio station used to broadcast it. Long live the Sunday night (and all the other) radio specials, especially the concerts they used to broadcast!
  9. It was a challenge as his son in law (Charlie Jones) was working on a few things with Michael Lee (including RP’s solo band), still I agree, they should have included JPJ. R😎
  10. luvlz2

    Serial Killers...

    Manson family murder home listed for $1.98 Million https://ultimateclassicrock.com/charles-manson-family-murder-house/
  11. Yup me too, i remember there was a time for me in the 80s after reading robert plant interviews, where i was immediately going to record stores and buying huusker du and willie dixon at the same time. Even when he touched upon subjects in the news he was always very centered and smart in responses. I actually would think that someone of his intellect would be very interested in exploring the knowledge of podcasts for education.
  12. Absolute corker. Boston and Providence are the best consecutive gigs of the 1973 U.S. tour. I always felt like the first leg was still under development. Jimmy hadn't quite developed the solos in "Celebration Day" and "No Quarter" to their full potential.
  13. I agree with the above, that john paul jones should have been included with the "unledded" period of post zep music. He would have brought some thunder to those records. But i guess thats something robert plant wanted to avoid...the power of zeppelin, yet he knew michael lee was important.
  14. Yesterday
  15. The movie is great and will see it again. Either I'll get the dvd or see if available on Netflix or Prime. I wasn't in Cape Canaveral for the launch but about five miles away on Cocoa Beach. So amazing and glad I got to experience this. Something I'll never forget. I probably got to see this for a couple of minutes before it disappeared high into the atmosphere. The thrust on the Saturn V was amazing and quite intense.
  16. My mind could be changed but at the moment I have no desire to see this film. The plot seems weak and we've already had a Tarantino film with Brad Pitt. This stinks like a cash grab to me.
  17. …"to make it better for all"... THAT'S where you're wrong! We have tens of millions of people with no fucking skin in the game, never worked an honest day in their life, or better yet are there illegally and the socialist utopian liberals like yourself start pontificating about how the system is broken and must be made better "for all". Paralyzed by the fear of everything? I don't fear anything. I'm all set. I saw the writing on the wall when some shit for brains community organizer who had been a Senator for 15 minutes got elected in 2008. I cashed out and got as fucking far away from that nearly ten year dumpster fire as I could get. Don't get me started on China. They ain't half as strong as you seem to think they are, and the Trump tariffs are crushing their economy. I see things the way things are, you cling to the way things ought to be.
  18. They did NOT play Berkeley on 6/24/72. They played TWO shows in Berkeley in September 1971, this being just eight months later Peter Grant may have elected not to play a Bay Area show to focus on the other major California markets instead. As a by the way, they were staying at the Continental Hyatt House on the Sunset Strip on 6/24/72. Jim Marshall photographed them walking around outside the hotel on that date, further proof they did not play a Bay Area show.
  19. Wow - so no reform is EVER to be entertained. America must be perfect! Anyone wanting to advance or change the US to make it better for all is to be feared and confronted with firearms. Some regulation of Wall Street and giant banks, the health system, taxation, college education and it's funding/availability, the investing in the scientific community and R&D, the wealth gap and the issues with having all of a nations wealth flow into a few hands, crime and social problems and changes needed - all not necessary. The very idea to be met with armed resistance. Or is it just the words I chose? Too slogan like (which is fair enough). I really don't understand that extreme position against simple reforms that are desperately needed there. The US system is BROKEN. Unless you are of the view that lobby groups with billions to give to Washington for vested interests is a great way to get good government for the people. You seem to be paralysed by the fear of everything. Especially change - no matter what that change means. Meanwhile, while the US buckles under it's own weight of inefficiency, corruption, and partisan tribal crap, China rises and spreads it tentacles out into the developing world. You fear what could be. I hope for what could be.
  20. I get most of my books on ebay now. I find used HARDCOVER books for really reasonable prices--- sometimes just a few bucks and with free shipping. "Homeless" is a bad term to use for drug addicts and crazy people. Until we start addressing the problem and stop encouraging people to just camp out on the streets in our California cities, it will only get worse. Funny how there aren't the same problems in Bismark North Dakotoa. LA, Portland, Seattle, and SF need to "call in the scoops".
  21. ^^^THIS! Bernie Sanders is always comparing the healthcare systems in places like Norway to ours here in America and claiming we should have could have the same result. Difference of course is that places like Norway, Switzerland, Japan... and yes, even much of Canada doesn't have millions and millions of people sitting around, not working, into crime, and having a bunch of children they can't care for. All that "medicare for all" would do in America is make all healthcare lousy for everyone; why penalize people who already have their shit together in favor of people who are the cause of their own problems.... including illegal aliens? How unfair to all of the Americans who worked hard their whole live, retired, are now eligible for medicare---and they now have to wait inline for care with illegal aliens!
  22. The Russians almost beat us to the moon. https://www.washingtonpost.com/history/2019/07/19/soviets-tried-beat-apollo-they-crashed-spacecraft-moon-instead/
  23. Can’t help but I have wondered the same thing. I’m guessing they never played the show. Sadly they did play San Diego 6/23 but there isn’t a recording of that show.
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