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  2. According to the Cabala boxset it is July 6th 1973.
  3. Anybody have a working link to the video?
  4. Could you send to me the link? Best regards obrigado
  5. JTM


    I don't hate any team, I just keep my fingers crossed that Liverpool do well. If they don't, they don't, no big deal, it's only a game.
  6. Its not Zabriske but another cool period one is Vanishing Point from '71. Soundtrack is ok, but it had me when Mississippi Queen came blaring out at me...I caught it late night on network TV probably when I was 17 and thought it was very cool. For whatever its worth Wiki says: Steven Spielberg named Vanishing Point as one of his favorite films.[24] Death Proof (2007), the Quentin Tarantino contribution to the faux-exploitation "double feature" Grindhouse (2007), features a chase involving a Dodge Challenger resembling the one seen in Vanishing Point (not being an R/T model and having an automatic transmission). Death Proof also references the film by name repeatedly calling it "one of the best American movies ever made". The car in the film also has the license plate OA 5599.[16] Edgar Wright named Vanishing Point one of his 1,000 favorite films, and used it as inspiration for his 2017 film Baby Driver Will have to check out again when the wife is not around...
  7. Not to mention record low unemployment.
  8. It's extremely unlikely he has any multi-tracks sitting in the vaults that we don't know about, especially from the last half of the '70s. The main reason I say that is there are pictures of most of the shows from that time period and if any of the gigs were multi-tracked, there would be extra microphones visible in the photos. Unfortunately, people have gone over them with a fine tooth comb and there just aren't any that I'm aware of, which seems to indicate that they didn't bother to record any of those shows, beyond grabbing the FOH soundboards for reference purposes.
  9. This is my first post, so be kind. Hahaha. As someone who is new to collecting Zeppelin bootlegs, I am grateful for labels like Moonchild. I am one of those guys who likes having physical copies of my music and considering how expensive releases from labels like Empress Valley tend to be, I'm happy to be able to afford physical copies of the music. Now if I could only snag some of those ten buck copies of the sets...
  10. WRONG!! Anyone who has a 401K plan (which the majority of the working class have been forced into now that pensions have gone the way of the dodo), have benefited greatly from Trump's booming economy!
  11. Strange show on You Tube about the moon being hollow with possible alien censors inside? I doubt it. The probes sent out in the 70s they said would not reach the first solar system outside of ours for 80,000 years!!!!!!? Unreal. To put it into perspective, that is 40 times as long as when Jesus last walked the Earth. I wonder if our planet will still exist then. Look at what has changed in 100 years. From horses and no phones to driving around with cell phones with computers attached. Many many probes have been sent out. Some now far superior to the ones I previously mentioned. The Mars rover a huge success. The Jupiter orbiter is too. And many more on their way to distant worlds. Speed is the question I guess and potential collision with asteroids
  12. Would I be wrong in saying that Means is our one real bright spot this year? This guy is good. We have a few good players but I wonder if that guy was right about us tanking? At least some of them? Its pretty sad to see your team blown up like ours was. Can you believe Machado sucked in all that money and then did not even make the all star ballot? Unreal Oh, I wanted to ask you Esther, were you there when Machado returned? Do you know how he was received? I still cannot believe Britton is a Yankee. There is no loyalty in this sport any more. Its not what it was. Go Dodgers
  13. Man City I see are the solid favorites to win the league again and Liverpool the 2nd choice. I am guessing you hate Man City something like I hate Miami and New England in the National Football League here in the USA? American football.
  14. From the 1958 recording The Scene Changes. The whole album is excellent.
  15. I do too. While he says the vaults are now empty, he always specifically refers to studio recordings as if to carefully avoid a miscommunication. I have little doubt he sits on an unknown number of live multi's. Probably only a few. He will operate in the usual Zeppelin time - not mere mortal time - so the wait continues.....
  16. This period in Los Angeles was a time like no other, but in saying that I would be categorically wrong. Remember how Hollywood changed from silent movies to sound? That period brought in a whole new aspect of change to Hollywood great article done by (Crafton, Donald. (1999). The Talkies: American Cinema’s Transition to Sound, 1926-1931. California: University of California Press) during the the late 1960s Hollywood was in a mist of confusion and lacking substance in it flicks until direction came in the form of Kubrick, and Coppola’. The sad thing is the brutality of Sharon Tate’s death, she was amazing actress in The valley of the Dolls, and was ok in the 1967 Dance of the vampire. That was a wake up call in Hollywood that not everything was sunny and beautiful in California.
  17. I bet as time goes on these films will be discovered by younger siblings whose father, uncle or whatever has passed away and had these old film recordings of Zeppelin shows and others. i do think Jimmy has multitrack recordings of some important concerts of 1975-79 i hope those will come out too.
  18. 😂😂 Certainly one of the best/most epic versions of "Moby Dick," so a worthy one to get injured to, I suppose--hope you're alright!
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