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  2. Waiting lists here can be long for non-emergency procedures - which includes important stuff that people need to improve significant conditions and quality of life. But overall from my use of it the system is rather good. I can see a doctor at my local medical centre at will. If my doctor is busy, they usually manage to fit me in to see him or someone else working there should I need medication or certificate for time off work. No problem. I've had some thing done (day procedures) as well as a few nights stay - all no problem from a quality of care and cost perspective. It's not all free - but the grumbling complaints about the $$$ does NOT mean the system is crap. It is by no means perfect, and with our ageing population the system is coming up against real challenges that require real reforms (private cover vs. public cover needs fixing) - but it works. I have yet to hear anyone with any amount of knowledge about approaches to medical care in advanced western countries and the pros and cons of all the different systems say anything good about the US approach/system. As peace frog says - I believe it is the most expensive system for the worst results. Meanwhile in the US - big pharma continues to addict the population and offer even more pills to help with that addiction in a way that is unquestionably immoral and legally problematic at best. It's not doctors/physicians that are the problem with cost. It is the multi billion dollar pharma companies with an unrestricted, unregulated playing field to reap whatever the hell they want with impunity (so far). Again - I've yet to hear anyone say how the US system is just so damn good. Like most things in America that could do with some level of reform - too many vested interests with a LOT to lose immediately poison any chance of constructively looking at reforms rendering any real action impossible. And that poison is the money they stream into Washington to paralyse any chance of reform/change. Money willingly accepted by the greedy fuckers who are there to serve their own wealth acquisition - NOT the people. The money in politics problem there might just be the worlds worst in how entrenched it is even with an independent judiciary and well structured separation of powers/branches of Government. The perpetuation of the "government tyranny" myth and how it is to be feared above all else is such a stupid distraction from actually working for a better America. ....but I digress.
  3. Crikey, I like the way you talk.
  4. SuperDave

    Golf Talk

    I was doing well in my Fantasy league for the Open but not as well now. There are 15 of us in our league and am currently 6th. I was 1st after the first round but things change like Ireland's son Shane. What a tourney he is having! Who would have thought Rory would have a self implosion from the very first hole. Stranger being in home territory for him! Just crazy. Impossible to bet on this game! Doing well this year with three wins in last eight weeks which puts me on the plus side for the year. Any win or dollars I get for remainder of season thru FedEX (1st or 2nd for our tourneys) will be a plus as I can't wind up in negative territory! That's always good.
  5. Tonight was a pan fried rib eye (s/p, garlic powder and Montreal seasoning) with drawn butter at finish, oven roasted sliced Idahos, butter head lettuce with homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Accompanied with a nice Cab. A good bottle of Louis Martini to be exact. All so good!
  6. I have never been an accomplished musician, and so, I admit, I do not know what it takes to get there, to stay there, or to climb back up there. If Jimmy can't get back there, then he can't. If he doesn't want to put in what it would take to get back there, then so be it. I am not expecting anything "new" from Jimmy. I believe the "creation" phase of his career is over. I was lucky to be a part of the Led Zeppelin experience in the 70's. That will always be a high point in my life. If there is a blemish on Zeppelin, it is that they were not able to, by circumstances, or, even on purpose, to film more of their concerts, and to film them in the studio. Other supergroups were able to achieve this. Who knows what live recording plans might have been nixed by the abrupt stoppages of the '75, '77 and '80 Tours.
  7. Today
  8. All this is very interesting. But I must press one area concerning the Beatles. They changed music and musicians enormously ? What bands and what songs( Yes, Oasis, Badfinger, some others) ? Beyond the early "PoP" period, the Beatles created many brilliant songs which may have inspired some musicians, but basically their output beyond a certain point is in many cases can't be duplicated properly without almost all members aboard. You could play just the guitar part from some of the Beatles' less popular songs, and not recognize the song. Whereas in Zep at least 60%-70% or more of their songs you could recognize straight away from the guitar or drums, even the bass part alone. Obviously some Zep songs are much harder than others, but the point is that Zep were the "Kings of the Riff"(of course "Kings of many musical elements"). So learning some of Zep's riffs they often sounded strong even without other other instruments. With certain Beatles songs, isolating parts of songs without the vocal harmonies or bass line, you may or may not recognize it. MAIN point: certainly the playing of riffs predates Zep, but Zep made the most colossal riffs imaginable, and hence dozens or hundreds of bands to this day search to find the ultimate riff.
  9. Jimmy's Sunburst Gibson Les Paul is like the Excalibur of the Rock Kingdom to me.
  10. Longhair MIT programmer Don Eyles saves the Apollo 14 Mission
  11. Saw them twice and walking to Clark dale the song live is Amazing!!!
  12. Just stop Steve with this BS. My family through marriage is Canadian and they LOVE their healthcare system. In fact, every Canadian I know keeps dual citizenship just in case they need that healthcare. I have never known a Canadian to renounce their citizenship in fact. This is the same for all countries with such healthcare systems in fact. Though I am glad you mentioned waiting lists because that is a real problem in the US. If I call my doctor to be seen for anything it is a minimum three to four week wait, or as they say, "go to urgent care!" The only immediate avenue for healthcare in the US is either the emergency room or urgent care and unless you have been shot or are bleeding out, strap in and enjoy your 6+ hour wait to be seen. Though in those other countries, I never had a problem getting seen. Go figure. US Healthcare system is the single most expensive system in the world with one of the worse results rates.
  13. Oh I knew you were haha! I was just saying. Definitely a missed opportunity on their part.
  14. Yesterday
  15. You don't have to tell me, I'm sold. They should have included Jones period. It would have been so much better.
  16. The brains on those engineers. The balls on that crew.
  17. Data and Seven of Nine ? Now, I'm excited! Engage!
  18. I was just a few years old and vaguely remember watching it. But I've always had quite an interest in our space program. I saw the Apollo 11 documentary in IMAX a few days ago and worth seeing. I think it was just in theaters now for the anniversary as already as a video release. I also saw the Muse To The Moon photo exhibition at the Met in NYC yesterday and well worth seeing. It follows man's infatuation of landing and exploring the moon from beginnings a few 100 years ago through the Apollo program. I got to see the launch of Apollo 16 in April 1972. Not from the KSC but several miles away on Cocoa Beach. Very cool and remember it well with a good view of the Saturn V rocket throttling up into space. We were close enough to hear it as well which was equally amazing with all the thrust power. One of the greatest moments for man in history for certain!
  19. Oh my goodness! Thanks, Strider! I can't think of a better way to watch all what happened that day, with Walter Cronkite leading the news broadcast! WOW!
  20. It's a great exhibition and well worth seeing. More extensive than I thought it would be. It took me about 90 minutes to get through the entire exhibit yesterday. There is probably more guitars from Jimmy Page than anyone else at the exhibit. It was very well done. It was quite crowded as was the entire Met itself. But it wasn't a problem. Glad to see a lot of young people taking in the exhibit. There are four video exhibits with Page, Eddie Van Halen, Tom Morello and Keith Richards. There is more to this than guitars with other instruments as well as some full ban displays of in concert set up. I was very impressed with it and glad I got to see it before it closes on October 1st. See it before it closes!
  21. Let's see, I can do impressions of Mickey Mouse, Sling Blade, Chucky from Child's Play, Forrest Gump, and Steve Irwin.
  22. The actual landing on the moon happened on this day 50 years ago. The Eagle landed in the Sea of Tranquility at 4:18pm. EST/ 1:18pm. PST on July 20, 1969. It is livestreaming now...
  23. Golden potatoes, shells & cheese, green beans with sweet cornbread tonight.
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