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  2. Are you the infamous Ed Ortiz, perchance, who's Tempe review made Dave Lewis' Concert Files book?
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  4. Ha-ha! Great story, man. I'm sure there are plenty of these "Zeppelinaires" out there. Main point is, this guy appreciated your passion for the music and was cool about spreading the wealth. I had to laugh about his wife's attitude, though. Hell, BOTH of my wives knew Zep was my passion and my hobby, and yet neither one failed to give me a hard time about it. Then again, neither one ever accused me of making "good money," which was possibly an accurate take.
  5. Hi, there! This is news to me (and pretty exciting news too)! Both links are dead, though: will some kind soul please help me getting this? πŸ™ Thanks πŸ™‚
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  7. Is that in connection to the upcoming Bootleg License upgrade coming out soon maybe? Hmmm
  8. Fate of Nations is my favorite RP solo album followed by Pictures at Eleven & Principle of Moments. It’s got the best mix of songs (no filler). R😎
  9. Tonight on Twitter @cdmuseumpb: "Mastering of Led Zeppelin 6 CD box is completed, and sound quality check is completed. The release is in October. A talented engineer will spend a lot of time mastering. I don't compromise."
  10. It has been hashed and rehashed to death that what you hear on the tape and what the audience heard in the venue is not the same. In addition, if you cannot hear Jonesey's bass on these 1975 soundboards then I suggest there is something wrong with your stereo.
  11. Nice one! The whole sequence is like GTBT. They roll into Foggy Mountain Breakdown.
  12. I believe Fate of Nations could have gone platinum... except for the fact that Plant sold possibly millions of singles off the album! He released "Calling to You," "29 Palms," "I Believe," "If I Were a Carpenter," etc. Does anyone else think that all those singles made a significant dent in album sales? FoN was, as Steve said, a truly brilliant album! Plant called it a "major turning point" in his career. He had an "open house" policy on FoN, welcoming several important guest musicians. I love all of RP's albums-- but if I had to pick a "favorite," it would be this one!
  13. The pastdaily.com link above is obviously Bonzo. No mistaking him there. The other clips that have been around don't sound like Bonzo to me, but this one is distinctly different . Its from a date that isn't found on YouTube either. I couldn't find another one on the interwebs.
  14. I like the performances of Tea for One from japan. one of them in particular is a very nice version with Page on great form. I'm not sure which of the three(3) version it was, but in my opinion, it easily surpasses the other ones
  15. Yes...this is very good news...news on something we know actually exists and not just a hopeful desire to be seen doing something soon statement from Pagey. I always try to apply Jonesy wisdom to things like this and remind myself of his "Zeppelin time" statement. Obviously, the Covid impact on unfinished works is profound...I wonder if these European archive houses are repositories for concert films or something less essential like venue shots of K.B. Hallen in Copenhagen as an example?
  16. Thanks - stumbled on that article yesterday when I was seeing if there's any update on the documentary. From what I've heard, the documentary producers have spent a lot of time hunting out archive footage. Nice to hear they're being thorough about it all.
  17. It's been discussed before that it's apparently not John Bonham on that radio appearance. From BBC website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/johnpeel/sessions/1960s/1968/Jul01timrose/
  18. That fill around the 5.05 minute mark reappears on Good Times Bad Times. This is genuinely exciting to get decent quality sound of him with Tim Rose. Imagine being Page, seeing him in that little club in Hampstead and imagining what he could do with proper studio recording and rockier material!
  19. Listening now -- good call!
  20. St. Paul '73 "Stairway To Heaven" has a really high note after Bonham's entrance but before the solo. Baltimore '73 is full of them.
  21. Looking for high notes from 1973-1977 Here are some examples: St Paul 1973 Black Dog Montreal 1975 Black Dog Providence 1973 Black Dog Providence 1973 Since Ive been Loving you Cleveland 1977 (First Night) Trampled Underfoot Philadelphia 1975 Black Dog Pontiac 1977 Kashmir (Holy shit)
  22. Greek Theater in Berkeley.
  23. I posted my story of the Tempe concert somewhere in the webz, maybe here, maybe elsewhere. I was at the Tempe show. Any junior high garage band could have eaten their lunch that night. I'm a professional, I couldn't and wouldn't ever get away with the abject failure and fraud like LZ committed in Tempe. I demand either a sincere apology and refund or a redo free concert in Arizona, sober.
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