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  2. Up On Cripple Creek - The Band
  3. I hope you actually said that. It's GOLD.
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  5. In 1977 they were Gods. And decided to put on the most epic extravaganza they could - for better or worse. And when you think of the power and energy they were able to impart onto the audience, it is little wonder how so many who were lucky enough to attend the better '77 gigs all describe it so positively. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9K-Zv_pTfk ^A perfect example of how they were just melting faces. Imagine witnessing that. That power and presence would need to be experienced to be completely understood and appreciated. And this is what, 2hrs into the gig??? A gig that may have had a flat spot or two - but a 3hr gig probably demands you give the crowd somewhat of a breather so as not to wear them completely out. With all the excess and all the demons circling, they still delivered. I can't imagine a single soul left an LA or New York or many other '77 gigs with anything but a feeling of absolute rapture. Knowing that the experience was likely never to be topped. They were flawed, but they were Gods with an energy that had to be experienced.
  6. I don't think the ball will hit the roof, it's retractable and the Rangers will be the only team playing there. Along side of it is a new hotel and the venue Texas Live. Very similar to what was built next to the new Bush Stadium. Link to new ballpark: https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/sports/Rangers-HKS-Release-New-Renderings-Construction-Details-on-Globe-Life-Field-506837251.html Link to Texas Live: https://texas-live.com/
  7. Maybe Strawberry was a reference to the wonderful strain of weed called "Strawberry Cough"? I do love some good Strawberry.
  8. They are rockin up in St Louis!
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  10. Nitpicking Page 6/20/1980 Voorst National, Belgium (Brussels Affair-Swingin Pig) A very dry. flat soundboard with some electrical buzzing issues, but very listenable. Train Kept A Rollin- Plant sounds a little rough, but a good energetic kickoff. Solo- wah soaked and murky, but sounds alright. Outro solo- Page lets loose for some decent runs. Nothing great here. "B". NFBM- Page's chording is a little loose and the maxed out overdrive doesn't help. It trods along with good energy though. Harmonica- very good, Plant plays excellent here. 2:32, sloppy chording. 2:59, Jones goes missing. Solo- There's a very thick line between phrasing and articulation here. If you don't notice the technique, it's a perfectly played solo. If you have an ear for details you'll hear very sloppy playing. Overall, not too bad. Bonham is thunderous as usual, but the other three are just sufficient. "B+". Chien Noir- Page practices his French on the opening. I bet this is how he wooed those 14 yr olds. Plant is sounding a little like scratchy 1973, take that as good or bad. They are definitely playing with attitude in any case. Solo- slightly lethargic, but Page's bends do sound nice. 5:31, the only real bum runs of the song. "B". In The Evening- 0:33, Plant comments "Strange sound, Benji" in reference to a buzzing sound which immediately stops. Undoubtedly talking about Benji LeFevre who had mixed roles with Zep, including audio engineer. Good opening and verses as far as a soundboard can be judged. Solo- thin and distant, but played very well. Outro solo- some blazing licks off the bat and some steady playing til the end. I'll note once again that Jones' keyboards only do harm to this live performance, where an exciting bass line would truly make it a great rocker. Despite the audio, I'll go "A" on performance. The Rain Song- A "zzrrpp" from Page plugging in his twelve string kicks the song off and an electrical buzz continues throughout the track. Good chording from Page and the keyboards are balanced well. Rock section- very good enthusiasm, played well. My source transfers to an audience source near the end, but sounds like Page gets the outro down. No reason to not say "A" for a 1980 performance. Hot Dog- A loose intro by Page. Plant sounds good but the piano crowds the mix. Solo- Overplayed and sloppy. He's completely given up on the hybrid picking part. Solid ending. "B". All My Love- Intro is lacking confidence and drags badly, though Plant sounds good. Synth solo- average. Guitar solo- terrible. Page stumbles badly and sounds out of it. The outro has more enthusiasm and drives along nicely, sounding very good. Still, a "C+". Trampled Underfoot- Good kick off and verses. Jones gets some funky riffs in. Solo- a good array of aggressive notes without going off the rails. 4:30-4:55 is excellent. A little sloppy after 5:30 but he builds it back up nicely. The wah licks toward the end are experimental and expressive. Not perfect, but once again a solid version of the song with tremendous energy. Unless future nitpicks prove otherwise, I think it's clear that this song was their baby for 1980. "A". SIBLY- Page teases the intro several times, getting reactions from the crowd. Decent noodling from Page to start, though a little relaxed. 2:07, Plant's voice has flattened. 2:11, a feedback blip makes Plant hesitate. Solo- Some good phrases for the first few bars. 5:38-6:00, repetitive and forced. The standard second half routine carries the song to the end in good fashion. Not bad, but I don't understand why they expanded the guitar nooding when they shortened other songs on this tour. "B+". Achilles- Page a little sluggish on the intro. Jones' bass barely comes through in the mix. Once it gets going they settle in nicely. 3:42, there's Jonesy. First solo (4:20)- I was expecting slop, but I got a well phrased/played solo with some unique country bends toward the end. Seriously impressive. Second solo (7:16)- Some technical issues with the guitar feed, but sounds pretty solid. 7:45, the vocal effects here sound dreadful. Third solo (8:35)- Such a terrible guitar tone coming through, but it's played fairly well. 9:45, one of the most badass drum fills I've ever heard from John. Page plays the outro adequately. Despite the intro, this is one of the most solid performances by Page ever on this track. The song overall though- a dragging tempo and a general feel like they weren't feeling it. A generous "B+". WS/BMS- 0:42, Page scolds the crowd for breaking his concentration. Strangely, he sounds completely sober for such lackluster playing tonight. 4:20, some experimental riffing. 