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  2. Couldn't they do a pre-order system where orders are fullfilled only when enough units are sold? Granted I have no idea of the size of their market and whether that would fly.
  3. Andrew Loog Oldham, former manager of The Rolling Stones, to make a public appearance in TORONTO on May 30th: https://boxoffice.hotdocs.ca/websales/pages/info.aspx?evtinfo=91356~fff311b7-cdad-4e14-9ae4-a9905e1b9cb0&utm_source=eBulletin&utm_medium=2019.05.23HDC&utm_campaign=HDCEvents&utm_content=RodTheMod
  4. It will be “Spectacular” (To quote RP)... R😎
  5. Yesterday
  6. I will gladly buy a complete concert on disc but just torrent these partial shows. Sure as I pay a 100 for a partial, the full show will be out for 200. Have been burned too many times
  7. I'm afraid so, most likely. They're going to drag out any releases, with samplers and teasers and such, until they can make enough money from egregiously-priced re-releases on top of the new soundboard (something that only hardcore collectors will patron). Unfortunately it's the only way they can really make money, because with a general release of the soundboard itself, it will get uploaded almost immediately, completely killing their market. However, I do believe they have the entirety of the LA 75 shows (plus Houston, 1st San Diego, and 2nd Long Beach, and the remaining May 77 shows), so we will eventually get a complete one later this year. With Osaka last year, I believe they simply don't have the complete show and released what they have.
  8. 4/8 Raleigh, NC, is great, such a shame its incomplete. good luck
  9. Why Bob Ezrin Hid 'The Wall' Tapes From Pink Floyd's Record Label: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/pink-floyd-bob-ezrin-the-wall/
  10. Deep Purple Honored With Ivor Novello 'International Achievement' Award: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/deep-purple-honored-with-ivor-novello-international-achievement-award/
  11. David Lee Roth Surprises Fan At Bachelor Party In Las Vegas:
  12. https://heavymag.com.au/over-the-rainbow-with-graham-bonnet/
  13. Vinny Appice was recently Interviewed by Jay Conroy of "Rock Hard With Jay Conroy".
  14. https://www.kerrang.com/features/ozzy-osbourne-its-like-a-heavyweight-fight-every-night-for-me-i-want-to-go-out-and-knock-the-crowd-out/
  15. Funny how Matt Everitt was in a band called Menswear and now he's interviewing Percy. "did you ever play Madison Square Garden son?" "er no I was in Menswear" (kidding, I know Plant would never ask something like that!)
  16. It seems a distinctly odd choice, especially given how puffy Page looked at Atlantic 40th compared to his prime. Why not a stock 70s Earls Court type shot?
  17. This will be cool. No matter what we think about his solo career— he is a scholar of music
  18. And for the cover of the book editor chose that disaster from 1988 in MSG. So, judging by the cover, no thanks, I'll pass this one.
  19. Yes, I went to both of these. It was (for me) the start of weeks months heck five years years of 2 or three live music acts or concerts a week c/o Bill Graham Presents and numerous clubs and promotions throught the yay area. Those were heady music times to be growing up in and near San Francisco Bay. As you can see from the first line on the flier, these Kezar concerts really were the first "Days on the Green." Note the ticket prices? Of course today (2019) for the respective fan bases of the Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin, the concerts at Kezar are considered absolutely historic. But I gotta tell you that a part of growing up for everyone is "who knew?" memories! Oh, after the Dead finished we had enough time to drive over to Winterland and see Peter Frampton open for Foghat with Johnny Winter headlining! I think that was the one where Johnny fell into the crowd drunk and they threw him back up on the stage! Now the following week at Kezar was the Tubes and Roy Harper opening for Led Zeppelin but frankly, the crowd was having none of either act even when Fee Waybill suggested everyone share from this giant bag of white powder that he dumped into the crowd. 20 feet from the stage the energy of Led Zeppelin and the crowd was and is unforgetable. Like I said, a part of growing up for everyone is "who knew" moments and remembering them! "I may be old but I saw all the cool bands" --losgatos_dale
  20. Thank you very very much for the informations!
  21. Nice remaster. Takes the edge off the original Magical Sound Boogie release. Biggest improvement is in the bass sound.
  22. Hello everybody, here is our new line-up and our present for Led Zeppelin's 50th anniversary, Whola Lotta Love:
  23. Loooooooove the rawness and the crack of his '75 voice. On Dime there is a Minneapolis '75 show where he is so raw and has to sing Wanton Song an octave down, which IMO opinion makes it some Zep musical gold. I will take the '75 voice over the '73 one. But I will take the 69 voice over all of them 😄
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