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  2. The Lighthouse- Two thumbs up from me. Monumental performances by Pattinson and Dafoe. Dark, twisted, and brooding story, filmed with a narrow aspect ratio that really creates a sense of claustrophobia and isolation. Definitely leaves you with a "Wtf did I just watch?" feeling, but in a way that you appreciate. This is performance art.
  3. Hi i think I own mick Ralph’s LES Paul jr that jimmy played at this concert. Please, someone, mick Ralph’s, Jimmy page, contact me so I can authenticate This guitar. It has some special scribing on it (I think) by Jimmy page. damon stone
  4. You can read a detailed review of the 3CD version over at Collectors Music Reviews. Worth a look!
  5. Supposed to see Black Label Society in San Francisco on March 1.
  6. Something new from Kingfish, it's a Micheal Burks cover... https://www.npr.org/2020/02/10/804107233/stream-christone-kingfish-ingram-s-scorching-kiss-off-empty-promises
  7. https://www.denofgeek.com/us/movies/285857/jumanji-producers-adapting-elps-karn-evil-9-into-sci-fi-film
  8. ^ I'd have this set up to play through loudspeakers if I knew you were coming in alone ^ 😰😱
  9. I don't care if you hate Madonna, this is an AWESOME mash up with a totally hot video!
  10. Yesterday
  11. I think we need some blue to go with all of this red. Anyway, I believe your fish are about the only team that might have more cap space than my Bills. I have high hopes this year. I believe that if Beane, the Bills GM, can make the right moves, we can WIN THE SUPER BOWL! I mean that. We have a solid D. We have a very good O line. We have Singletary, and now we need a big play receiver to compliment Brown and Beasley and Knox. We need a guy to replace retiring linebacker Lorenzo Alexander. A linebacker. GO BILLS! This cold be our year. I believe we will win the East. Brady or no Brady On the subject of Brady, the rumors are wild. Some say Chargers, Tennessee, Tampa and even Dallas. I believe he goes to the Chargers because he lives in LA and it would make sense. But who knows? Free agency will be nuts. I hope the Rams are able to keep their star players. And I do not blame Jerry Jones for not jumping into a contract with DAk. I do not believe in him. I do believe in Allen.
  12. Well, if that is the case, could you ask them why they always put too much EQ on their releases? No Use Gneco, Live In the Fairly Tale...releases ruined by deliberately bad EQ. Why?
  13. Eric's problem is that he used to charge a lot more for shipping, etc. Niwa is much clearer with expenses. Niwa also sent orders faster.
  14. I was with them from 2002 to the present not less than 2 to 3 times a year. It makes more of Led Zeppelin, for the simple reason that it sells more and more expensive. He likes Led Zeppelin, is his second band, but his favorite is the beatles Yuko likes LZ more. Nothing wrong, nothing strange. Please, let's say this conversation ends.
  15. Jealousy. He’s put out more then every collector combined.
  16. Agree with you on that. After ZOSO magazine ceased, that was my next avenue to get boots from.
  17. Yeah, I gained a new appreciation for the 14th this year -- only the second time I've listened to it all the way through, I think...nice, relaxed vibe. LOL, I've noticed that about the loafers as well!
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