6:00, I really like this new fingerstyle phrase he's added to it. BMS comes in a little sticky and Page takes a second to get back on track. It honestly sounds like Page attempts to play these songs solely by memory without practicing them since 1970. "B". Kashmir- A good balance with the audio though Plant sounds like he's holding his nose while he sings. 3:15, some off notes. Good energy toward the end for a fairly solid version. "B+". Stairway- Page teases a Mary Poppins tune on the start. Now we know where he stole the riff from. Once the wonky keyboard subsides and Jones comes in with some beautiful piano work the song starts moving nicely. Bonham enters and it starts sounding excellent, with Plant showing enthusiasm. 6:10-6:24, some very notable piano phrases that outshine the vocals. Solo- A good start but Page is sounding a little sticky. 8:20, the softer section doesn't have the emotion it usually does, but not bad. 8:56-9:08, Page knows he can't pull these speedy licks off anymore, so why attempt them? 9:43, slight flub. Page doesn't quite nail the final notes and Plant comes in scratchy for the climax. Not terrible, but not great. Worth a listen just for the piano. "B". Rock And Roll- Screeching guitar tone hard on the ears. Solo- A little sticky, but suitable for the song. A monster drum roll at the end for an alright version. "B+". WLL- Good energy, but Page struggles to hit a few of the added chords. Plant's voice has loosened up again and he sounds okay. The acid trip section is played well, with Bonzo putting down a speedy, psychotic groove. 4:37, Page forgoes the solo for a seriously badass guitar riff. Solo- About average. 5:51, Page singing along. Boogie Chillen- Lots of energy. Page's fingers aren't quite as nimble as they were in 72, but he survives the speedy runs and puts down an excellent solo. Bonham blasts some monstrous fills on the outro but Page is again struggling with the new added power chords. Not too bad at all. "B+". Final Assessment- The dry recording certainly doesn't help, but it's not as bad as you'd think. Page isn't exactly on fire, but he shines on a few songs. Highlights are a very solid In The Evening, a good Rain Song, another solid Trampled, and a highly entertaining WLL. Stairway is worth a listen. If you were to speed up Achilles a bit I'm sure it would sound excellent. Hot Dog and All My Love however are near disasters for Pagey. In other words, it's a standard Led Zeppelin rollercoaster ride.
  11. Well yeah. But I meant if they played a set.
  12. Very nice, thank you. "The video footage went missing until it was presented to Page by bootleggers". That's particularly interesting. I wonder how much he's bought back but hasn't released.
  13. 3/4 of Led Zeppelin was better than none.
  14. Zeppelin in 77 was like Muhammad Ali in 77. Still the world champions but just a shadow of their former selves, albeit with moments of genius flashing through here and there. Although the members of Zeppelin were still very young in 77, being between 29 and 33 years old or so, there's still no way to fake the genuineness of the youthful exuberance they displayed between 69-73. They got lazy, they were doing too much dope, drinking too much and screwing around too much. People talk about whatever happened to Robert's voice after 72, but I think Jimmy's playing suffered a decline just as steep, if not more. Robert did recover some voice in 77, but he still sounded like he was shouting a lot rather than singing, and I don't really go for that. If Plant still sang in 77 like he did in 71, then we could handle Jimmy slopping around. Likewise, if Jimmy kept improving like he did from 68-73, then 77 would be really interesting even if Plant still had his vocal troubles. But with both of them in post Thrilla in Manila mode, it makes 77-80 difficult for a true fan. It takes a special talent as a fan and listener to learn not to be majorly disappointed with 77-80 gigs, and indeed even 75 gigs. One has to really be of the mind to look for the silver lining in the dark cloud to find a way to appreciate most of the shows in 77-80 (and 75). If Jimmy wasn't a heroin addict and had the character and drive to practice his guitar all the time, like a professional musician should, from 73 onward, he would have easily maintained his killer technique and overall feel from Europe 73 and MSG 73, but instead, he got rich, spoiled and lazy, and the playing showed. It's part of being human, all too human as Nietzsche might say. Plant couldn't help his voice giving out I don't think. It's not like he was lazy so his voice turned to shit. It's just that there was some kind of physical problem. It's a shame, but that's life.
  15. JTM


    Liverpool are the only team that can catch Man City providing City don't win all of their remaining four Premier League games, the only slip up City might make is in their next game against Man Utd, I can't see them dropping any points in their other three remaining games. As for Liverpool they too have four Premier League games left to play, four games that they are favourite to win. If City draw or loose against Utd that will give Liverpool the advantage, overall though Liverpool have more games left to play because they are still champions league (Euro) contenders. Personally I want Liverpool to win the Prem so next Wednesday I shall be routing for Utd to at least draw, preferably win against City, if that happens Liverpool will be favourites to be Champions.
  16. No one knows how this fire started... But Quasimodo has a hunch!
  17. Got busted for doing 57 in a 35 lol. Officer asked if there was a reason I was going so fast. "I don't know sir, what would you consider a good reason?"
  18. You mean 2003? Here's a few.... Billboard: Press & Sun: Arizona Republic:
  19. Shows you the difference between the UK and the U.S. Drew Barrymore hoovered drugs and alcohol all through her childhood and yet I don't recall any of her Hollywood friends who gave her drugs being prosecuted and sent to jail.
  20. The roof, the hardest place to get to if one wanted to start a fire..
  21. Which is why Notre Dame should not be rebuilt. It should stand as a reminder of a culture that used to exist but will no longer exist unless drastic measures are taken now.... which we all know will not happen. Even the British seem to be losing their fortitude after correctly voting for Brexit. At least Ringo Starr understands the need for Britain to have control of their own county.... everyone should.
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