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  1. JTM

    Why no Unledded remaster?

    You are right, it wasn't considered a turd, I fact I really liked it, bought all the CD singles to get the trax not on the album. But I recently put it on and decided it wasn't that good, it just sounded wrong. Ya never know one day I may change my mind again.
  2. JTM

    Why no Unledded remaster?

    Why, what would be the point. If you polish a turd it's still a turd, imho.
  3. JTM


    Sports Night, I remember vaguely. TV in my parents was usually my mums choice (she did not like sport), dad was more often than not in the pub or the British Legion so any sport programmes (apart from Grandstand or ITV sport on Saturday) were a no no, unless dad was home.
  4. JTM


    Benfica 68, I remember that. Back then if there was a live game on TV almost everybody watched (Ok most people only had two TV channels) Live footie was a rarity and was a savoured whoever the teams playing were. The game wasn't Liverpool or Everton it was Man U, they were the next best thing because they were only "up the road" so to speak, plus they were English, the first to play in a European Cup Final. I'm well thanks, hope you are too. Edit.... Thinking about it Footie today has sort of lost it's magic, there's too much of it on TV. I miss the special event feeling one used to get, like FA cup day when you would spend most of the morning flicking between BBC and ITV watching the build up, getting the feeling of fans from either side playing (again it didn't matter who was playing), the road to Wembley clips, then hoping it didn't go into extra time because that would clash with the then strict just after five tea time when it was TV off and everyone to the dining room, oh how times have changed,
  5. Anybody who buys an autograph on the WWW needs to "take stock".
  6. JTM


    Nah, this one is "greater" 🙂
  7. JTM

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

  8. It's going to be shite I tell ya, especially the music. The vibe will be completely different, the fences will stay up so there'll be no freeloader madness and there will be no brown acid. The hair will be short as will the trousers unlike 69.
  9. Had a quick look before I got my head down last night, not for long. Now I have transferred it to a portable HD so I can play it through my Oppo 103. LZF, I have to say you have done a great job. Thank you.
  10. JTM


    Because it was an FA Cup game not a Premiership game. It's no big deal losing that one. ( I assume you are refering to the Wolves v Liverpool game). It's the Premiership that is important, FA Cup games just get in the way.
  11. JTM

    What are you thinking right now?

    Ah, Old Scratch, long banned from the forum. He could be really funny but nasty too, it's no wonder he got banned.
  12. JTM

    Berkeley (Going to California)

    Downloading a torrent is always the best option seeing as many seem to rip their CD's these days amyway, why buy a boot CD that is probably made from a torrent or copied from another CD. Now if it's vinyl you're after that's another thing, for that I'd recommend a TMOQ on coloured LP's in a rubber stamped pastel coloured sleeve .
  13. JTM

    Led Zeppelin being booed by the audience?

    I used to do a light show for a cabaret band in the mid to late seventies. One time the band that was on before the band I worked for who were quite popular at this venue ran over their time, on the instruction of our Bass player I unplugged their amps/pa from the mains and gestured for them to get off.
  14. JTM


    I only watched the highlights on Match of the Day, maybe someone who watched the whole game can chip in.
  15. JTM


    Well, well, well, four points clear at xmas. It's looking good. C'mon Liverpool. Long way to go though.
  16. Here in Blighty xmas wouldn't be the same without a showing of "The Great Escape".
  17. JTM

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    In the big scheme of things does it really matter, I don't think it does, I'm too old to care anyway. I don't expect there is going to anything that'll wow me, it'll just be an "is that it" just like the companion discs. The only thing that will remotely excite me is the core albums remixed into 5.1, even ITTOD.
  18. JTM


    True, I thought that after I posted, they're up there too.
  19. JTM


    No doubt, it's swings and roudabouts though, Liverpool dominated in the Eighties and beyond then along came Alex Ferguson with his Fergie time so Man U took the crown, now the pendulum appears to be swinging the other way and once again Liverpool are on the up again. I don't consider Citeh or Chelski to be up there because whatever they have won they bought. Liverpool and Man U are the two greats no one else comes anywhere near them.
  20. JTM


    A great win for Liverpool. Reds supporters consider the games against Man U as the second Derby, the first being of course against local rivals Everton.
  21. Just rub some olive oil over the area where the sticker was then wipe it of with some kitchen towel or a micro fibre cloth, that will remove any residue.
  22. You could try lifting it off, warm it up slightly with a hairdryer for example (discs out of course) first. I didn't get the clear sticker right on the fourth album so I did as above and managed to re stick it, not perfect but better than the first attempt. It lifts of easily without any damage to the cover. If you want to refit it just be very careful, don't rush it, only work on it when it's slightly warm.
  23. That doesn't sound right, the track list should be on the cling film, looks like you have used reseal.