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  2. So by your metric The Great Dictator was not funny, or do you think Chaplin secretly admired Hitler? BTW, most of America voted Clinton, not Trump...over 3 million in fact. The majority of Americans do not like Trump so if anything, SNL is playing to the masses. Whether Baldwin is funny or not as Trump is up to them to decide. Personally, I agree with you that Baldwin stinks as Trump. Not because Baldwin hates Trump, but because Baldwin is a narcissistic jackass who thinks he is being funny when in fact he is being self-indulgent and absurd. IMO Trump is very difficult to play because Trump's own personality is already so way over the top it is in itself a sick parody of humanity at its worse. So where can you go from there?
  3. His office was in a strip club so...how exactly does a director / writer not have naked women running around? I am one of the first in line to call out gratuitous sex and nudity however I never felt The Sopranos were guilty of that as it was all within context IMO. The Sopranos' was based on the real life DeCavalcante mob family out of Elizabeth, NJ which also operated out of a local strip club.
  4. I've definitely heard the Blueberry Hill board rumors floating around, actually heard that same exact story about EV getting mad and pulling it. Quite unfortunate, but hopefully the rumors are based in reality? The earliest '75 show on the boards that we have is 2/10 in Landover. Would definitely be awesome to get some of the earlier ones though, I love those early setlists with Wanton Song, Levee and HMMT! Speaking of, I really wish I could dig up the source for you, but I've heard rumors that EV are sitting on the full Long Beach '72 board tape as well. Obviously we have a significant part of this on HTWWW but getting the FULL show as a board would be absolutely amazing. At any rate, it'd be quite the upgrade over the audience source we have for it now.
  5. It is believed that the US '71 Tour would be the first where we'd have nightly SBDs, as that's when they began working with Showco. Theoretically, every show after that point SHOULD have a soundboard. I'll always hold out hope that the Seattle '72 SBD is out there somewhere. I'd give an arm and a leg to hear it. Very interesting that that would be the first available SBD of that tour. I'm sure the SBDs from before that date exist, I wonder why EVSD hasn't hinted at having or releasing any show prior to this. Surely if they have the tapes, they would hear them and conclude that Philly is a clear standout show. Or perhaps their source isn't willing to give them earlier shows, or they're unavailable even for their source. Whatever the case, it's very interesting how well preserved the latter 3 quarters of that tour is, while they give crickets to the first quarter. Also, I have heard that Plant did indeed not yet have the flu in Minneapolis. That being said, his performance in Rotterdam proves he was still in far from perfect state.
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  7. I was not aware of any of this about Blueberry Hill, but that's fantastic! A matrix with THAT audience tape would sound official release-quality. Even more exciting though, the existence of the Blueberry Hill SBD suggests the possibility of the existence of the 9/19/70 SBD. The SBDs for that 9/19 evening show and Seattle '72 have to be the holy grails of all holy grails... The earliest '75 SBD we have is February 10 in Landover, so one show after Philly 😕 Every show after that for the rest of the tour has a SBD except for Houston, 1st San Diego, 2nd Long Beach and the three at the Forum (partial 3/24 board notwithstanding). I agree that it would be awesome to get a few from January for curiosity's sake alone! Maybe Robert didn't have the flu yet in Minneapolis...?
