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  2. Strider

    The Motley Crue Thread

  3. BledZabbath

    The Motley Crue Thread

    They had squirting in the movie? It showed the girl doing that?
  4. chillumpuffer

    BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    A return to the sea for tonight's dinner. Pan fried Halibut steak, Carrot puree, oven baked Fennel bulb. Some lovely wines of course and some herbage A selection of cheeses, crackers and white Port
  5. BledZabbath

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    Yes R.I.P. Bernie.
  6. gibsonfan159

    The Motley Crue Thread

    I'll be honest, I didn't have a great relationship with my mother (an alcoholic) as a kid and those scenes with Sixx were hard to watch.
  7. redrum

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Mainstream media, celebrities stunned as Mueller report filed with no new indictments planned Tears for the celebrities.
  8. Strider

    The Motley Crue Thread

    There was so much peeing going on that I thought I had turned on a R. Kelly biopic by mistake. I mean, when a girl is ejaculating/peeing across the room within the first five minutes, you can be sure you're not watching a U2 or Bruce Springsteen biopic. The movie brought back so many '80s flashbacks to me and it also revealed, coincidentally or not, why that Sunset Strip scene of the '80s ain't ever coming back. Not in these woke #metoo times. Back then, kids flocked to the Strip to rock out and party. Nowadays, kids are repulsed by that. And no girl is going to debase herself for the likes of Greta Van Fleet.
  9. Scored tix to a couple of shows during the Summer. Smashing Pumpkins with Noel Gallagher and the High Fying Birds at Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas The Black Keys at Dickies arena in Fort Worth
  10. zepscoda

    RIVAL SONS, from Los Angeles

    Rival Sons got some heat for sounding zepish when they first came out, but what riff based band isn't sounding similar to zep or Sabbath...been that way since the 70's. There's only so many notes in a scale. The comparisons and the criticism differ between GVF and Rival are extremely warranted.. the kid who sings in GVF seems to go out of his way to duplicate Robert Plant's stage mannerisms. To the point where they come off as a bad tribute band in my opinion. ... now granted they have only put out 1.5 albums at this point to my knowledge, and still have room to develop artistically. They would do themselves a favor by getting a real rhythm section. I've played with better drummers and bassists growing up in high school bands. Where as Rival Sons play with authority. Each member plays their ass off as if it's their last show. If you have a chance to see them live, check them out. You'll find they resemble Humble Pie more so the zep. I haven't bought into GVF yet. I want to but what they're currently doing comes off as amateur . I'll make a point to see them next time they swing through Dallas. Maybe live they will sway my opinion. Hopefully their next album progresses into something unique. As far as as Rival Sons not progressing artisticly, that is a fair criticism with the last album. But Feral Roots utilizes more acoustic guitars from their past releases and the chord progressions and melodies are far more diverse then in the past.
  11. hummingbird69

    Kashmir and a violin bow

    just a rumour
  12. SteveZ98

    Page's Best Playing Post Zeppelin

    My vote is for September '95 through July 2000. By the second half of the '95 Page & Plant shows, Jimmy was in fine form. He continued that level of playing on the '98 tour, and was in top gear for the shows with the Black Crowes. The thing that period has in common with early Zep is he was playing live consistently. He seems to need a good bit of time on the road to get into match form, not so much with his rhythm playing, but for his leads. In the early Zep days he was on the road for over four years basically non-stop, and he was just amazing. In the last half of the '90s he also was on the road consistently, although he not quite as frequently as the early Zep days, and his playing was first rate throughout.
  13. Hey Buckeye! Welcome back man
  14. reids

    The Motley Crue Thread

    He does look like Randy Rhodes (R.I.P.). The guy playing Ozzy had his mannerisms, ‘85/‘86 hair down to the tattoos and ants. R😎
  15. reids

    Robert Plant and Green Book

    Exactly: from the blues, crooners, Elvis, early rock n roll, summer of love, folk,psychedelic, obscure, deep cuts, punk, world, tribal and even some rare b-sides, Robert knows his music. You couldn’t ask for a better radio DJ or voice. R😎👍
  16. pageluvva

    Song recomendations

    And that is only a good thing
  17. gibsonfan159

    The Motley Crue Thread

    Agreed. A rock biopic either has to go all out with the drama and glorification or has to be very dark and disturbing. This one nailed the former, where BR tried to walk between and fell flat. And if the guy who played Vince doesn't also play Randy Rhoads in an Ozzy movie I'll be disappointed.
  18. Strider

    The Motley Crue Thread

    Now that is how you make a rock "n' roll movie. "The Dirt" was entertaining as hell...miles and miles better than "Bohemian Rhapsody". I'm not even a fan of Mötley Crüe. And no...Led Zeppelin would never allow that level of debauchery to be shown in any movie made about them.
  19. cryingbluerain

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Yep, looks like the "insurance policy" has been cancelled and lib heads exploding all over the place. Score another win for the big bad orange man.
  20. The Only Way To Fly

    Robert Plant and Green Book

    I saw RP a few years ago and you know the music they play over the PA before the show starts? I swear Plant must have had some input to what the audience heard before they went on. If not Plant, it was someone with good taste who dug really deep. I first heard a girl group called the Jaynetts singing Sally Go 'Round the Roses. I dug it so much I used my iPhone to record a snippet of the song and then used Google to ID who the group was. It's a killer track if you don't know it. RP having a show in Sirius would be awesome!
  21. rm2551

    May 17, 1969 Remembered

    Outstanding story. Sharing a joint with Zeppelin at the start of it all. So cool.....
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