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  2. I agree...really love Bonamassa, the album Blues of Desperation is the album Jimmy could have made in the early 80s
  3. As close as you will ever see or hear to the real thing..simply Awesome ..love Jimmy Sakurai!
  4. Hi Zep Head, thanks! Cool Strider, I wonder what's up with the spelling?
  5. Plenty of room and sunshine for you here mate. But please, bring bud!!! 😎
  6. Fuck me !!! Well that's it. Another 5 years of Boris. I think I might emigrate.
  7. Ha ha cool! Yeah, it's a weird movie alright!
  8. I hope the black god told the golden god how much he is missed in the hard rock community.
  9. I was just coming here to post this....wow, this is excellent! I've seen these guys with Big Head Todd last year, they are the real deal.
  10. ebk

    LZF 2019 NFL Pool

    That's okay. Tell Junior I still like him
  11. Guess Rick better get the diaper ready! 💩💩💩 Junior is also going with Baltimore - even though he says he hasn’t hated a team as much as he hates them! Sorry ebk!
  12. Publix fried chicken, potato salad, bbq beans and Hawaiian rolls.
  13. until

    I will be at this show too.
  14. until

    I will be at this show.
  15. until

    I am going to this show
  16. I have always been a huge fan of the Montreal 1975 show. The STH solo is simply astounding and when it hits its peak , it’s Bonzo who just plays off Jimmy that sends chills through my body every time I hear it. I have also come across an HD version of STH Earls Court , solo only, with video and with incredible audience sound. It really gives the band the due they deserve. To hear Bonzo’s drums sounding so powerful and clear with awesome tone against Jimmy’s solo is something that old timers like me will never ever see again with the future of rock n roll. I love Jimmy’s tone in 1975 on STH, especially the solo. I feel the difference from 1973 lies with the solo going into areas of more melody and with John’s added tom tom work and off beat ( he’s playing with Jimmy) playing, it’s just incredible. Jimmy’s face buried in his long hair just adds to the mystic. Do me a favor. Get on You Tube and get the Montreal snow in 1975 ... go to 2:18 ( hrs)....just freakin blast it. Just when you think he’s gonna pack in the solo, he pushes it even more with melodic note bending creating an emotional solo that sends shivers up the spine and John doing magic behind him. My favorite. Any other recommendations ?
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  18. Welcome to the board! I used to have one of those decades ago. An interesting sort of rarity with the misspelling. Never thought I would see a picture of it again.
  19. 😁 Little boxes On the farmland And they're all made out of ticky-tacky Little boxes, little boxes And they all look just the same There's a beige one And a brown one And oh, look There's even a green one Little boxes, little boxes And they all look just the same The irony is we will be moving into one of those new ticky-tacky homes next year and giving up our great view of Mt. Rainier.
  20. I loved the photography, but it was so bizarre. I saw it in the theater and even had this button.
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