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  2. I've joined a Zeppelin cover band and never played out before (just once and it was with this band) and I need some advice on which amps to use and any other general advice from you more experienced gigging Zeppelin guitar players. All my life I played tube amps and one thing I like about them is that if you set it to a certain volume, but turn your guitar down or play really quietly, you get a clean/pretty clean sound, but then if you change your pick attack or turn up the volume, you get the necessary distortion. Digital effects processors always struggled with this. When using them, if you were on an overdrive setting but turned your guitar down, instead of getting a clean sound you got a sort of fizzy sound. I have to admit, from the experimentation I've done lately, the digital processors have come a long way and I'm actually able to sound like I'm playing on a tube amp, getting clean tones with light pick attack/low volume and breakup without the fizz with aggressive pick attack/higher volume. I'm bringing this up to see if you guys recommend using an Ax Fx pedal in combination with 4x12 cabinet or something. Or, should I just pick up a Marshall head and a 4x12 cabinet? Here's the thing about Marshalls that I want some advice on. In my experience, when I've played Marshalls in the past, they really only sounded good cranked up. Jimmy got a lot of his tones with the suckers cranked. My problem is that if I get a 100 watt head and a 4x12 cab, I won't be able to crank it in a pub. It will be way too loud. One more thing: What I'm trying to do, mostly (with a few exceptions) is to replicate as closely as possible the guitar tones as recorded on the albums, rather than Jimmy's live tone. This is why I'm thinking about getting the Ax Fx. A few years ago I read that one of the guitarists for Get the Led Out uses the Ax Fx and to my ears, they sounded right on. Recommendations?
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  4. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/eric-clapton-2019-us-tour/
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  13. Hands down TSRTS. best daze, no quarter, rain song, black dog.
  14. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/former-journey-singer-steve-perry-discusses-personal-loss-in-music-and-songs-at-pop-conference-2019-video/
  15. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ozzy-osbourne-is-doing-really-well-less-than-a-month-after-tour-cancelation/
  16. Great Game probably one of the best overtimes I have ever seen. Amazing how the Sharks scored 4 goals on a 5 min major PP you never see that.
  17. I hope Led Zeppelin Rarities can finish this matrix. A sample of the matrix starts at 2:14. There is a great comment in the comments section that is so true: (I did not write the comment but I completely agree with it) To sound like you were there at any 77 show (as I was) the drums need to be almost oppressively loud the Alembic bass (which was stereo) needs a boomy deep chest rattling bottom and the crunchy mid range toppy sound blended.
  18. Damn, why did I say Tavares? It was Kadri that got suspended yet again sorry folks.,
  19. Judging by the bowler hat, I would guess John liked A Clockwork Orange...
  20. Sharks come from 3-1 games down, and 3-0 score to rally for a 4-5 win the series in OT!
  21. :"I Can't Quit You Baby" - Led Zeppelin
  22. Not to be harsh, but Robert Plant sounds like he is just yelling on Sick again, Kashmir sounds flat and uninspired. No quarter is a bore(just my opinion) sound quality sounds muffled. Not a fan of Zeppelin 77’
  23. The age old question. Led Zeppelin - Choosing between Dazed and Confused and How Many More Times is getting too difficult. Led Zeppelin II - Another extremely tough choice, but I'll go with Bring It On Home. Led Zeppelin III - That's the Way Led Zeppelin IV - Going to California Houses of the Holy - Over the Hills and Far Away Physical Graffiti - In My Time of Dying, but tomorrow it could be any of the other 3 epics. Presence - Achilles Last Stand In Through the Out Door - I'm Gonna Crawl
  24. I've done a concert analysis, for anyone who cares: https://bit.ly/2UxLIqM
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