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  2. This really looks 74 to me. Edit: bloody hell this is 71?! After the IV cover, they were really on a climate change kick weren't they?!
  3. I'll post what I can tonight, completely forgot.
  4. SamoKodela

    The pub

    Hi! May I sit down? We have a Union brand beer in Slovenia, but we pronunce it differently and the word means nothing in Slovene, so quite a revelation from you. Cheers.
  5. Album Nekega jutra ko se zdani(Some morning at dawn) by Slovenian singer songwriter Vlado Kreslin. I listen to this album everday, sometimes several times a day. Beautiful, rather melancholic folk rock, with major chord melodies in choruses, strings, mandolin and pipe orchestras, beautiful piano solos, accordions and the songs are really good. Songs are Nekega jutra ko se zdani; Obrni, obrni; Joužek; Čuden si bil že kot otrok; Letos bo huda jesen; Vrane; Samo ti in Muzikanti if anybody wants to check on youtube. The lyrics are all in Slovene. First song Nekega jutra ko se zdani:
  6. Stupid Dodgers!----Homer Simpson
  7. New BW video for “Alibi”. Enjoyed hearing it last week when they came though Atlanta, too!!! R😎🎸👍
  8. The Count of Tuscany (instrumental) - Dream Theater
  9. It's Not My Cross to Bear - The Allman Brothers Band
  10. Baby, Baby, Baby - Aretha Franklin
  11. Yesterday
  12. ebk

    2019 NFL Thread

    How about those Ravens!
  13. Sorta. Beating Washington 9-0 doesn’t mean much, but they do look balanced!
  14. 49ers may be for real this year!(?)
  15. It's going to be an epic battle for the NFC West title this year.
  16. That is amazing that you have the press clippings
  17. There's at least one other than I can think of, taken in Switzerland. Outstanding! I note one of the pupils is Ian Corrance, possibly related to Dougie Corrance, the photographer.
  18. This is great P! So happy you're taking care of yourself - you're a wonderful person!! All the best going forward.
  19. Mad Max, The Orchid, and Corbin (I have no idea if he has a nickname - I didn't even know he existed until August when I went to my one Nats game this season and got his bobblehead) aren't chopped liver! Cole and JV are really good, but so are the Nats guys. So there! I think it will be a fun series - even without the "Damn Yankees" angle. We can all still sing the songs if we want!!
  20. L.A. Rams Buffalo Cincinnati Detroit Green Bay Indianapolis Arizona San Francisco SD Chargers Chicago Seattle Philadelphia New England
  21. Junior: La Lambs Buffalo Sacksonville Detroit Green Bay Indy NY Giants San Fran SD Chargers Chicago Baltimore Dallas New England
  22. Plus, the other dudes in the picture look more early 70's than late 70's. Didn't Page have a beard for the first couple of AUS shows?
  23. I have some press on this - late December 71....
  24. Please change my pick from NE to the Jets. I will pm Strider. Its Sunday morning and the game is Monday night.
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