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  2. Another unusually hot scorcher here - 98 temp, with a feels like 105... Yeah that was a great match. Spain should be proud for their efforts and future. Rapinoe kicked ass on those two PK’s. Can’t wait for Friday's quarterfinal match against the host team. Hope you both are doing well! ✌🏼
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  4. The most likely chance you have of seeing Jimmy play again is in a courtroom when they ask him to play the intro to "Stairway to Heaven".
  5. I found a record shop in a nearby town where I live and found these. The Zeppelin studio outtakes only cost 7.99$ and the Four disc Earl Court cost $34.00. excellent no Quarter and Song Remains the same on the Earl show. Have you guys seen these? * the version of Wanton song is wrong, it’s a alternative of custard pie. * the FM broadcast I believe is a 1975 show.
  6. Fortunately he's wrong. Have lots of Acetates or transcription discs and while yes a softer surface is true, grooves wearing out after a few plays is a misconception. Few years now with lots of other friends in groups owning and playing them and no problems.
  7. Sorry I don't have the files anymore. I'm actually working on a revised version of this compilation. I'll be sure to post it and a download link once I've finished working on it.
  8. Yep. I’ve been seeing and hearing the same thing as they are doing 45 to 80 minute (abbreviated sets). . He just needs to take a break from touring, rest his voice for a good year or so, so it’s not completely shot like Paul Stanley’s (KISS) and work on remastering / compiling the CP outtakes, video footage for dvd, blu-ray, etc. R😎
  9. This is monster as well Pagey's Beast is a real sexy thing
  10. This monster is one which also reminds me of my childhood. Steve Clark was the Pagey of my generation. His Black Beauty with Kahler trem was a beast
  11. For me, this is the most important guitar that has ever been. John Lennon's 1964 Rickenbacker from the Ed Sullivan Show. When my father was young this was the guitar that caused him to pick up a guitar and as a kid I spent hours transfixed how it sounded like wind chimes which was so different from any other guitar.
  12. my wife saw Whitesnake just last week at a festival. she's not a fan (she took her little brother )but before she went she did check out some older stuff of theirs so she'd know what to expect and although she didn't like their material she did say his voice was good. when she came home from the gig she said his voice hadn't stood up well and sounded pretty shot
  13. If you mean pick up a guitar, alone, I don;t think so. Maybe if Jimmy's surrounded by 3 or 4 others, so Jimmy can "lay back" and play some chords. But a lead?? I don't see it. So prove me wrong. Let Jimmy perform a magical rendition Bron-Yr-Aur, and then I'll be a Believer.
  14. I personally thought Led Zeppelin was going back to raw power back in the 1980 tour. In the evening live was spectacular, as was Trampled Underfoot. Led Zeppelin was going to blow new wave and punk rock out of the water.
  15. After 2 blue skies day this week we are so lucky to have grey clouds back - YES!!!!
  16. To those who may have died in Hong Kong recently - RIP!
  17. Facebook SUCKS and yet I still have to use it everyday in order to make a living how fucked up is that
  18. My Jays for the win! We can do this...What a shitty season!
  19. Vaping is disgusting - Mushrooms are an organic natural food grown on mother earth which is a much better alternative to vaping
  20. Can we make it 10? https://montrealgazette.com/sports/soccer/mls/ottawa-fury-fc/charleston-up-next-ottawa-fury-fc-looks-to-extend-unbeaten-string-to-10/wcm/75b21f28-7e95-45d2-8afd-b85293a7ecb2
  21. Robert was baptised in a Catholic Church in West Bromwich, called St. Michael and the Holy Angels. I reckon that with the time he became interested in rock music, making him forget almost everything because of music. He later would return to have faith in The Band of Joy.
  22. History Lesson DVD (EVSD) is what you need! https://www.discogs.com/Led-Zeppelin-History-Lesson/release/11325123
  23. Hi mate. Any chance of a new link for the audio? Cheers
  24. "Candy Store Rock" - Led Zeppelin
  25. Although I think this CD actually has a lot of the stuff on it that benefits most from a quality SB, stuff like NQ and DAC I enjoyed a lot already.
  26. I think they are shit, with a singer who treats people like shit, and their fans that treat other music fans like shit - overall a really shitty experience!
  27. Maybe some plastic surgery. His voice is about gone, if you listen to recent live footage on YouTube. Hopefully, CP masters were transferred to digital. R😎
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