  8. Does anyone know when this version of the show was released?
  9. While on the topic of these additional soundboards that haven't surfaced; wasn't Blueberry Hill actually slated for release at some point? If memory serves, I recall hearing a tale that EVSD had announced a release (perhaps not officially), but pulled back when someone did something that pissed them off? Another thing to ponder: is this the earliest soundboard recording that EVSD would've unearthed? We basically have the confirmation that it exists, so what else is there from this era that EVSD could have access to? As far as I'm aware, any Bill Graham venue Zeppelin played at would have a soundboard, but did any other promoters from their early days go through that type of hassle? Even if they didn't, who knows how many people working the sound at shows could've taped 'em without telling others. It's a fascinating thing to think about. With any luck, hopefully there's more soundboard pre '75 that they could be sitting on (ahem... NINETEEN SEVENTY TWO!). I wonder if all the '75 shows we're sitting around waiting to hear (Long Beach, Philadelphia, Houston 2/27) are definitely in their possession. We know their source of the '75 shows is clearly a reliable one considering the amount of releases, but whether they have the whole tour or not is an interesting thing to wonder. Does anyone know the earliest date of 1975 we have a SBD from? IIRC, we've received nothing from January, which is a shame because I think it's a rather interesting period. The band is clearly rusty as all hell, but the setlists were very unique and it'd be nice to see how the other performances of Levee sounded. It can be presumed that Levee was played at least 4 times, possibly 5, and we only have 2 of these. The two we have aren't exactly beautiful, but who knows, perhaps in Bloomington or their second night in Chicago, they really knocked it out of the park. Or we'd just get an upgrade from the other 2. Lots of this is speculation but it's what keeps my fandom alive.
  10. Ah yes I miswrote it, I meant the new release of the show!
  11. Hadn't seen this picture in a while-- good one! Damn, I didn't realize this only got sadder and more ironic. I feel like a fool for entertaining that 🙄
  12. Just sent the invoice request!
  13. $48 plus EMS... Order placed.
  14. Looks like the only samples on Black Beauty so far are SIBLY...
  15. zepscoda


    https://consequenceofsound.net/2020/02/primus-rush-cover-tour-dates-tickets/ Primus have announced a special North American tour that will see them cover Rush’s 1977 album A Farewell to Kings from front to back. Officially titled “A Tribute to Kings”, each night of the trek will feature a full performance of the album in addition to a proper Primus set.
  16. One my favorite SNL players and probably one of the most intelligent comics I have ever seen is Norm MacDonald---- probably why SNL/NBC fired him. But MacDonald was talking about the manner in which SNL is currently covering Trump and Norm explains why he doesn't think it is funny. Norm as you know spoofed Bob Dole for years on the show, but Norm said it was funny because he actually admired the Dole--- so as Norm says, it gives some humanity to the character and makes it funnier. Alec Baldwin hates Donald Trump, so his derision of the man it too much--- it is actually polarizing and not funny. Dan Aykoyd clearly didn't hate Carter. Same with Chevy Chase and Gerald Ford; Chase didn't hate the man--- and that made it funny. And in terms of Dana Carvey's impersonaton of the Bush I---- also funny and brilliant. So much that the President himself was a fan of Carvey. One you make it mean, then it isn't going to be very funny anymore. If the idea is getting more viewers; why go out and turn off half the country? SNL is clearly in the hate Trump category-- so not funny. Just proof of how out of step SNL is today with most of America. It is the failure of the big liberal coastal cities to not appreciate that theirs in not the only viewpoint. For Example: This was funny
  17. The performance that got him banned from SNL for 10 years (video distorted so it isn't removed by Youtube) And the repeat years later (sanctioned by SNL)
  18. I sort of remember that, now that you mention it. Oh well, I’m sure the end exists and we’ll get it one day. For now it’s super awesome to have this new source!!
  19. Great series but I kind of hated all of the excessive "T&A" which I suppose was required by some executive types at HBO in their misguided thinking that that would be the thing which would make people tune in and pay for a subscription. Hollywood does that all the time. If they are worried they won't get a R rating they put in a woman's bare nipple in a scene. Don't want a G rating, they add a few four letter words and viola--- a PG-13. To tell a good story you don't need gratuitous sex and violence. Having the proper measure of each is in the art of good film making.
  20. No, they were just the ending of Dazed, the solo splice in Stairway, and some tape before What Is and What Should Never Be. If memory serves, the samples didn't sound that great either.
  21. No. The only soundboard patches on that release were in Dazed and Stairway and were heavily noise reduced (the patch EVSD used for Down by the Riverside is not from the board but from a fourth, otherwise uncirculated audience source). I've heard a sample. The raw transfer sounds about the same as the circulating low gen, the mixdown is a nice EQ job, no brickwalling.
  22. Big question: Those sample bits, were any from the last reel of this source? I.E. were any parts of WLL & the encores present on that one from 6 years ago?
  23. You Can't Always Get What You Want
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