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  2. The song is "A Mess of Blues", written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman and performed by Elvis.
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  4. What's the earliest show with this tune in the WLL medley? First time I heard it was on the BBC session back in the 80s. I've heard it played on 9-14-71 and a few other dates in 71, but it seems to me that the BBC sessions (April, 1971) may be the earliest date. Any thoughts?
  5. New Album https://twitter.com/MadnessDoctors/status/1101503197561131009/photo/1
  6. This is my solo George track - I have often wondered if it was written in the abstract or if it was about the his former band mates
  7. This one is often forgotten but I still love it:
  8. This interview was so good, I wish they would visit Howard more often:
  9. I listened to this interview a few years ago and it was very good:
  10. Just tell them your busy in a polite manner and hang up that's what I do. They will keep calling otherwise
  11. I don't believe so - Roger has mentioned in the past that he always wanted to work with Jimmy on some solo material and the feeling I got was that it has never happened before
  12. I've got blisters on my feet from running. It's so fucking sore it's not funny right now
  13. I always tell everyone my age plus I add "ish" at the end because the "ish" rule lets you remove a decade
  14. I have to do a photoshoot tomorrow for some clothes and I'm so hungry that I could eat my own fucking fingers right now! Tonight was small piece of fish with green veggies
  15. The thing about Inxs that people often forget is that the drummer was the backbone:
  16. This is another one which is played often in my car - its so raw live and the guitar is so badass. It's raw, talent just vibe and feeling none of that perfection bullshit
  17. I'll give a hint, if you listen to this and go back and do some research you will find a treasure of fist pumping anthems that I sing in my car when the windows are up:
  18. This one brings me a smile to my face, Jagger was a lyrical genius:
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