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  2. Walter

    2019 NFL Thread

    This is a heavyweight fight.
  3. Come on Chiefs, get it done.
  4. The quality of the scan is such that it's almost impossible to say. A press review reported "a capacity crowd cheered them to the echo of a raving rock finale in which backstage fans were seen dancing in the wings". I have a hunch the gentlemen in the suit and tie is the concert promoter for this event, Tony Stratton-Smith.
  5. Well, I refrained from saying the Chiefs were dead after the 10 point lead, but it's definitely a game now...
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  7. Strider

    2019 NFL Thread

    Did you learn nothing from last week? Don't get ahead of yourself.
  8. I agree. Harley's are over priced, over weight and over rated. I think the Sportster is the best looking of the line, but I'd rather have a Moto-Guzzi.
  9. I get the feeling it won't be a blowout for this game. As soon as the refs reverse this call, the Titans are going to give the Chiefs all they can handle...
  10. Mrs W: KC SF Me: Kansas City San Francisco
  11. 👍Getting Dreamland on vinyl has meant a lot to me because it's the one Robert Plant title (on vinyl) that has stuck out like a sore thumb because of not being in my vinyl collection! But now, whether it's a bootleg or not I'm very happy someone did this as I'll finally be able to finish my collection! Well actually that's relatively speaking as there are 45's and other promotional vinyls I don't have but this will cover his main titles. Hope the quality is good, I'll post about that after getting and playing it. I haven't ordered the Digging Deep box set yet I'm holding off, hopefully the 45s don't slip out as easy as the cds slip out of the Nine Lives box set. A 45s box set is cool and I will get it but I would love a live release from the 90s or something from past decades maybe a good live compilation.
  12. here you go; it's a great live anthology...not perfect but very close Evolution is timing 1969 CD 1: 01)Train Kept A Rolling 1969-08-31 Lewisville 2:25 (The Only Way To Fly-EVSD) 02)I Can't Quit You 1969-03-14 Stockholm 5:53 (Liquid Led Pre-FM) 03)As Long As I Have You 1969-04-27 San Francisco 18:10 (from Master-Spider Web src) 04)Dazed And Confused 1969-08-31 Lewisville 15:23 (The Only Way To Fly-EVSD) 05)You Shook Me 1969-01-11 San Francisco 8:15 (from Master-Presence src) CD 2: 01)How Many More Times 1969-04-27 San Francisco 19:33 (from Master-Spider Web src) 02)I Gotta Move 1969-03-14 Stockholm 3:42 (Liquid Led Pre-FM) 03)Sitting And Thinking 1969-04-27 San Francisco 7:27 (from Master-Spider Web src) 04)Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 1969-04-27 San Francisco 6:26 (from Master-Spider Web src) 04)Killing Floor 1969-04-27 San Francisco 7:29 (from Master-Spider Web src) 05)Communication Breakdown 1969-08-31 Lewisville 4:50 (The Only Way To Fly-EVSD) 1971 CD 1: 01)Immigrant Song 1971-09-29 Osaka 4:37 (from How The East Was Won-EVSD) 02)Heartbreaker 1971-09-29 Osaka 8:25 (from How The East Was Won-EVSD) 03)Since I've Been Loving You 1971-09-29 Osaka 8:26 (from How The East Was Won-EVSD) 04)Black Dog 1971-09-28 Osaka 6:03 (from Bonus CD in Rock Carnival-EVSD) 05)Dazed And Confused 1971-08-31 Orlando 22:57 (from Florida Sunshine-EVSD) 06)Stairway To Heaven 1971-09-04 Toronto 9:05 (from 1st gen Presence src) 07)That's The Way 1971-09-04 Toronto 7:00 (from 1st gen Presence src) 08)Going To California 1971-09-04 Toronto 4:45 (from 1st gen Presence src) 09)Friends 1971-09-29 Osaka 4:06 (from How The East Was Won-EVSD) CD 2: 01)Celebration Day 1971-09-04 Toronto 4:43 (from 1st gen Presence src) 02)What Is And What Should Never Be 1971-09-09 4:50 Hampton (from Master Spider Web src) 03)Moby Dick 1971-09-04 Toronto 15:10 (from 1st gen Presence src) 04)Whole Lotta Love 1971-08-31 Orlando 17:27 (from Florida Sunshine-EVSD) 05)Communication Breakdown 1971-09-29 Osaka 7:38 (from How The East Was Won-EVSD) 06)Rock n' Roll 1971-09-29 Osaka 3:39 (from How The East Was Won-EVSD) 07)Organ Solo 1971-08-31 Orlando 3:28 (from Florida Sunshine-EVSD) 