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  2. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/peter-tork-monkees-dead-at-77-obituary-797269/
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  4. Absolutely. The fidelity of Olympia show is much worse than most board tapes could be cleaned up and EQ'd. It's beyond frustrating at this point.
  5. It's on guitars101 for download inc. Twist and Shout
  6. I had recently been listening to the Led Zeppelin I companion disc of Paris Oct 1969. It got me wondering (again!). I realize the Osaka board tapes are incomplete and they are not multitracks, but Paris 1969 is not a multitrack either as far as I know. So, it seems to me that Jimmy could work on the Osaka board tapes and produce a very strong release. I know he has said he wanted to release stuff that was not bootlegged but the Paris Oct 1969 show was out for years before the official release.
  7. It is cool to hear how parts of the Dazed jam point toward the section that built into Pennies from Heaven the next night. You can hear the living, breathing artistic process as it evolves and flows through time. This whole release is just stunning. The band is so tight, so completely masterful, and everything flows organically. Jimmy said it best - tight but loose. And dancing on the precipice.
  8. Anyone enlighten me on the tuning for this? Cheers
  9. Rod is just a shadow of his former self these days which is a shame, voice is completely shot.
  10. So from the limited knowledge I have from working on music myself, I think the biggest difference here was the fact that it wasn't compressed to high heaven and brickwalled to the point that actual musical frequencies were being lopped off because the recording was so loud. There's no difference in the sources, it's still the master transfer that was used in 2003. Technology may have come further but I don't think there's been anything groundbreaking in terms of improving the sound here. I think the real difference was in not over-compressing the whole thing. This way everything has room to "breathe" if you will. The best example to my ears is Jones's bass being far more distinct on the remaster, versus the muddiness of the original at times. I can pick out what his part far more easily than on the 2003 version. And just in general, the new remaster is so much more clear and crisp.
  11. Would anyone like to do this (at 13 seconds) to their TV with the endless Bloomberg ads?
  12. Yes, this is good reading. Thanks for the suggestion. What I'm looking for is a more technical discussion of what the heck happened between the first release of HTWWW and the 2018 remaster. The 2018 remaster rocks - the original sounds to me - well, I don't want to put into print what I thought of it - but I do want to know what JP did to make this version much more "alive" than the original. How did JP achieve a richer sound this time? New sources, new technology, new ears? Thanks!
  13. Even if incomplete, am so excited that the Japanese soundboards are making an appearance after thinking for decades now that they didn't exist at all. Gives me hope about what else is out there
  14. One of my favorite versions. Love STH from this show too.
  15. Fully agree, great band. Although, I do think they should have continued in the direction of their first album, and not so much in the prog direction they've taken. E.g.,
  16. Been really in to this band lately. Definitely pushing the boundaries of Stoner Rock/Sludge Metal in to the realms of psychedelic and post rock. I connect with them a lot as a writer as my music is a bit similar in approach and style some when I heard them I felt a kinship. They're definitely a diverse stoner rock band. Personally I think they've made some of the coolest songs I've ever heard. They even do extended jams like Zeppelin. I can definitely hear some Led Zeppelin/Black Sabbath influence in their music. I thought this performance of theirs was quite good. Give it a listen. From 9:22 to 10:30 is just magic, very creative and unique guitar parts. Well their entire catalog is creative but that section is a personal favorite of mine. They play 2 songs here, first one is like 11-12 minutes long but you gotta give it a listen! Goes through a lot of changes. It's criminal how bands like this are so unknown, these guys should be getting the praise Greta Van Fleet gets.
  17. In case anyone needs them, here are some download links (mp3 and flac): http://www.royal-orleans.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=46588&p=909516#p909500 I have to say, I am blown away by how hot this show is. To be honest, I've never thought the Japanese shows, great as they are, were that much better than the smoking shows from North America a few weeks earlier. Plus the fact that this board was incomplete, I wasn't too excited about this release. Glad to say I was very wrong, sound and performance here is amazing, esp. HB, D&C, and STH. (CD is fun, not as good as Toronto.)
  18. This thread should have what you're looking for, makes for very interesting reading.
  19. At this point I'm not sure they care all that much unfortunately. They couldn't even be bothered to fix the mess of the TSRTS reissue or to include Tangerine/Communication Breakdown/Thank You on the HTWWW reissue (there wouldn't even be any outside royalty issues there), so a whole new release seems out of the question. At least at this point.
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