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  2. "There is only one true king of rock 'n' roll. His name is Chuck Berry." - Stevie Wonder
  3. Got the Feeling - Jeff Beck Group Happy Birthday Jeff!
  4. The 1970s were the Golden Age of Prog. You either love this...or it makes you understand why punk came along.
  5. Hold on I'm coming - Sam & Dave
  6. hi lookin for more film of the zep fans at kneb 79, only a few mins on youtube seen that. remember being there and seeing lots of film crews ,
  7. A "beyond burger" is a veggie burger, CP. It's been all the rage for a few years now. Even fast-food joints like Fatburger, Del Taco, and Carl's Jr. offer "beyond burgers" and "beyond tacos". Plant-based. My vegan and veggie pals are in heaven. Meanwhile, I had a regular burger.
  8. "Relayer" is the most underrated/overlooked album and tour in the history of Yes. Patrick Moraz brought a little extra something that Rick Wakeman didn't have. And man, I want Chris Squire's boots!
  9. Mine also has Strawberry in the run off. UK pressing
  10. Stuffy. Hey man. Just watching the USA Ladies in the World Cup. Great match against Spain. Could go either way?@Walter
  11. ....... but did he not have the wrong exposure film (allegedly) for Bath 70 ?
  12. A Lamb Bhuna which I made on Friday. Mrs CP is playing golf so it's a solo. A Naan bread for dipping. Note: I will have to microwave the curry as the house still smells of Fenugreek from Friday !! Methi is the true smell of a curry. Add Fennel seeds and curry leaves and then it's out with the smelly candles
  13. This is one of the news ones I enjoy:
  14. https://www.loudersound.com/features/every-david-coverdale-album-ranked-from-worst-to-best
  15. Anyone know if Jimmy ever nailed this solo, from what i've heard he never really got it down like the studio recording.
  16. The older I have gotten the more I have learned to love them
  17. Here's a little more color on the LZ concert at the Schaefer Music Festival roughly 3 months prior to the 10/17/69 Carnegie Hall concert.
  18. The Black Dog's I've listened to so far sound better than they did in 1975. Fool In The Rain wasn't even an option live in 1980 unless you wanted a real blunder. Hot Dog and All My Love were played because they were touring to promote their latest album, and you play songs from the album when you do that. The songs sounded great live when Page was coherent and Hot Dog still beat the hell out of those ear wrecking boogie jams during No Quarter. JPJ was possibly the weakest link in 1980 imo. Page was trying to steer the set back to pure rock and roll and that clashed heavily with Jones' wonky synths. I do love his piano work on the Stairways though. The Rain Song surely sounded dated by 1980, but I think it could've worked well as the lead in for Kashmir. I still think Trampled Underfoot is the highlight of 1980.
  19. Thanks! I'll have to take another listen to Trampled from Berlin. I really like the version from Frankfurt but it's been a long time since I listened to the full Berlin show, so I'll check it out. RE Black Dog, I totally hear you on that - overplayed without a doubt, and I agree with you that it would've been no loss had they ditched it from the set. But I do really like the version from Dortmund, so given what they did play, it is a highlight for me. I can't agree with the nixing of The Rain Song, but I very much agree with you that White Summer should've been dumped from the '80 set, not only because it was a dissonant note of self-indulgence the band were supposed to be removing from the new streamlined set, but also because Page simply couldn't play it properly at that point. Ditto for Hot Dog - if memory serves, Rotterdam is the only show where he nails the solo in that track. I also agree that The Rover and/or Wanton Song, plus Fool in the Rain would've been great in the set (particularly as replacements for Black Dog and Hot Dog). But I don't know that Page could've pulled off Ten Years Gone in his 1980 condition.
  20. Out on the Tiles - this is Over the Top Top Top... I always thought it was so cool that the original did not have a guitar solo. But this solo is very much in the spirit of Jimmy and it is very well done. A few licks remind me a bit of Peace in Mississippi by Hendrix. Overall so amazing. When I sent this to a friend I said that the People's Front had hit the motherlode of Zeppelin here. This track is criminally underrated by casual fans. Will there be a drum cam version? And if I could make a request how about La La ????
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