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  2. Whole Lotta Love is a tough call. HTWWW has one of the best beginnings of it ever with how violently Jimmy launches into the riff. TSRTS has one of the best coda sections/finales, again because of the violence of it. As far as everything in between, I would lean towards HTWWW, because for some reason, Boogie Chillen has always been my least favourite part of the medley, so I'm not a fan of how they reduced the medley to only that for the most part for North America '73. Not sure why I've never loved it...love John Lee Hooker's original, usually find their covers to be an improvement, but I always find myself kind of impatiently "getting through it" to get to the rest of the medley. One notable exception is 9/29/71 Osaka, with that amazing little riff they play before launching into it!
  3. For some reason I like it because it gets right to the meat of that Killer jam between Jimmy and Bonzo. Love it! Just the power, yeah the full version on the DVD is killer and other earlier versions but for me that little riff kicked my ass.
  4. Was on YouTube looking for the video concert of Knebworth 79’ found only one old one? I seem to remember when there was a more pro shot videos of the concert then the one I saw. They just filmed the big screen so it was kinda bad.
  5. TSRTS's versions of Dazed, NQ & The Rain Song are certainly worthy nominees for best-ever versions, but I'm not sure how you could call its Black Dog a best-ever version when it isn't even complete (only the version on the Led Zeppelin DVD has the full song)...
  6. Thanks for the link. I'm just going to use the January dates, so I didn't want to include what was potentially a May date during a January gig.
  7. I wouldn't call someone else's opinion hate. Truth, or differing bits of information, is not hateful in the slightest. Just because the facts, theories or information espoused might behold unpleasant information does not make it hateful. When you can take someone's negatives (as realistically every single member in the band has, just like everyone else) and still love them, that is the literal epitome of unconditional love. Many people on here have differing opinions (sometimes negatives) but everyone loves the band in their own way. To erase history and create an echo chamber/ feed back loop is basically asking for everyone to be hooked up to the hive mind/borg. We might as well be biological artificial intelligence at that point with the internet or some other awareness dictating all of our thoughts. At that point we are a programmed slave species. This entire mindset that someone who states something that is either quite possibly or definitely factual but isn't pleasant=hate.... could possibly be the literal end of freedom of thought, expression and ultimately consciousness. Of course not in the realm of a led zeppelin forum, but it does reflect a mindset pervading modern human society internationally. Even if something is totally unrealistic that doesn't mean someone should be silenced. People can discern reality for themselves. Imagine if this mindset was so pervasive when something like cigarettes were still considered healthy by the government and the mainstream scientific/medical establishment? I do agree that some people on here have unrealistic expectations for band members, can be both unnecessarily and overly-negative, can be unconsciously judgmental, can act very entitled and in some instances probably don't even understand the band. But that's their right and it actually makes things interesting. I totally respect what others feel and believe and in regards to something as harmless as a Zep forum, I love seeing other peoples opinions. Do I think certain people on here have some really dumb or ignorant opinions? Of course, but that doesn't make them hateful nor does it make me dread coming on here. It makes it interesting and highlights the infinite expressions of humanity. If something bothers you then maybe you should exert your will over your reflex action of distaste and just learn to laugh it off. Because quite honestly I find some of what people say on here (in regards to certain topics) to be quite funny. People really need to see the humorous side of things more often and stop being so impulsively sensitive. Or you could also just stop reading their comments because no one is forcing you to read through the forum. If you can't hear unpleasant facts, or possibilities about something how do you ever expect to learn the truth about anything? I hope you're not like this when it comes to history or politics. In the realm of led zeppelin it obviously doesn't matter but I'm just stating that it could possibly reflect a mindset that literally can't cope with reality and rationalize it. Think of it this way, Led Zeppelin has had such a profoundly positive effect on all of us that we want to feel like we know the members because we've all felt so connected with them through their music. Can that get annoying for the members of the band?At times, Probably, but it comes with the such widespread success and I'm sure they wouldn't change the fact that people feel so connected and the repercussions that come from it. That's what happens when you create something timeless. So in a way you should really see these things as a positive, because they are reflections of something that is positive which is the music of Led Zeppelin. On the forum people are just responding and innocently discussing information they have heard about the band, as well as opinions about certain performances. Yet Robert, John and Jimmy are seemingly doing just fine living the lives they want to live. I'm sure they couldn't care less about what anyone is saying on here and i'm sure they'd probably find some of it as humorous as I do.
  8. WOW...nice one! "Since I've Been Loving You" - Led Zeppelin
  9. Does this have anything to do with that thing with Grant's son and the security at some '77 show? Or is this entirely different? I've never heard that they "almost murdered" somebody.
