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  2. Before the 80s and political correctness in Britain casual racism was the norm. It certainly didn't mean you supported oppression. As a consequence people could say and do pretty much anything outside violence and get away with it. Dressing as a Nazi was seen as a joke and not given a second thought. I often wondered if Jimmy got the Nazi gear from his mate Chris Farlowe who dealt in Nazi memorabilia for a living.
  3. I've seen the Goetia on eBay but never the Hickey book. Wonder how many of each they made. Very interesting description of the shop here https://credencedawg.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/my-first-occult-bookshop/?fbclid=IwAR3_Gj6TMkOdlU1RIwGXcz5ikj8vZRo5fvxJKc7lm0XO86N-Y15QwcVFW2Y
  4. kipper

    Thanks England

    Thank you England for convincing us that we didn't need to be your servants.
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  6. Barry Williams admitted to having a crush on Florence Henderson but that was about it. Shirley Jones was a bit of free spirit in her day, but I don't think she had an affair with her step son.
  7. Far more children are killed in cars than by guns.... maybe we should ban cars? It would be easy too; you don't have a constitutionally protected right to own a car (speaking of the USA of course).
  8. I'll state this as simply as I possibly can: this compilation was for people who are fans of bootlegs and have long dreamed of Jimmy's proposed "chronological live album" which never came to fruition. Simple as that. Clearly, you don't fall into that target audience. Which is fine, this isn't for everyone. I know you didn't bother to listen to the whole thing, which is fine too. It is almost four hours long after all. But coming on here and saying it "sounds like shit" when you only sampled a few songs out of 30 from over a dozen shows, then creating an entirely separate thread to whine about how people weren't agreeing with you? Yeah, that's pretty dickish. There are literally hundreds of bootlegs of Zeppelin that sound worse than that version of Dazed. Bath is an example: Once again, if you don't like this, why are you still here? Move on to something else.
  9. He does the same thing to me. He has no life, Listen here dickhead majority of the people who I have talk to you about the 1977 Led Zeppelin tour said that it was not good Steve Slaton KZ OK/ KISW fame here in Seattle got to meet the band Jimmy page was so wasted he had to be carried off the helicopter to the weight in limousines. Does this mean we don’t like Led Zeppelin even Robert Plant has stated that the band was not itself at 1977 you’re just a jerk off that likes to argue with people get help troll .
  10. What what does that mean? So it’s intended for people to appreciate a different Led Zeppelin if you mean appreciate some crappy bootleg that you can hardly hear no way keep it to yourself. You definitely took it personally and then others here calling me a troll what is that just because I criticize a bootleg you made lol ?furthermore yeah I did listen to it soundboard recording sound dry in placid and of course I’m gonna listen to daze&confused because that was Led Zeppelin‘s masterpiece from 68 all the way to 75 and it was terrible echoey couldn’t even hear John P. Jones. I mean come on what are you talking about that I should appreciate a different Led Zeppelin
  11. I did? What are you talking about Dude? Unveiled me? Are you the stalker? Your full of shit bro.
  12. Check this news out; https://ultimateclassicrock.com/zakk-sabbath-black-sabbath-album/
  13. Looking to get Permanent Waves, does anyone recommend it? I see a copy on Sale for$2.99.
  14. Agreed. Only exception was the title track on their last release, Carry Fire, with Seth (violin). R😎
  15. You must have, since you responded. He just made a cash grab earlier in the year, since KISS is doing their 2nd farewell tour. R😎
  16. Could this mystery board be this one?
  17. Chinese martial art movies aren't my cup of tea but I liked both, Hero and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The soundtracks from both movies are very beautiful.
  18. Fantastic compilation, ZepHead. It's a great journey. Thank you for your work. I'm no fan of the Tour over Europe but Money is great. I like the tone of Jimmys guitar very much and the piano playing is brilliant. Good choice.
  19. Thank you, CP. I wanted to avoid canned chick peas but if it's CP proved I'll give it a try
  20. 6-23-77 #1 it’s just the most cohesive sprawling version ever pure magic start to finish TSRTS original LP version, I know it’s edited but I don’t give a F one of Jimmy’s all time best solos hands down 7-24-79 excellent stripped down late era version with killer solos and fills by Bonzo A+ 5-18-75 weird expressive solo from Page excellent all around
  21. Kids in bed. Missus away in Sydney. Log fire 🔥 on the go. Kicking back in the couch. Feet up. Decided to give this a spin. It’s great
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