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  2. A great mob movie that's pretty much unknown. Also stars Joe Pesci. Even has a black hit man. Super violent, but also some good humor. The scene at the piano bar is hilarious.
  3. The relentless rain has stopped and now we get a week of sunny and warm. Crazy ass weather.
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  5. Looking forward to the new Dead Daisies cd this fall/winter. Until a new BCC album is recorded, this will have to hold us. Of what we’ve heard so far (two singles), it sounds like a promising release. I think Glenn Hughes made the right decision to join The Dead Daisies, given this year w/ covid and not knowing the future of BCC (maybe a 2021 recording followed by a studio album release (Only / no tour) most likely in 2022). This may be the only possible chance of new Glenn Hughes to sing and play on an album for a couple of years. Contrary to an earlier, posting in this thread, I believe Glenn Hughes is the best thing that’s happened to the Dead Daisies since Deen Castronovo joined a few years ago. I hope Deen sings on this album like he did with Journey. R😎
  6. R.I.P. Original Van Halen bassist. https://www.vhnd.com/2020/09/26/original-van-halen-bassist-mark-stone-passes-away/ R😎
  7. Only 43 euros in Europe! Looking forward to the book.
  8. I'm on the East coast and vinyl was dead by the mid 90's, when I said Zep in the bargain bin I meant cds. Sorry I wasn't more clear.
  9. I need to come out where you live, then. Because the West Coast is still a Led Zeppelin stronghold. Most record shop owners out here know the value of Led Zeppelin vinyl in the marketplace and you rarely find deals. Good luck finding clean copies of any Led Zeppelin album for under $10 these days. And if it is one of the Classic Vinyl remasters, good luck finding one for under $100. The only time I have been in a record shop and seen a Led Zeppelin album in the bargain bins ($3 and under) was when it was a shitty scratched up copy.
  10. Rainbow-On Stage Love Ronnie’s rendition of Still I’m Sad, by The Yardbirds.
  11. Go BILLS!!! Go RAMS!!!! Oh man!! They are playing each other? My two favorite teams Of course the Bills are my first. But I love the Rams too. And my Orioles are at some damn hotel in Buffalo. So all my boys are in the same town. This likely will never happen again
  12. That's how he acted in GFIII, he was still a little kid at the end of GFII. My vison is a completely different GFIII where Anthony has followed in his fathers footsteps but wanting to continue his fathers dream of legitimacy. He would be a completely different character and not the Nancy-boy opera singer we got in GFIII.
  13. His son couldn’t be The Godfather the kid looked like and acted like a homo, the mob wouldn’t stand for someone like that, Connie would’ve rubbed him out, the only one I could see taking over was his right hand and loyal Al Neri.
  14. Who also come here and get free medical, housing and education.
  15. You mean all those non-third world countries that have to rely on us for their defense? Wonder why that is? Asking for a friend.
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