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  2. Nothing will beat "What a bunch of sweeties" A slight Zeppelin connection as the opening track on this album is Walk Don't Run. One of Zeppelin's early encores. A very anarchistic underground band of hippies. A favourite album to skin up on.
  3. Is anybody able to provide a link for the Graf Zeppelin and Nite Owl versions? Thanks a lot!
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  5. I know what you're thinking. But before you bet against the Dolphins, maybe you should reconsider your instincts.
  6. Fucking abysmal. Still raining. Into the 4th week. I daren't go out into the garden in case I get stuck. No let up and the clocks go back in a few weeks. Great ! At least it will be dark and we wont see the rain.
  7. New poll! This selection of shows is performance based rather than performance and audio based. Last round, nothing was eliminated. Round 1. If you'd like to read all about it, here is the post with all the important info and here is the post for this round. The round posts include a detailed tracker of which show goes out when and the remaining shows. If none of that interests you and you'd like to go straight to voting, this is a direct link to the poll.
  8. Last round, Osaka - 9/29/71 was eliminated by receiving 69% of votes. The "Regular" Survivor poll is completed. The performance based poll starts soon. Final Ranking: 11th: Southampton - 1/22/73 10th: Frankfurt - 6/30/80 9th: Seattle - 3/21/75 8th: Texas International Pop - 8/31/69 7th: Seattle - 7/17/73 6th: San Francisco - 4/27/69 5th: Montreux - 3/7/70 4th: L.A. - 6/25/72 3rd: L.A. - 9/4/70 2nd: Osaka - 9/29/71 1st: L.A. - 6/21/77 --- My personal ranking: 11th - Southampton '73 10th - Seattle '75 9th - Frankfurt '80 8th - Texas '69 7th - Montreux '70 (a recent re-listen swayed me to not include this in my top 5) 6th - Seattle '73 5th - San Francisco '69 4th - L.A. '70 3rd - L.A. '77 2nd - Osaka '71 1st - L.A. '72
  9. Robert Forster, a brooding, ruggedly handsome Hollywood actor who was featured alongside Marlon Brando and Gregory Peck in the late 1960s, became a B-movie action star playing lawmen and thugs, and revived his career with an Oscar-nominated turn in Quentin Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown,” died Oct. 11 at his home in Los Angeles. He was 78. The cause was brain cancer, said his publicist, Kathie Berlin. Forster's death coincided with the release of his latest film, "El Camino," a spinoff of the AMC series "Breaking Bad," in which he played a fixer who fashions a new identity for Bryan Cranston's meth kingpin.
  10. Los Angeles 4 September 1970 should be in the conversation. And Royal Albert Hall 9 January 1970.
  11. ...I really liked El Camino, but it came off as more of an episode rather than a stand alone movie.
  12. ...I actually liked El Camino, but it came off more as an episode rather than a stand alone movie.
  13. Exclusive interview with Lucas Fox http://www.perun.hr/lucas-fox-motorhead-i-met-lemmy-at-the-speakeasy-and-through-motorcycle-irene-who-was-someone-i-spent-a-lot-of-time-with With Pete Gill http://www.perun.hr/pete-gill-motorhead-it-was-guitarist-phil-campbell-who-got-me-into-motorhead And Rockin Vickers http://www.perun.hr/harry-feeney-the-rockin-vickers-lemmy-was-a-big-fan-of-the-band-and-some-time-later-he-stepped-in-as-lead-guitarist
  14. This topic for this band. Just want to show you my new exclusive interview with Pink Fairy guitarist Andy Colquhoun: http://www.perun.hr/andy-colquhoun-unknown-hero-of-amazing-sound
  15. Really tough to pick just one, so I won't. Studio: In My Time of Dying. From "cough" to Bonzo exclaiming that's GOT TO BE the one out there after laying down that epic track is such a good ending. Live: Kashmir from 1977 June 21st (LTTE). The build up at the end and the absolutely blistering runs page pulls off before that perfect low note that then builds up slowly. I haven't heard a more powerful ending (maybe there is a better one, but the energy here is insane). Mike the Mike's recording is incredibly immersive too and helps convey what it must've been like. Definitely amongst their best endings live. Special mention would go to Sick Again from March, '75 Seattle. Jones bass is magical. It's not anything spectacular, but there's something about it that particular night (the No Quarter piano is also special). The clarity of his bass on that bootleg certainly helps.
  16. This is something I find very difficult to do. I love each and every album as I find they differ from each other (with the exception of I and II).
  17. I - Black Mountain Side II - Moby Dick III - Hats Off To Roy Harper IV - The Battle Of Evermore HOTH - D'yer Mak'er PG - Night Flight Presence - Candy Store Rock ITTOD - All My Love Coda - Bonzo's Montreux
  18. Interesting read. I like how there is more detail regarding trying to establish something after the O2 reunion.
  19. For many of the last rsd's there's been something Led Zeppelin and/or related from the original members released. But this upcoming rsd I haven't seen anything listed, even if loosely connected like the rsd release from The Dream Syndicate, which included John Paul Jones in one of the tracks.
  20. Cleveland beat themselves. Beer bottles were flyin'. Sweet win by SF.
  21. fantastic !! Always loved that keyboard part and it really comes through here. Thanks
  22. Jimmy really seems to be enjoying life I’m happy for him
  23. “Listen To This Eddie” RULES!!!
  24. Yesterday
  25. Walter

    2019 NFL Thread

    We suck, but still n first place....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  26. Yay for the loss. Not for my parlay. I really did not think the Jets were going to give Dallas this much trouble and they burned them on a 92 yard play. Dallas has serious defensive issues. OK, pick. Now they must score
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