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  2. For me Steve, he will always be best ever. His output after teaming with The Black Crows and the o2 gig is non existent for whatever reason. But maybe he does not want to output less than what he feels acceptible to himself critically. No matter. For me - BEST EVER musician along with the other 3 but with added mastery of song/guitar writing and producing.
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  4. He WAS considered one of the very best ever, but 1999-2019 saw him slip to somewhere between Scatman John and Left Shark. ...Jimmy Page here...
  5. I don't think that an accurate take. Of course he is aware of the past. It is reality. His reality. Jimmy keeps the focus on his work and output from Led Zeppelin - not the excess. No discussion about his "challenges" shall we say. Perfectly legitimate for Jimmy to do that. He thinks about and reminisces about the music and the good stuff. No time for what swirled around it and it's nobody's business really. Even if he wanted to discuss the darker side of things, there would be so much context to consider. If he was an average, or just great rocker from the past, it might be worth detailing how the addictions and excesses blended into his story - Nikki Sixx does this quite well and Dirt (I thought) was a well told story in that respect. But when you are considered widely as one of the very best ever, I don't see value in him publicly engaging about his personal demons. For what benefit? If he does not wish to, good!
  6. a rainy Easter break. And my freakin sinuses are in rebellion. At least i have next week off.....
  7. "No, really. I am concerned about my legacy".
  8. Going to miss this ballpark! Beautiful night for a game, 61°F , wind at 4mph, beer at close to 34°F 😎
  9. Karac's death and the events that followed have definitely colored Robert's perception of that tour. None of what he said is really wrong, but the same could be said for 1975 and even (arguably) parts of 1973. But like I said before, I love how crazy, wild and over the top the 77 tour is, even though I completely get why it's not others' cup of tea.
  10. IpMan, your reading comprehension skills are hopeless. Perhaps get someone to read my posts to you and then, using visual aids, explain what they mean.
  11. Right, because nothing says "I'm concerned about my legacy" like selling 50th anniversary snow boards, coffee mugs and blankets.
  12. One can be INVESTIGATED and/or questioned based upon an accusation, Ding Dong. Particularly when the accused has a record of drug-related offences. Highly unlikely but entirely possible given there is no High Court statute of limitations for criminal activity.
  13. Imagine if Zeppelin played the Kampuchea benefit...
  14. Yes, a photographer friend of Jimmy's died at Plumpton Place in October 1979. Jimmy placed the house for sale shortly after that and moved into Old Mill House in 1980. edit: Old Mill House is where Bonzo passed away less than a year after Jimmy's friend passed away in his other house. Jesus that is absolutely tragic.
  15. Wow, your a regular Nostradamus. Never do you cease to amaze me Steve, now you think you know the future too. Anyway, your post STILL had nothing to do with what you replied. This is today, not 2050. What do Muslim's have to do with an electrical fire? What does fiduciary obligations have to do with a church burning down during renovations due to an accident? Are you claiming the French government purposely used sub-par labor and / or material in renovating a landmark that brings in hundreds of millions of Euro each year? Further. it is still a Roman Catholic landmark, if they are gonna place their advertisement all over the place and reap the income, damn right they need to pony up.
  16. Wasn't he involved in an inquest in Dec 1979 which caused him to miss Rock for Kampuchea? I believe someone (prior to Bonzo) died in his home.
  17. It helped that Don wrote the music to Hotel California. Must have made him official by then, but they still tossed him out later.
  18. I have to agree with this, otherwise every old rocker, musician, actor, etc. when writing their autobiographies would have them sanitized into a boring mess. As you stated, nothing to do with the law, everything to do with Page's legacy. Thing is, Jimmy is living an a fantasy land if he believes no one is aware of this behavior, nor history will remember it. Its simply silly at this point. LZ could not hold a candle in regard to tour shenanigans compared to other bands, especially the metal bands in the 80's. Once some asshole bites the heads off of bats, another has his girlfriend shit in a litterbox, and another in a competition with his bandmate to get as stinky and nasty as possible and see if the ladies will still sleep with them (spoiler, they did, happily); Jimmy having a bump off some birds boot is tame and sophomoric at best. Now that is not including those batshit insane Scandinavian death metal bands going around burning down churches and murdering people. Think about that for a moment. Does anyone even care about LZ's behaviors on the road compared to that! We are in a whole different universe now kiddos. I can't blame the man for being discreet and not wanting to talk of such things, its another to censor others due to your past behaviors.
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  20. It is.my opinion, stated out here 3 times that remaining mems recorded new original songs around the time Them Crooked Vultures would have been considering a second LP. I made up my mind about what.my ears where telling me... that I was hearing the guitar of Page, keyboard of Jones, voice of Plant, and someone with Jason's sparse sense of placement on e drums. I don't mind catching shit for this because I believe my ears above all. If Jason.plays on new material and it doesnt suck, then he's in. The so called fake Zeppelin song was awesome. My opinion stands until Page Plant or Jones confirm that is WAS NOT THEM. Daryl Jones will be an official Stone for me if he comes up with the goods.. the tunes.
  21. Jimmy Page doesn’t divulge much of anything for a variety of reasons. The less said the better.. adds to the mystique etc.. I can’t see him getting charged for something that allegedly happened 35 years ago either.. even if it could be pursued. But I trust Steve’s research.
  22. He was arrested for possession, Ding Dong (capitalize those proper nouns or go back to school). You can't get arrested for prior drug related circumstances based on accusation. What are they gonna do? Hop in a time machine? Does Jason still have the bag with Page's prints on it? You spend so much time googling legal terms but fail to use common sense.
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