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  2. I'm trying to gather shows from all tours and showcase them as a sort of "what if there were 4 to 6 concerts on each deluxe edition release." I'm having a bit of trouble picking a night for this tour. This would be attached to Led Zeppelin II. More info on my project here. Quality of the concert aside, what are your favorites from tour?
  3. I've finished my pick for UK/Scandinavia 1969. This is a showcase of the Danish shows March 15 – 17. I've ordered the setlist in a way that was typical to this tour. I was able to cheat a little bit since the Danmarks concert was already on the DVD, so this was a quickie. More info about which gig was used for each song, etc. is in the video description. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgSXPaRQHfY
  4. You did a great job. My new soundtrack this week !!!
  5. luvlz2


  6. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/legendary-slayer-cover-artist-larry-carroll-dead-at-65/
  7. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/paul-stanley-says-debut-album-from-his-rb-band-soul-station-is-almost-done/
  8. Geezer Butler On New Project Deadland Ritual & Why He Went 'Nuts' After Black Sabbath Retired: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8502181/geezer-butler-deadland-ritual http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/deadland-ritual-feat-geezer-butler-matt-sorum-steve-stevens-first-music-video-coming-soon/
  9. https://www.dailyherald.com/entlife/20190522/ahead-of-rosemont-theatre-show-judas-priest-frontman-rob-halford-speaks-his-truth
  10. It is interesting to think back to those times in 1975-77. None of my close friends saw Zep until 1977. We knew some older friends who saw them in 1975. They just said they were blown away and it was the greatest concert ever - no comments about Plant's voice. I do recall wondering about the vocals on some of HOTH in 1973 thinking what is that? NQ - I get the atmospherics. But TSRTS vocals? Did not seem right to me. Still don't. But I digress. When PG came out it was just so overwhelming. I never really thought about the vocal change. Every Zep album was different so I just thought he is singing this way to fit the mood of the song. I loved the dark vibe to his voice in things like Kashmir, Trampled, Dying Time, Sick again. So much of that album had a dark and mysterious vibe to it. Same thing for Presence. Loved every bit of it and thought Plant was perfect for the songs. I was not thinking his voice changed or was shot - I was thinking these songs and lyrics and delivery are so great and so different. Then the movie and soundtrack came out in fall 1976 and again, none of us thought "oh his voice is shot". We just loved the music. One thing I really noticed was how much better I liked the vocals in TSRTS track compared to the album version. And the Rain Song - so much better vocals live on that soundtrack than on HOTH. Then I finally saw them in 1977 and was blown away by Plant's vocals, and of course all the rest of it. I did not hear my first bootleg til around 1979 - the BBC 1971 session. I guess I was so involved in digging the music and the newness of PG and Presence, I never really thought his voice changed. I thought he just changed his approach to fit the songs and lyrics. Looking back now and hearing so many live shows over the years it is all so obvious, but back in 75-76 I was not thinking about his voice may have changed, and none of my friends ever said anything about that - we just all loved every bit of Zeppelin. Maybe because I was 16 and it was all so overwhelming to get a double album like PG after waiting 2 years from HOTH. Or maybe because his voice could sound so different from album to album and track to track anyway across all the albums.
  11. Mama I'm Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne
  12. Dan Rather asked him in his interview. Plant responded that performing with the flu several times was partially responsible, however he placed most of the blame on an adrenaline shot a doctor gave him during the 72' tour in Australia after he lost his voice after a gig. Don't quite know what adrenaline would have to do with it but I am not a sawbones.
  13. Yeah, what's your problem bud? You put together a live, 4 hour chronological album and you could not even studio manipulate it into official release quality? Pfffft... Good job buddy, I honestly believe you did a stellar job. Thank you Ps. No Gallows Pole? I love that electric live version. Oh, almost forgot, no Hot Dog
  14. Yesterday
  15. Blues in 6 or less
  16. I'm sorry but the use of Gloria as a theme song for a hockey team is the worst choice I could ever think of which is why I raised you a gun totin bitch!!LOLO
  17. I’m just bustin balls. You did a tremendous job! I’m listening as I type - great choices.
  18. HMMT was one of the songs which I wanted to include, but the compilation was already pushing four hours and I didn't want it to become too long. The shortest version of HMMT that is stand alone is 10 minutes as it is. This is also why I picked a version of Whole Lotta Love that was similar to the studio version as opposed to the lengthy medleys from later on. As for Moby Dick, I kind of consider it a tribute to Bonzo, so I felt it was a necessity, even though I can understand others wanting to skip it. Oh well, I knew that this wouldn't please everyone completely! To each their own of course but if sound quality is your worry (as I've seen you criticize the fidelity of bootlegs before), you can rest assured that I tried to find versions with a good combination of sound quality and performance. I think just about every song on here requires no "bootleg ears" at all.
  19. Absolutely! Put it in place of MD - same show...easy fix!
  20. plant was quoted as saying there were many times I didn't like my vocals...jus sayin
  21. Date was supposed to be Dec. 27
  22. in Russo's book: 1966 12/26 War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, New York, US (with ? & The Mysterians and others as part of "Dick Clark's Christmas Tour") 12/27 Fifth Dimension Club, Ann Arbor, Michigan, US (with Richard & The Young Lions and December's Children)
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