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  2. There was definitely some serious technical issues with this show, evident from the constant buzzing coming from the guitar signal. I'd like to hear an audience source for this.
  3. Could you do Surgical Stainless Steel? My sweat is like battery acid. I can't wear silver as it causes a terrible rash, maybe I'm a vampire lol.
  4. Finally, an interesting article on Led Zeppelin where the author's choices aren't meant to start a war in the comments sections. Sure we all have our own personal lists, but you can respect the choices. In other words, the author didn't choose the Highbrow options to put on airs nor did he go with the Radio Hits exclusively. Nice job mixing it up imho. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/best-led-zeppelin-songs/ My list would be I: Good Times (yeah, I'm easy to please sometimes) but It does vary from time to time with Your Time is Gonna Come as well as Babe I'm Gonna Leave You and honestly, the Covers as well. It's safe to say that if I were stuck on a deserted island with only one choice of album, this'd be it without hesitation. II: Ramble On III: Varies from Friends and Hats Off To Roy Harper IV: When The Levee Breaks Houses: The Ocean PG: Varies from In My Time of Dying and Sick Again Presence: Achilles or Nobody's Fault But Mine In Through The Out Door: Fool In The Rain or Hot Dog Coda: Poor Tom Yea, I am the worst at this because I cannot choose just one, lol. If I made a list 10 years ago it would be all different as it will be ten years from now. Actually saying that makes me want to add Ten Years gone to PG's list. Someone else asked on these forums for people's top ten, I screwed that up too and probably, if you compare these answers ot those you'll find inconsistencies again, lol, can't help it. And I'm sure there has to be another post here somewhere asking this very same question, but I didn't see it so maybe it's time for a refresher. What's your favorite on each album?
  5. I’ve always liked the Brussels show, esp the end of the concert the band seems to really come alive. HOWEVER It sounds to me, that after Trampled Underfoot, Jimmy doesn’t disengage his wah wah pedal all the way. Consequently, SIBLY & Achilles sounds super harsh and trebly. Do you hear that as well? Anyone else notice this ?
  6. Left Vegas..partly cloudy and 82 degrees....arrived Denver...cloudy and 36!
  7. Although HTWWW was the bands peak with regards to precision playing and singing......I never listen to that CD. I can listen to TSRTS over and over again and greatly enjoy every song. I admit that Jimmy played "Rock and Roll" and "Since I've Been Loving You" better and with great precision on HTWWW but the songs from New York are more enjoyable. Dazed and Confused; The Rain Song; and No Quarter are almost flawless from New York.
  8. "Baby Come on Home" - Led Zeppelin
  9. Aaaah, right. That's right, but he could still have a conversation with a mate about it. No right to tell maybe - but every right to ask/discuss if it's a mate.
  10. ^ Just listened to WS/BMS from the above show. Page seems to drop a bit of 'Swan Song' around the 7 min mark, pretty cool. He of course, would incorporate this into 'Midnight Moonlight' with the Firm.
  11. Last day of the glorious weather today. Then it's shit, shit and more shit. Could do with the rain to be fair. Our golf course is starting to look brown.
  12. You can buy a good quality reproduction of the shirt for $25 here. I already got mine ordered ! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-80s-VTG-Jimmy-Page-Led-Zeppelin-fear-of-god-band-tour-USA-SIZE-S-3XL/401644625747?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20180816085401%26meid%3D8b215810d04c42af8d227831cd4ba3ea%26pid%3D100970%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D401644625747%26itm%3D401644625747&_trksid=p2481888.c100970.m5481&_trkparms=pageci%3Ab3ed2cfb-49ee-11e9-840a-74dbd1807cc2|parentrq%3A93c77c4a1690aad34784c31cffff3a46|iid%3A1
  13. Sorry, I was not clear. Jimmy can do whatever he wants, he has more than earned that right. My point is he has no right to tell another, or influence another not to tell their story.
  14. I applaud them, but wouldn’t pay, less cross the street to see them. Lol.
  15. That was a possibility and why I qualified my use of the term "you".
  16. redrum

    2019 NFL Thread

    Can you say Russell Wilson? 😣
  17. Cat often used to share articles written by others. She seldom if ever commented on them.
  18. Absolutely agree. Very well said. I call it rose colored hearing, and you have to ascribe to it if you are going to make excuses for the shortcomings post 73. That's not to say I wouldn't have gone fucking bonkers at a concert from 77 or even 80.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Stars and Caps can take care of business tonight!
  21. Different strokes for different folks. I understand why some people feel the original vintage LPs are the best- the renowned Robert Ludwig-cut 1st press of Zep II, for example, is a pretty unique specimen and really excellent. So too is the original UK Porky Houses of the Holy LP and some others. But, at the risk if angering some here, I have to say that the whole "all-analogue vinyl is always better than digital vinyl; digitally sourced vinyl is just a giant vinyl CD" argument is not one that I find persuasive in the least. There are plenty of excellent sounding vinyl masterings (and remasterings) out there that have a digital source or a digital step somewhere in the chain. Many all-analogue masterings are very good because much care is taken with them, just like many gold CDs sound great not because of the gold layer but rather because gold CDs were usually mastered with care by audiophile-minded engineers and labels. The overall problem with the vintage vinyl argument, IMHO, is that it's way too muddy - it is difficult to tell if someone is saying the original vinyl "slays" the new remaster because (a) it really sounds clearly better, (b) they have an emotional need to justify their investment, (c) they have confirmation bias (they expect the vintage to be better so they conclude/feel that any difference they hear must be an improvement), (d) they are posting a public video and they know very well that preferring the vintage vinyl is the "cool"/"right" answer in the vinyl community, or (e) some combination of the above. Again, I am not saying vintage vinyl doesn't sometimes sound better. But it doesn't always sound better. Even with the Zep albums, I'd put the remasters of Zep III, Presence, and In Through the Out Door up against any vintage version any day (I know my view on III is not necessarily mainstream in this regard). And I think the remasters of I, II, and Physical Graffiti are very good to excellent, even if they can't necessarily top the best vintage vinyl. Finally, it's worth noting that for most Zep albums, the vaunted 1st and early presses are not easy to find in really good condition and not cheap. So the remasters are better than the vast majority of used Zep vinyl you'll find out there.
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