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  2. Firstly - the intro to OTHAFA is very idiosyncratic (as is much of Page’s playing) and not at all easy from a rhythm point of view. I wouldn’t recommend trying this tune to anyone who: doesn’t know all their ‘open position’ chords; isn’t able to smoothly move between those chords; isn’t comfortable moving from chords to single notes and vice versa; isn’t comfortable with different strumming patterns and alternate picking; isn’t comfortable with hammer-ons and pull-offs... the list goes on. Simply put, it’s hard. As for the rest... it all depends on the student and their interests and a
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  4. Yes, this has to be the ultimate live version of Wild Dogs! Compared to the TBB live versions, which are ruined by the cheesy keyboard sounds of Mark Stein, this one truly shines. Soulful, melancholic vocals by Tommy and superb backing vocals by Glenn. And THAT guitar solo is beyond words, still gives me goosebumps.
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  6. Thanks to the new upgrade of February 27, 1972 Sydney, that "Since I've Been Loving You" now enters my list of favourites.
  7. I would think any of the following would be good to start with and form a basic building block to your repertoire: "Immigrant Song" (no pesky solo to master…just good solid crunching riffs) "Communication Breakdown" "Whole Lotta Love" "Thank You" "Living Loving Maid" "Out on the Tiles" "Gallows Pole" "That's the Way" "Misty Mountain Hop" "Rock and Roll" "The Ocean" "Custard Pie" "Boogie With Stu"
  8. @woz70 @reids Obviously, I am a total newbie at playing the guitar and also not as big of a Led Zeppelin expert as you guys so watching the above posted tutorial at first I did not think about the intro being wrong. I can see how that must be annoying for your trained ears but I wondered if playing songs exactly like the original is what guitar teachers are expecting of their students. More specifically, I wondered what your teaching approach is: Build up the basics first, learn the theory, the chords, practice progressions and transitions before you even start learning how to p
  9. I’d ban all that sick, deviant shit.
  10. It has now been removed from DIME by their mods. I'll PM you a link shortly. ALB
  11. Timing like a drum machine. Basic. Backs the other boys perfectly. Wouldn't change a thing. The bass player, well he could leave the Low E root not every once in awhile.........
  12. I hit the pick 4 at Gulfstream Park in Florida yesterday. Races 5-8. A nice score
  13. Latkes with sour cream and applesauce. Sautéed spinach. Chilled Cupcake Prosecco Rosé.
  14. What were the seat locations for each of the three sources? Either that was a bad patch job or Robert really bollocksed up "Going to California". I've never heard him butcher it that bad before.
  15. That's pretty interesting, I never heard that one before. Pretty cheeky 😏
  16. I like a good nursery rhyme as much as the next guy - not disparaging nursery rhymes.
  17. See-saw, Margery Daw, Sold her bed and lay on the straw; Sold her bed and lay upon hay And pisky came and carried her away. For wasn't she a dirty slut To sell her bed and lie in the dirt?
  18. As gas prices rise, now there's a motherfucking propane shortage.
  19. Phil Rudd's Drumming Is so Underrated Whats your guys thougts?
  20. Thoughts on Rudd's Drumming from 4 Albums 1.Let There Be Rock 2. Powerage 3.Highway to Hell 4. For those about to rock
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  22. No problem. I understand. Agreed. Take it easy. R😎🎸👍🎶
  23. Hi everybody I ve problem to download this on dime can someone help me or send me a link please? Thx a lot....
  24. Dude. My apologies. There are soooo many complete tits on this forum that it's hard to sort the wheat from the chaff sometimes. Looking at the comments on Marty's videos tells me that enough people have noticed that he is mostly er.. 'less than accurate' that my voice will get lost in that ocean too... If you're not going to play note for note for fear of copyright infractions you need to state that clearly at the beginning of the video. Students, as you well know, are often lazy and are always looking for the shortcut. Explaining that the only way to get good is the hard way
  25. Jimmy Sakurai gets it right, too. R😎
  26. I wasn’t being sarcastic; just direct to find the solution to the problem and suggested that you Seriously address It with him if it’s enough for you to comment on it here. I definitely noticed it, as I posted it just to see if others noticed it. I’ve been playing and teaching for years as well as played with Grammy winners, number one hit songwriters in multiple categories, etc. Also take into consideration: There’s also a grey area of a copyright issue where some “teachers” on YouTube will purposely not play note for note to avoid being shut down or having their posts deleted / removed or
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