08)Thank You 1971-08-31 Orlando 7:59 (from Florida Sunshine-EVSD) 1973 CD 1: 01)Rock n' Roll 1973-05-18 Dallas 4:01 (from 1st gen dadgad src) 02)Celebration Day 1973-05-26 Salt Lake City 3:41 (from unknown gen) 03)Black Dog 1973-07-15 Buffalo 6:06 (from 2nd gen) 04)Over The Hills And far Away 1973-01-22 Southampton 6:37 (The Working Tapes EVSD) 05)Georgia On My Mind 1973-05-26 Salt Lake City 1:09 (from 1st gen dadgad src) 06)Misty Mountain Hop 1973-05-18 Dallas 5:46 (from 1st gen dadgad src) 07)Since I've Been Loving You 1973-05-31 8:05 Los Angeles (Bonzo's Birthday Party Definitive EVSD) 08)No Quarter 1973-05-18 Dallas 11:15 (from 1st gen dadgad src) 09)Dancing Days 1973-01-22 Southampton 4:13 (The Working Tapes EVSD) 10)Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 1973-01-07 Oxford 5:36 (from 1st gen dadgad src) CD 2: 01)The Song Remains The Same 1973-07-17 Seattle 5:57 (from dadgad src) 02)The Rain Song 1973-05-19 Ft. Worth 8:08 (from dadgad src) 03)Dazed And Confused 1973-07-17 Seattle 35:00 (from dadgad src) CD 3: 01)Stairway To Heaven 1973-05-31 Los Angeles 11:03 (Bonzo's Birthday Party Definitive EVSD) 02)Heartbreaker 1973-06-02 San Francisco 8:00 (from master dadgad src) 03)Whole Lotta Love 1973-06-02 San Francisco 12:18 (from master dadgad src) 04)The Ocean 1973-05-28 San Diego 4:28 (3 Days Before EVSD) 05)How Many More Times 1973-01-22 Southampton 8:34 (The Working Tapes EVSD) 06)Communication Breakdown 1973-01-22 Southampton 3:28 (The Working Tapes EVSD) 1975 CD 1: 01)Rock n' Roll 1975-03-17 Seattle 3:57 (Deus Ex Machina-EVSD) 02)Sick Again 1975-03-24 Los Angeles 4:58 (The Night Stalker-EVSD) 03)Over The Hills And Far Away 1975-02-13 Uniondale 8:15 (Led Faces Over The Coliseum-Godfather) 04)In My Time Of Dying 1975-02-28 Baton Rouge 11:14 (Rampaging Cajun-EVSD) 05)Since I've Been Loving You 1975-03-21 Seattle 9:00 (Deus Ex Machina-EVSD) 06)The Song Remains The Same 1975-03-20 Vancouver 6:15 (Canadien Crush-Liquid Led) 07)The Rain Song 1975-03-24 Los Angeles 7:25 (The Night Stalker-EVSD) 08)Kashmir 1975-02-16 St. Louis 8:50 (Better Late Than Never-Liquid Led) CD 2: 01)No Quarter 1975-03-21 Seattle 25:34 (Deus Ex Machina-EVSD) 02)Trampled Underfoot 1975-03-21 Seattle 9:45 (Deus Ex Machina-EVSD) 03)Dazed And Confused 1975-03-21 Seattle 41:35 (Deus Ex Machina) CD 3: 01)Stairway To Heaven 1975-03-11 Long Beach 11:55 (Californication-dadgad remaster) 02)Whole Lotta Love 1975-02-13 Uniondale 5:53 (Led Faces Over The Coliseum-Godfather) 03)Black Dog 1975-03-11 Long Beach 5:49 (Californication-dadgad remaster) 04)Communication Breakdown 1975-02-13 Uniondale 9:11 (Led Faces Over The Coliseum-Godfather) 05)Heartbreaker 1975-02-14 Uniondale 10:26 (St. Valentines Day Massacre-EVSD) 1977 CD 1: 01)The Song Remains The Same 1977-05-22 Ft. Worth 5:36 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD) 02)Sick Again 1977-05-30 Landover 6:40 (Double Shot-EVSD) 03)Nobody's Fault But Mine 1977-06-07 New York 6:49 (Magical Sound Boogie-EVSD) 04)In My Time Of Dying 1977-06-07 New York 10:53 (Treading The Boards-MSB remaster) 05)Since I've Been Loving You 1977-04-27 Cleveland 8:31 (from 1st gen) 06)No Quarter 1977-05-26 Landover 22:18 (Bringing The House Down-EVSD) CD 2: 01)Ten Years Gone 1977-05-25 Landover 9:55 (Double Shot-EVSD) 02)The Battle Of Evermore 1977-05-22 Ft. Worth 7:06 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD) 03)Going To California 1977-05-30 Landover 4:52 (Double Shot-EVSD) 05)Dancing Days 1977-05-26 Landover (Bringing The House Down)-EVSD) 04)Black Country Woman 1977-05-22 Ft. Worth 2:12 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD) 05)Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 1977-04-27 Cleveland 5:07 (from 1st gen) 06)White Summer/Black Mountainside 1977-05-25 Landover 5:45 (Double Shot-EVSD) 07)Kashmir 1977-05-21 Houston 8:56 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD) CD 3: 01)Noise Solo 1977-06-23 Los Angeles 12:15 (from Master Presence source) 02)Achilles Last Stand 1977-05-30 Landover 9:44 (Double Shot-EVSD) 03)Stairway To Heaven 1977-05-25 Landover 10:57 (Double Shot-EVSD) 04)Whole Lotta