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  2. ^zoso.me has that. Thanks for that info, will be checking it out.
  3. Peter Grant heard someone smacked his 11 year old kid. He went bezerk like most protective hot headed Fathers from his generation would have. I’m not defending him, but I can see how something like this could snowball. There are varying versions out there of what happened, Bill Grahams version being the harshest.. The truth is probably in the middle somewhere.
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  5. At the Oakland show they (Bonham partly, but mainly Bindon et al.) roughed up one of Bill Graham's workers. There was some bad blood before (that this guy may have played a part in) and while the situation got out of control due to the Zep side, it was hardly a horrific, brutal event. Page himself said later, that if it was really as bad as Graham claimed (who conveniently [and illegally] signed a waiver to get the band to play the second show), Zeppelin would never have been allowed to leave the country. The '77 tour was ugly in general, but this particular thing has been greatly exaggerated.
  6. Oh, I'm no stranger to that show--one of my favourites!! Can't wait to listen on its anniversary next week!
  7. Yes it does. And no, they didn't "almost murder" someone, that's just a ridiculous claim (not by you, I know you're replying to another post).
  8. I'll add that you just can't generalize any of this stuff. I have old SP pressings that sounds dull, the same albums pressed at Monarch that sound sparkling clear. Same with some modern records, U pressings sounding dull and flat yet Palace pressings of the same album crystal clear and dynamic. Just remember there's a different hands on with each pressing at each plant.
  9. Holy shit! How did it go from a stern dressing down and possibly a shove of Grant's son to his kid getting whacked with a blackjack? I never heard anything so outrageous as that. The story as explained by several eyewitness's is as follows: The whole scene was fucked from the moment Zep arrived as John Bindon had words with one of Graham's men which resulted in Bindon shoving (some say hitting) Graham's employee. Then, a couple hours later is when shit started to get real. One of Graham's security staff, who was extremely pissed (as most of Graham's staff was due to earlier incident), spotted what he thought was some random 11 year old kid trying to nick the Led Zeppelin plaque off the dressing room door. The security guard approached the boy (11 year old Warren Grant) and had words with him and shoved him. At the same time Bindon and another Swan Song employee engaged another security staff member who was knocked out by Bindon. Bonzo supposedly witnessed the security guard / Warren incident, went up and kicked the guy in the balls and walked away. Word spreads and gets back to Grant about the incident with his son. Grant, Cole, & Bindon approach the guard, pull him into a trailer, close the door, and proceed to beat the man half to death. If the man had not somehow escaped the trailer who knows what would have happened. That is the story as I have heard and seen from sources.
  10. Um, all I know is thank god Jimy's dating of an underage Red Snapper was never made public. OYE!
  11. Guys, thank you so much for your recommendations! I really appreciate them. Such interesting suggestions too! Which one are you using exactly? Are you able to crank it? What kind of cab? Is this all you're playing through, or do you run it to the PA too? Sorry for so many rapid fire questions, but I've got to get my shit together! lol
  12. Rest In Peace, 8 time NBA Champion, Celtics great, John “Hondo” Havlicek (1940-2019). A true Team Player.
  13. I agree with everything you wrote here. I can't see Plant smacking Jimmy, although he and Bonzo used to smack each other back in the day, hippies or not. That's when they were very young though. I can't see a 50 year old Plant punching poor Jimmy in the face. But who knows, maybe it did happen. All I wanted to know was where these posters got their information and how they know it is true. I pushed the point few times and they all dried up, which suggests it's nothing more than a rumor.
  14. http://www.rockittretro.com Hand wired, half the price of a Marshall Plexi. Master volume, add $100. Tell him not to put the name plate on it & buy a Marshall logo from Ebay for $10. LOL It'll take a couple months, it's a one dude operation. Actually, the whole thing is hand built.
