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  2. Judging by the bowler hat, I would guess John liked A Clockwork Orange...
  3. Sharks come from 3-1 games down, and 3-0 score to rally for a 4-5 win the series in OT!
  4. :"I Can't Quit You Baby" - Led Zeppelin
  5. Not to be harsh, but Robert Plant sounds like he is just yelling on Sick again, Kashmir sounds flat and uninspired. No quarter is a bore(just my opinion) sound quality sounds muffled. Not a fan of Zeppelin 77’
  6. The age old question. Led Zeppelin - Choosing between Dazed and Confused and How Many More Times is getting too difficult. Led Zeppelin II - Another extremely tough choice, but I'll go with Bring It On Home. Led Zeppelin III - That's the Way Led Zeppelin IV - Going to California Houses of the Holy - Over the Hills and Far Away Physical Graffiti - In My Time of Dying, but tomorrow it could be any of the other 3 epics. Presence - Achilles Last Stand In Through the Out Door - I'm Gonna Crawl
  7. I've done a concert analysis, for anyone who cares: https://bit.ly/2UxLIqM
  8. JTM


    You're probably right, but I hope not.
  9. Now that you mention it, the media never brings up any phobias which I can think of. Looks like we have a fake news war on phobias'. That there just ain't right.
  10. Two qualifiers: 1. These are just my personal favorites - I don't claim these necessarily are "the best." 2. For some albums (especially III and PG) it's very a very close call between the track I've listed and one or more other candidates. That said, here's my list: I - Dazed and Confused II - Whole Lotta Love III - That's the Way IV - Levee Houses - The Rain Song PG - In My Time of Dying Presence - Tea for One In Through the Out Door - Fool in the Rain Coda - Wearing and Tearing
  11. Tavares really screwed up. For the second time in two seasons he got himself suspended and hurt his team big! If I were the owner or the coach, I would want him gone.
  12. What no Bruins Fans here? to Tonight Toronto cries tomorrow the Leafs golf!! Columbus going down next!!
  13. Yeah, is that the one where you hear Bonzo yell out "That's gonna be the one, eh Jimmy?" Definitely my fave...
  14. Jimmy Larry Lalonde (Primus) Chuck Berry Noel Bradley (Sublime) Scrapper Blackwell (The guy who wrote Kokomo Blues, better known as Sweet Home Chicago) ________________________________ Bonzo Tim Herb Alexander (Primus) Dave Grohl Bill Ward Ginger Baker
  15. Great game last night, Stars are on to St Louis.
  16. Yesterday
  17. They will beat MU United tomorrow
  18. Wouldn´t it be nice if Steve concentrates on the relevant memories & facts, about the music, why they chose certain songs & why they omitted others, et cetera. Couldn´t care less wheter the Robinson brothers had a jolly good time or not, if Jimmy had been drinking like a madman or had snorted half of Colombia- does it really matter? I don´t think so. Maybe (hopefully) Steve begins with a truly honest statement: I am deeply sorry that Marc Ford wasn´t around when we worked with Jimmy, I missed him so sadly. !LOL!
  19. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/judas-priests-ian-hill-there-are-very-strong-ideas-left-over-from-firepower-sessions/
  20. No band can indefinitely sustain greatness. Looking back, we can easily (and subjectively) say this tour was better than that tour...Jimmy was better Europe '73 than USA '77. Plant was awesome in '72 but lost his voice in '75. But without doubt, we all would have gladly plunked down our cash for any ticket we could find and loved every minute of it. I do prefer '75 and earlier, but I can still find enjoyment from many '77 shows and even '80 has a number of gems. I'll never turn down a chance to hear more live Zeppelin. Why? There is undeniable magic in Led Zeppelin. I have a handful of Page/Plant shows that I hardly ever listen to because it's just not the same. In contrast, the 02 reunion show, for me, DOES have that magic. I had the miraculous opportunity to see David Gilmour in 2015 at the first Royal Albert Hall show. I would have much rather seen him in 2006, with a better set list and stronger voice. But I won't regret a second of the show I did see. The '77 tour was over the top indeed. Cutting back the show to maybe 2.5 hours might have been wise, but...the boys wanted to deliver I guess. I agree that the '77 versions of No Quarter were too peppy/jazzy. And too long (30 minutes). It's a sinister song, and the moodiness of that was largely lost in '77, unfortunately. I don't think there's one bum version in '75. The 1973 versions were fine, too, but I like them a bit longer ('75). Dropping Moby Dick might have been wise, too. I disagree on SIBLY. For me, right up to Berlin, it's a great, authentic moment and I would even say the '77 versions are best. As for more tracks from Presence, not sure what to say. Aside from Achilles and Nobody's Fault, they must have felt they weren't suited for live performance.
  21. I think the point, the way I see it anyway, is that a friend wouldn’t put a story like that out there. Jason has the right to tell it, sure. But anyone in Page’s shoes would view it as a betrayal.
  22. A fine little girl she waits for me She's as plastic as she can be She paints her face with plastic goo And wrecks her hair with some shampoo Plastic people Oh, baby, now you're such a drag "i dunno... sometimes I just get tired Of ya honey--it's... ah.your Hair spray... or something..."
  23. How come the media never brings up the word 'Christophobia?'
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