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  2. ONE HOUR TIE-BREAKER: LA 77 Vs. LA 73 vote asap
  3. As a Tele player myself, I bought an American Standard version years ago. I took the guitar to a luthier with my specs and artwork for the guitar. As Jimmy's Dragon Tele has always been my favorite, I wanted to create my own in my own style, not a copy of Jimmy's. My Dragon Tele is a true dragon design in reds, greens, purples, & gold against a black stained alder-wood body. The effect is stunning and the guitar plays beautifully...plus no one else has one. The guitar cost me $1,200 new and the upgrades and artwork another $600. Not bad IMO. FYI: Jimmy's Dragon Tele is not a dragon design, it is a combination of a floral & paisley type pattern that kinds resembles a dragon by chance.
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  5. Yay! I can now die in peace. 😄 Although the former newspaper reporter in me wants to find Messenger/Dartnell and ask them about it. Brings back a lot of memories of me driving around in 1989 as a 17-year-old blasting cassette bootlegs in my parent's station wagon. Thanks everyone.
  6. "Ozone Baby" - Led Zeppelin
  7. Cheers SAJ ..I never really got it but it’s somewhat clearer now. Not exactly vintage Page performance but he sure looked cool doing it !
  8. earning a wee bit of O/T this weekend - and friends in here being helpful as usual makes me a happy camper. avagoodweekend everyone.
  9. Ask Christian Yelich. Not the exact same injury but...
  10. Well my Sabres went in there and took them out 3-0. Good start as we have the best record in the NHL. I know its very early
  11. This is true. Gurley is a major issue. But this will make the defense immediately better with Donald and Matthews to anchor the inside of the field. I really hope Mahomes injury is not major? I know nothing about knee caps? Or how long that could sideline a guy in his twenties?
  12. Run Baby Run - Sheryl Crow
  13. What pick did JPJ use for playing bass on tracks like Black Dog, Immigrant Song, etc.??
  14. https://www.discogs.com/Led-Zeppelin-The-Slog/release/669734
  15. They have a new album due soon (which was recorded in Nashville) and touring next year, as long as everyone stays healthy. R😎
  16. That along with RP not doing anything studio or live w/ JP since 2007 O2 show. R😎
  17. I believe what Gorman says. What reason would he have to lie? In particular I'm wondering how much this (Robinson turning down Page's offer to team up to write songs together) really affected Jimmy Page. I'm starting to think it affected him so badly that it is the reason he hasn't made any new music. It's all really sad.
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