Love 1977-05-30 Landover 1:36 (Double Shot-EVSD) 05)Rock n' Roll 1977-05-30 Landover 4:29 (Double Shot-EVSD) 06)Trampled Underfoot 1977-04-27 Cleveland 7:11 (from 1st gen) 07)It'll Be Me 1977-05-22 Ft. Worth 5:31 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD) 1980 CD 1: 01)Train Kept A Rolling 1980-06-29 Zurich 3:03 (from 1st gen) 02)Nobody's Fault But Mine 1980-06-23 Bremen 5:19 (Bremen 1980-Tarantura) 03)Black Dog 1980-07-07 Berlin 6:14 (from 1st gen KRW src) 04)In The Evening 1980-06-29 Zurich 9:15 (from 1st gen) 05)The Rain Song 1980-06-24 Hannover 7:41 (from 1st gen KRW src) 06)Hot Dog 1980-06-30 Frankfurt 3:51 (from 1st gen KRW src) 07)All My Love 1980-07-07 Berlin 5:46 (from 1st gen KRW src) 08)Trampled Underfoot 1980-06-20 Brussels 7:59 (from 1st gen KRW src) 09)Since I've Been Loving You 1980-06-30 Frankfurt 9:49 (from 1st gen KRW src) 10)Achilles Last Stand 1980-06-21 Rotterdam 9:43 (from 1st gen KRW src) CD 2: 01)White Summer/Black Mountainside 1980-06-17 Dortmund 5:47 (from 1st gen speed corrected) 02)Kashmir 1980-06-20 Brussels 9:08 (from 1st gen KRW src) 03)Stairway To Heaven 1980-07-07 Berlin 15:35 (from 1st gen KRW src) 04)Rock n' Roll 1980-06-21 Rotterdam 3:47 (from 1st gen KRW src) 05)Communication Breakdown 1980-07-03 Mannheim 2:49 (from 1st gen KRW src) 06)Heartbreaker 1980-06-29 Zurich 9:53 (from 1st gen) 07)Whole Lotta Love 1980-07-07 Berlin 18:25 (from 1st gen KRW src) 08)Money 1980-06-30 Frankfurt 5:10 (from 1st gen KRW src)
  13. He did on his Ah via Musicom tour the last two years with original lineup and does a good bit live this tour. R😎
  14. Though born in a Kansas City suburb, and still with lots of relatives there, I'm Southern Fried. Tennessee Time for another seasoned citizen qb to give way to the youth of America. San Francisco
  15. Junior: Kansas City San Francisco
  16. Heres hoping he goes back to his Classic sound and shreds that Strat !
  17. Those are insane prices and completely unreasonable. One could buy a comparable Triumph or even BMW which are both considerably better bikes, especially the BMW which is, without argument, the best touring bike made hands down. The K 1600 GT goes for $24k brand new and is head and shoulders better than a HD though I prefer the 1200 RT which goes for $19k and unlike a Harley, you don't have to send it to the custom shop for an additional $10k in upgrades which should have come stock in the first place...especially at those prices.
  18. I'm thinking of ordering "Evolution Is Timing" this week. Can anyone point me to the tracklisting somewhere? It seems to be calling my name.
  19. I went back and listened, he starts strong, but kinda loses it at the end. Pretty typical 80 solo really. If I may be so bold, I suggest using my Matrix as listening source for next Mannheim show 7/3. Lookup Mannheim Steamroller by yours truly. thanks.
  20. I see, and this is perfectly understandable. Now I know your angle.
  21. Exactly. Literally sounds like every blues song ever, so the list of "inspiration" could go on for another ten artists all the way back to Charlie Patton.
  22. How much does a 2019 Harley cost? Starting prices range from $19,289 to $28,089. Three CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) models will be offered for 2019, all from the Touring family: CVO Street Glide (starting at $40,889); CVO Road Glide (starting at $42,339); and CVO Limited (starting at $43,889). 😨
  23. Yes, Jimmy must've been inspired by Johnny's riff but it's annoying to read all the comments in that post about TRB being a rip-off, and the same . It's almost the same riff for one measure, and while it's a significant similarity, it's not the same riff. Johnny's tune came out only a couple months before TRB. Those old blues riffs are almost public domain, who knows who originally played that riff or similar. Where'd Johnny get the inspiration? Who knows. Maybe Jimmy and Johnny got it from the same cat. Hubert Sumlin, T-Bone Walker ?? 🤔 The lyrics are a mix of Robert Johnson tunes. Maybe a better title would've been Robert Johnson Medley.
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