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  3. The singer reminds me of a cross between Anthony Corder of Tora Tora and Jason McMaster of Dangerous Toys.
  4. Die, Die My Darling - Misfits
  5. worked in a deli before my real job (night loader) and remember putting up these Schaeffer ads... Schaeffer was BY FAR our best seller in the 2 delicatessen's I worked - the boss' son was a Rock fan and our deli would get the ads in advance of the shows being advertised and would run to get us tix while I worked... his father/the owner, never knew!! The bands we saw on the cheap, damn, Hot Tuna, James Gang, Todd Rundgren/Utopia, Dave Mason..... Feelin alright!! THANKS, drowan
  6. 1969 was a pretty good year for BB King - Opening for acts like Zeppelin and going on tour with The Rolling Stones near the end of the year. I wonder how often BB & Zeppelin crossed paths during these early years of touring. Wish I had a time machine!
  7. Bishlap: Here is the promotion for the Schaefer Music Festival featuring the upcoming Led Zeppelin concert. Seats were $1.00 or $1.50. What a deal!!! Regards, D. Rowan
  8. If it were Commiefornia there would not be a PG&E as that is a publicly traded corporation. Instead you would have California State G&E which would likely be smart enough to bury their damn lines...with slave labor of course but the job would get done!
  9. I attended the show at the Mesa Amphitheater and it was anything but boring. Page put on one hell of a show that night. Mason Ruffner opened up for him which was a good pairing of artists as well. The weather was perfect, great music, and a very groovy vibe in general. I really can't blame Slash for his opinion though as Page was doing stuff like Liquid Mercury and Rites of Winter which was miles away from the material on Appetite for Destruction or Lies.
  10. I think the Cards just want to go home now. Maybe they have an early tee time tomorrow...
  11. Priceless, simply priceless. I can just imagine what old Slick Willy is saying in that pic: "Now fellas, can you explain the whole mudshark thing to me? I can't tell you how many times I have tried to roger one of my assistants with a Flounder, Perch, Bass, and Crappie with absolutely no luck..."
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  13. Next year, along with the next year album.
  14. Never Say Die - Black Sabbath
  15. Painful to watch Zach Britton bitch for the Stankees. Throw another one in the dugout Zach. Go Astros
  16. To be honest I haven’t opened it, I’m keeping it sealed, I have all their Vinyl boxsets. So I figured why open this one?
  17. I ran into a neighbor today who said they were recently interviewed by someone working on a new LZ book. It seems to address the early days of LZ in the U.S., and how they "broke" in those first years. Anyone else heard about this? I'm sorry I forgot the name of the writer already. I'll ask Jerry more the next time I see him.
  18. Slash attended and it's a direct quote.
  19. I'm actually in agreement with you. In this case, they should have let her work stand on its own merits and release it on another label without any involvement from him. Instead, she's well on her way to being pigeonholed as "Page's chick", just as Yoko was summarily dismissed as a serious artist in her own right because of her association with Lennon. I'm speaking strictly from a business standpoint. Personally, they're a lovely couple, just as John & Yoko were and sometimes I'm just playing to the crowd when I suggest it's a bunch of rubbish. I'll probably purchased the signed edition myself.
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