  15. I am not arguing, just clarifying. I don't want anyone to think I want the site sanitized or censored. So here's an example. If someone says "Jimmy sucks and can't play for shit". I'm fine with that. I don't know what that person is doing here, but they're entitled. And btw, all opinions are subjective. That's what subjective means. Here's where it gets dodgy because I don't want to cite actual comments and start a war. If someone says (and this is hypothetical in case there is such a comment that I haven't seen) " Jimmy can't play and doesn't even know how, it's a common fact that he was playing with So & So and didn't know what an A chord was. I know, I was there, I saw it!" or "it's well documented" but then when you go to look it up, it ain't cause it never happened. I say "Fuck that guy and good riddance!". Right now there's another conversation on this very thread that I am a part of and it is a Hearsay discussion over a rumour from 77. I'm actually participating in said conversation. I have no problem with it. You can google it and find that in fact it is very well spoken about from multiple sources. Again, I wasn't there so I don't know and I've never heard or seen anything from someone with first hand knowledge. But, my call for the moderators to do something in the first place is more of an outburst than a legitimate call for it. Like saying Soy Milk should not be allowed to call itself Milk. I do feel that way, but I don't really care. Wanting to plug how hot Olivia Newton John was was as much motivation for the OP as the rest of it.
  16. I Agree. MTV showed the first ARMS concert. Jimmy’s condition was an eye opener. The DW2 soundtrack was so good that I assumed all was well.. He seems healthy and happy now so that’s great. Jimmy kind of made his own bed with the “I hope to be seen playing” routine. I usually go to bat and defend him here anyway because some of the criticism gets ridiculous. I do think he’d be better off clamming up until if and when something is ready. I don’t doubt that he wants to do something.
  17. As I said In the statement you highlighted, I totally agree with that. But I just don't agree that it's hateful. People just have subjective opinions. I really don't see too many people just intentionally making stuff up about Zeppelin members on here. Most of it is shot down because many of us on here have read up on the band a lot over the years. But no doubt about the moderators having the right to censor whatever they like on their website. Generally speaking though in the public domain nothing should be censored unless it's libel. But If the mods did go around subjectively censoring what they arbitrarily deem hateful or untrue then things could get extremely boring on here for people that want to know more about the band members and discuss certain topics. Part of the problem is that In the world of Zeppelin there really isn't much happening so most of what happens on here is open discussion on the history of every single member, past shows and all of that. One thing that says a lot about Zeppelin's timelessness is the fact that the band hasn't played since 2007 and this forum still has a pretty good amount of activity. Many forums (especially band forums) across the web are pretty desolate these days.
  18. In the book When Giants Walked The Earth, Bonham was in the room and had to be pulled out for fear of injury and/or he had to go on stage. Can't remember. It was kind of a shitty book at times and great at times as well. Lots of negativity qualfied by the fact the author had a lot of access to Plant over the years. So he cites many sources close to Plant, but nothing first hand. He said the whole band had to get out of Dodge quick as Bill Graham was pressing charges and, that being their last gig that tour it was lucky they could return to England. He (the author) says Grant's son was removing Bonham's name plaque from the dressing room door when a security guard hit him on the head with a blackjack from behind.
  19. That's all I'm saying. You had many other words but said the same exact thing with that single run-on sentence. However, like you, I tend to get a bit wordy. There's nothing wrong with the rest of your comment, I only selected the part relevant to this reply. The other part of my OP about trolls being removed, I do feel that those who spread unfounded rumours as so called "well known facts" should be censured. The moderators, in my humble opinion, have every right to not allow the bands own sanctioned website to be used as a tool to tarnish the very same people who provide the website in the first place. The "Don't shit where you eat" proverb comes to mind. Like, if you can't say "I Heard" as opposed to "It's a well known fact" without citing a reliable source, you deserve whatever comes.
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  21. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/jon-anderson-makes-me-happy/
  22. The Black Keys Announce Back-To-Basics Ninth Album 'Let's Rock': https://ultimateclassicrock.com/black-keys-lets-rock/
  23. Chrissie Hynde Announces Jazz Covers Album: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/chrissie-hynde-valve-bone-woe/
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