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  2. Major Tom - by Peter Schilling 1983 After the intro, which sounds like Devo to me, the driving guitar and drums, makes me think of Zeppelin's "Nobody's Fault But Mine."
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  4. The sound quality was always mediocre, but with this new set we have a much better choice of experiencing this show. I was sceptical too when I first saw this set had to be announced, knowing the fact what the label did with their previous efforts, but as soon as I got my copy I was surprised much of its quality. Of course, it's something for more advanced listeners as the quality is far from perfect, but at least it's better than numerous fan and bootleg releases available in the past.
  5. Yeah, looks like Volume 1 is sold out. Glad I grabbed it when I did.
  6. Evolution Is Timing 2 arrived today for me too... Unfortunately, I cannot pick it up until Saturdaze (not home to sign for it). Looks like Evolution Is Timing (the first) is sold out given that I don't see it on Air Raid?
  7. You majorly misunderstood. When I said it's not like listening to the other two, I meant in quality. I fully understand what made this show great, it's one of my favorites. edit: SOUND quality
  8. I guess you're underestimating the importance of that show. Bath 1969 (incl. Led Zeppelin) drew approx. 30.000 people. In 1970 they were widely accepted by English press and fans. Until that point it was mainly the States where they achieved success, the festival was a turning point in their career. It is said the festival attracted some 150,000 people and by the time Led Zeppelin took the stage it was grown to 200,000 people. BTW. it is also said an excellent soundboard recording exists.
  9. I am just seeing if somebody else had an example of this. There is one on the official site but it's trashed.
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  11. It definitely sounds a bit clearer, but it's not like we're listening to BBH or LTTE. Still a decent recording and the remaster did it justice.
  12. Today's arrivals. I'm at work so I haven't been able to dive into them, but I'm really excited.
  13. Thanks for sharing SteveAJones. Quite a collection of artists on that stage, but too bad we can't tell if Jimmy still has the chops.
  14. Just watched JoJo Rabbit. I was pleasantly surprised. Something new, something original and a great combination of serious drama and humor. I give it two thumbs up!
  15. Yep, just found it on Guitars101.
  16. I'll be the first to admit that, initially, I was thrown by the shipping price on Air Raid. Then, I factored in how quickly the discs arrive and how much I would pay for the sets on sites like eBay, and I figured out that I still come out on top buying from Air Raid.
  17. Has to be one of the best and funniest westerns ever made. The bar room slap scene was hilarious. 😄
  18. 1917- I think this film was misrepresented as a true WW1 biopic when in reality it's a situational story with the war as a backdrop. It's a story centered on human willpower, not necessarily war. The unique filming style of limited cameras and long takes works quite well and flows so smoothly you actually don't notice the lack of edits. It also makes you feel more involved with the situation and location. You actually see the sun go down and then rise again, realizing that sleep isn't an option for the character as he's 100% devoted to his mission. One thing I found overdone was the "bad guy can't hit shit" stormtrooper shooting. How can someone run behind you five feet away and not properly aim a shot? The amount of pure luck the protagonists have is absurd. Although the filming style is unique, I think it makes the plot feel very shallow. With almost no edits, you can't broaden the plot and locations to create that epic feeling, it's more akin to a stage play. Once you reach the end you realize there's no big finish, the journey just ends slightly disappointingly. The last critique I'll make is about the actors themselves. The two mains, although giving excellent performances, don't have enough charisma or personality to really stand out as leads. They seem more like background actors. Maybe this was intentional? Still a recommended watch though with some high rewatch value.
  19. Why would it? You don't get your package delivered through the internet, but physically at your door! And the postman won't deliver unless you pay.
  20. Extremely rare white label A3 / B3 LZ3 test pressings 😉 I am looking to sell this test pressing to the highest bidder and am looking for advice as to the best platforms available to achieve the greatest exposure for this sale.
  21. bargain! assuming you got it at a reasonable price
  22. Picked it up at a local Record Fair 😉
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