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  2. The show was phenomenal by itself; it was even more special because Roger Waters joined Nick’s band for “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”! 😎 More later...
  3. Well Don Felder was an official Eagle, that’s why he was able to successfully sue them when he got fired. Joe Walsh came later.
  4. I believe you're right, anniemouse. It was a smash in a car accident, right? 1972? If you're right I think it was during a break in tours.
  5. Just went and threw it at his hands. That's some rivalry and heated competition. I would say Led Zeppelin won because of that. Was this where he went out on stage behind him stripping on stage? Even played a stripper's stanza on drums. They tried to catch Bonzo, but couldn't. I read it too. Just think, if not for the Stones, Alvin Lee could have came up with Sticky Fingers for a title. I'm a writer, but Richard Cole is one hell of a writer!
  6. Anything to share that is relevant to the thread topic?
  7. Blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great win
  8. Would the statute of limitations on such a crime have run out by now? Does the UK even have a statute of limitation?
  9. What makes it even worse is I believe Bonham threw a cup of OJ at Alvin while he was on-stage playing guitar and soaked both him & guitar. For god's sake he could have electrocuted Lee. A prank is one thing but that was way over the line.
  10. Count me in too, lol 😆🎸👍
  11. luvlz2


  12. luvlz2


    It's youtube, but mrjonesy2112 has an ultimate amount of Rush shows from the 70s on his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mrjonesy2112/videos
  13. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/hollywood-vampires-whos-laughing-now/
  14. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/jake-e-lee-nikki-sixx-and-tommy-lee-wanted-me-to-replace-mick-mars-in-motley-crue/
  15. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/rob-halford-says-glenn-tipton-has-started-making-riffs-for-next-judas-priest-album/
  16. Really? I remember the Bleach EP was underground and considered a good start for a up and coming band. Saw nirvana in Olympia WA back in 90s, they were playing songs off Never mind before it even came out. I don’t think majority of fans consider it a sell our. Is Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy a sell out?
  17. In the past I have Air Drummed to Led Zeppelin, so I'm also a member of Led Zeppelin LOL
  18. Not their debut. Some call it their sellout album.
  19. It is ON BABY!!!!! BUFFALO BILLS AT DALLAS COWBOYS ON THANKSGIVING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 430 PM First time in 19 years for Bills and last time was vs Lions.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Not going to debate the subject when many fans of Led Zeppelin have already long said in this form that the 1977 tour was by far the worst in Zeppelin other wise stellar performances. Robert Plant has even stated himself that tour was a grind ( paraphrasing) The over indulgence of drugs and alcohol consumed Jimmy and Bonham. Yeah their is a handful of some great shows but nothing compared to their 1971 tour, both in US and Europe. John Paul Jones has said in many interviews that he hated the stadium shows, the whole thing was a spectacle of “Cool” compared to a concert of Amazing Led Zeppelin live.
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