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  2. Too Much Time On My Hands - Styx
  3. That's really sad. It's parents like this that ruin kids fun. I feel bad for the kid that got hurt... but it seems like the parents/kid were being safe while trick or treating.
  4. Today
  5. Lions totally fucked. Two horrible penalties against them cost them the win. This is bullshit. I am very close to no longer watching the NFL.
  6. Touchdown Nationals!!!! Where's our boy kingsheetzo? LOL. YO King. Time to wave the white flag. It just breaks my heart!
  7. Holy crap, who stole the Nats and replaced them with a team that kinda knows how to play??
  8. Does this still work? I recently tried on 2 different PCs (mac/Win10) with 5 different browsers and nothing worked.
  9. You posted that GB beat JB to a bloody pulp yet you can show no evidence.You made the claim,you substantiate it. This is tomorrow calling,you're a day late and a dollar short. https://twitter.com/jackbrucemusic/status/1180859929852284928
  10. What a nasty, mean spirited review. I wasn’t at the Forum but I saw two shows back east and have numerous bootlegs and I have a hard time imagining his playing on that tour being “embarrassingly sloppy.” I also hate the idea that Jimmy Page was not supposed to do Jimmy Page things and play Jimmy Page things. Thank God he didn’t sound like he was trying to be “modern” I wouldn’t want him to do a “Shaken N Stirred.” Steve, where’d that Slash quote come from? Never heard that one before..
  11. Yesterday
  12. Sabres are rolling. Unbeaten. Heading to the West coast next. GO SABRES!
  13. GO LIONS!!! BILLS -17 1/2 VS MIAMI. Has to be the biggest spread in Buffalo in a long long time. I do not know how Miami will score on our D. I am hoping Singletary is ready to play finally. I am glad I changed my KC pick to Houston.
  14. Well I am sure you saw this Jets win coming didnt you?
  15. Ha. Not for long. Eagles will beat Dallas.
  16. I've checked and I do not. I do have this one from the London shows.
  17. Does anyone have a pic of the LA Forum marquee from the Outrider tour stop? I've seen it elsewhere, but not on LZ forum. thx, Otto
  18. Great actor. He was one busy guy.
  19. Nothing will beat "What a bunch of sweeties" A slight Zeppelin connection as the opening track on this album is Walk Don't Run. One of Zeppelin's early encores. A very anarchistic underground band of hippies. A favourite album to skin up on.
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