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  11. Fool in the rain?? I was agreeing with your list until I saw that song. Ooooh my it so Salas and yippee for me. Yeah the drumming is excellent but the song is cheesy)
  12. You Can't Quit Me Baby - Queens Of The Stone Age
  13. Led Zeppelin is a force that will live long past it’s members. I can see how some of the band members can turn off fans, the off stage rumors, the drug use, womanizing. That was the 1970s and rarely did people complain. As a fan who will always buy a new Zeppelin whatever in music ( reissue remastered etc. etc.) I think it’s ok criticize them for a lackluster 50th anniversary celebration, or not doing more one off gigs, or releasing and remastering some best of live Led Zeppelin. Personally I’m happy with the official stuff over these many boots but hey that’s just mean. I enjoy reading how these serious live recordings collectors go in detail about the musicality Zeppelin was known for during their live concerts. It is cool to listen to how their songs changed in playing from night to night, or reading how a luck guy got to see Zeppelin concert. I’ve stated many times I’m not a fan of Zeppelin 77’ but I’m definitely not going to deny the powerful energy, the force or light and darkness in their shows must have been awesome to behold. Jimmy, Robert, Jones, Bonham can handle some criticism when they know at one time Gods did walk the Earth.
  14. I'm in agreement.. I actually saw Jimmy Page collapse onstage in Chicago 1977. When Bonzo died in 1980, other than Deathwish 2 you had no idea what was up with Jimmy. When he did reappear at the ARMS shows in 1983, it was shocking to see how bad he looked. It was obvious he was suffering. Many on this forum have unrealistic expectations of him. Almost a hostility. I'm happy he survived it all and he seems to be enjoying his life.
  15. If you're talking about my comment, it was an unpopular opinion thread and I was reaching at best for the sake of conversation. Bonham will always be my favorite drummer and I hold him above most. I can't speak for the rumor mill, but a lot of negativity comes from simply examining the truth of the band. As JTM said, these were just people in a rock band, not flawless divine beings who can't be judged or analyzed. Now obviously blatant troll comments and flaming shouldn't be allowed, but if you're calling a spade a spade, what's the problem? And with Zep's repertoire, even the most common facts about them can sound negative. Are we to deny Page dating an underage girl? The red snapper incident? Bonham and Grant almost murdering a man? The drug use? The infidelity? This isn't slander or hate, it's what happened. Saying Page's playing didn't suffer after 73 and Plant's voice didn't change after 72 is just denying facts. No need to hide the truth. As I've said before, a real fan accepts both sides and doesn't just blindly over-glorify every aspect.
  16. I agree, way too much negativity directed at these guys. Jimmy ain’t gonna be with us too much longer, I’m thankful that he’s still around all things considered!
  17. Have you tried a 50 watt Marshall head? I've found it's perfect for clubs.
  18. Hey ! Im a working musician, and I of course play Zep tunes! And I have an outside the box suggestion. you don’t need a Marshall stack, at all. Or any stack for that matter. I use a little amp called a Quilter Aviator. These Quilter amps are SICK. They are small, lightweight, compact, but pack an absolute monstrous punch. Check out their line of amps, you could score a sweet combo amp that I guarantee will kick their ass. Here is little video of my band playing large outdoor amphitheater. Youll hear Kashmir in there. This is coming from an 8” speaker on a 20w amp, running a direct line into house PA. Quilter.
  19. tmtomh - are you the same person on the Hoffman forum? I recognize Blinky... As to the Gold disc thing - there's one time that didn't happen - at least in the eyes of the engineer - a funny story about one of the most revered bands by most audiophiles - Steely Dan. The engineer that did it - Roger Nichols - won a bunch of Grammy's for that work. He hated analog... it was included in his book but was posted well before that: Tho note at the end he states maybe the clicks and pops ain't so bad... https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=5605.0 Snap, Crackle, and Pop Music By Roger Nichols I originally got involved in recording music because I hated clicks and pops on records. I figured that the only way that I was going to get good quality recordings to play was to record them myself. I could then bring home two-track 15 ips copies to play on my stereo. Much better than the Rice Crispy sound of vinyl LPs. When the Compact Disc became a reality, I was beside myself. I was also close by the side of any record company exec who could get me any discs to play on my new found CD player. Since CDs preserved all the characteristics of the original master tape, I could now enjoy music without the drawbacks of black vinyl. VINYL VERDICT? The first project I worked on that became a Compact Disc was Donald Fagen's Nighrfly album. I couldn't wait to get the CD in my hot little hands and compare it with the original mixes. When the CD arrived, I ran to my audio system and threw the CD into my player. After about 30 seconds I was ready to throw in the towel. The CD didn't sound anything like the final mixes. Was I wrong about digital audio? Was the Compact Disc truly inferior to the vinyl disc that it was to replace? I started doing some checking with the mastering facility where we mastered the album. Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk in New York told me that the record company never asked for the 1610 digital master that we'd made. Instead, they had requested a 30 ips half-inch analog tape copy of our digital mixes. They then made the CD master from this analog copy. No wonder my CD didn't sound like the original mixes. After we raised enough hell, new CD masters were prepared and new CDs were pressed. I compared the new one to the original mixes. It matched perfectly. Whew! This was in late 1982. I figured that there was a necessary learning curve for the record companies to get their act together and realize that digital audio Compact Discs should not be made from second or third generation analog tape copies. Isn't nine years enough time? AJA-TA In 1982, Donald Fagen, Gary Katz and myself gathered up all of the original Steely Dan tapes (15 ips analog) and transferred them to digital format so that they would not deteriorate any further. This was in anticipation of catalog re-release in the new Compact Disc format. The first two albums to be released on CD were Aja and Gaucho. I listened to the CDs and they were fine. Mobile Fidelity is licensed to produce gold plated CDs of Aja and Gaucho. They called me up to ask me if I liked the sound of their pressings. I listened to them and compared them to the CDs from MCA. I figured that the only difference I would hear would be the difference between the gold plating and the aluminum plating on the stock CD. I was shocked! They sounded completely different. The gold ones sounded worse. The gold Gaucho CD was even a different speed, about a quarter tone sharper than the original CD from MCA. A writer I know called me to ask if I heard any difference between the stock CDs and the gold CDs. I told him what I found. He said that he didn't hear any difference. The lightbulb went on in my thought balloon! The stock CDs that I had were produced seven years ago, and the ones that my friend used were just purchased at Tower Records. I jumped in my car and zipped over to the nearest record store and purchased new copies of the CDs in question. He was right, the new stock CDs sounded exactly like the gold CDs, including the pitch shift on the Gaucho CD. The time we spent transferring all of the original masters was wasted. The record company in their infinite wisdom decided that when they needed new 1630 CD masters to send to the CD plant, that it would be better to use the EQ'd analog copy that had been sitting around for fifteen years instead of the digital tapes that we supplied to them nine years ago for just this purpose. And on top of everything else, they couldn't even make sure that the analog machine that played back the Gaucho tape was going the right speed. I guess this is all just a part of a grander scheme - make all of the CDs sound worse and worse until we can't tell the difference between Compact Discs and the new Digital Compact Cassette that the record companies are pushing. I went to my storage locker and found all of my old vinyl LPs. I haven't thrown my turntable away yet either. Maybe the clicks and pops aren't quite so bad after all.
  20. HTWWW vs TSRTS Common songs: To me, most of these are better on HTWWW Rock and Roll - HTWWW Black Dog - HTWWW Heartbreaker - HTWWW Over the Hills - HTWWW Since I've Been Loving You - HTWWW The Ocean - toss up Stairway - TSRTS (Plant better on HTWWW, but TSRTS has a much better guitar solo) Dazed - TSRTS Moby Dick - HTWWW Whole Lotta Love - TSRTS (unless you prefer the medly) Unique Songs HTWWW Immigrant Song, That's the Way, Going to California, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, What Is and What Should Never Be, Dancing Days, Bring it on Home TSRTS Celebration Day, Misty Mt Hop, No Quarter, Song Remains, Rain Song It comes down to what aspects of Zep you like best. HTWWW has a glorious acoustic set and more material from the earlier albums. TSRTS has better improvisation and more songs from the progressive side of HOTH. I think overall I cannot really choose a favorite since they are so different and both so fantastic.
  21. This is NOT a fan club, it is a moderated discussion forum and views may vary, indeed they do. The vast majority of the flack the guys get here is rooted in unrealistic expectations.
  22. There are more than two dates to mix from for January and May 1969 as outlined at the link below. When in doubt about the actual date of any performance I would use the official timeline on www.ledzeppelin.com as primary guide (most authoritative). http://www.royal-orleans.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=6084
  23. What hate, I've never seen this place as a "fan club", it's a discussion forum that just happens to be Led Zeppelin centric. Just because this is the "official" place to go to doesn't mean that everybody has to "bend the knee" and keep everything nice and "fanboi", nothing in this world is sacrosanct absolutely nothing at all. When Jimmy Page continues to say that "something new is coming" then doesn't deliver he leads himself wide open for deserved criticism, many don't like Robert Plant's stance that Led Zeppelin are done and there will be no more. I like Led Zeppelin I have done so for almost fifty years, ever since I heard LZ II sometime around about 1971, so I was late to the game they had already been established for almost three years. I like being here, I will have been here twelve years in September coming, in that time many have come and gone, some missed some not so. The members of Led Zeppelin are just people, they are not godz or "superhuman" beings, they just happen to in a band that has been rather successful Ok there are many that worship their "heroes" to the end of the Earth and back, to those people they can do nothing wrong, I'm not one of them, like I said I like them I don't love them, love is for more important things in life than a rock n' roll band. This place would be boring if there was no "negativity" or criticism, I like it just as it is, though I sometimes wish it was a bit edgier but there are rules that need to be observed. That's enough rambling from me, I'm off to put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea, even Robert Plant (and co) like a nice cup of tea, he says so on the BBC Sessions right before "That's the Way"....
  24. I'm trying to find ideas for conglomerating concerts (see my YouTube channel for two concerts I've already done.) After I do Knebworth '79, I'm thinking of doing the first Boston Tea Party run in January '69. There are 2 definitive dates to mix from, 1/23 and 1/26. The issue I'm running into concerns this concert: Is it January 25, 1969? OR May 27, 1969? When searching both dates, the same concert comes up. Led Zeppelin's official website seems to point to the January 25th, but other Zep Heads seem to suggest it is from May 27th. I'm not well versed in their early shows (I find myself listening to later Zeppelin more often than not,) so if I could get some opinions on this matter, it would be much appreciated!
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