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  2. Saw Get the Led Out for my 4th time last night. They're a great group, would definitely recommend them.
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  4. New England Detroit Green Bay Tennessee Kansas City Giants Philadelphia Seattle Jacksonville Cleveland Minnesota Rams San Francisco Pittsburgh New Orleans
  5. I was thinking 82 Steve, he had that shirt for 80 Tour, and he still looks like he’s on Henry here
  6. Quite old fake news, apparently. I've updated the file I pulled that from to omit it. I'd say Summer '84. Possibly Pistoia, Italy 7/84. The person on the left seems to be holding a vinyl copy of TSRTS, most likely for an autograph. Page seems to be wearing the same bomber jacket he wore for his appearance with Roy Harper on Old Grey Whistle Test which aired 11/16/84 (photo 1). See also undated photo (photo 2).
  7. I appreciate the candid explanation, Sam. I do have the Nine Lives box set and thank you for the gentle reminder they are accessible in DVD quality there.
  8. Junior: New England Tampa Bay Green Bay Houston Kansas City NY Giants Phili Seattle Oakland Cleveland Minnesota Dallas San Francisco Pittsburgh New Orleans
  9. New England Tampa Bay Green Bay Tennessee Kansas City N.Y. Giants Washington Seattle Oakland Cleveland Minnesota L.A. Rams San Francisco Pittsburgh New Orleans
  10. Hi everyone, I’m new here and been a Zeppelin fan since I was 12, while listening to my brother’s 8 tracks in his car, he got me into them.
  11. Gee what is my excuse for being 9-4 and kicking the shit out of Dallas on Turkey day? None. Go Bills. On to Pittsburgh. And of course people like you must always go back to ancient history when your current argument proves to be futile. Good day. Oh, and Go Rams too
  12. About eight or so years ago, I had the videos streaming locally on his site. Back then, YouTube wasn't anything like it is is now. On the newer site, a bit afterwards, we just uploaded those old video files for the new official RP YouTube channel. You can get the promo videos on the bonus DVD in the Nine Lives box set. They're DVD quality, though not yet available in HD resolution.
  13. When is this ? Never seen before
  14. Hi! 😊 As a big fan of Led Zeppelin I've been playing a bunch of songs of the band for quite some time. I'm a bit perfectionist but since it's just for fun the covers are far from perfect. I'm planning on doing Dazed and confused soon since I have a bow.. Hopefully you can still enjoy them! Antoine.
  15. Baltimore New England Tampa Bay Green Bay Tennessee Kansas City Giants Philadelphia Seattle Oakland Cleveland Minnesota Rams San Francisco Pittsburgh New Orleans
  16. Sloppy proofreading. Many bootleg labels employed people who weren't exactly wordsmiths...and whose primary language may not have even been English.
  17. He should and do a few shows / appearances together with Big Wreck. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind at all. R😎🎸👍
  18. The 1994 remasters are based on the 1990 Box Set masters (for the 40 or so tracks that were on the 1990 set), but yes, they are different. Many of the tracks on the '94 CDs are identical to the 1990 Box Set versions but turned up about 1.4dB if memory serves, which results in some clipping. Other tracks, however, are more than just level-shifts: their dynamics are slightly less - they have higher average levels than the 1990 versions but their peaks are slightly lower than the 1990 versions. (Also, as an FYI, the 2003/2008 Rhino and Japan Definitive Collection box set with the cool mini-LP style packaging, is just the 1994 CD masterings turned up another 0.6dB.) Still the 1990 Box Set and 1994 CDs sound much more similar than different, as they are based on the same digital transfers of the tapes, and they were all (re)mastered by George Marino. There are literally hundreds of pages over at the Steve Hoffman forums comparing the 1980s, 1990s, and 2014/15 Zep masterings. There also is some discussion of the 1990 vs '94 tracks.
  19. 2007 VS 2018 This one is simpler. The 2007 peaks are white and 2018 peaks black. Opposite for the average db levels. 2007 black and 2018 white. You can clearly see the boosted treble range on the 2018 remaster. Strangely, it's much louder on average everywhere except the lows. But the 2007 peaks are higher, meaning the audio was less gated/compressed. I can't really explain that unless it's the discrepancy between the mp3 and flac.
  20. Here's a first attempt. 1976 VS 2007. Peaks>vertical bars Light blue and purple= 1976 Gray=2007 Average db per frequency>short horizontal bars- Black=1976. Blue=2007
  21. If time allows tomorrow I'll attempt to colorize each graph and overlay them so the visual comparison will be easier.
  22. Ok, now we're talking. You have discussed the variances and then explained how they, generally speaking, are discernible to listeners. I think this is a noble first attempt in a complex field.
  23. Unfortunately the free analyzer I downloaded is pretty limited and this is more of a test run until I can find something with more detail, but it gives an idea of the difference in mixes. This is simply a 60 band frequency analyzer showing the levels of the audio mix. The original release has a lower mid-range which gives it a dryer sound. The average db levels for each frequency are very unbalanced. It has a treble peak about where the guitar sits and the guitar on this track is noticeably up front compared to the other versions. Theres more distance between the peaks and lows can(I forget that technical term). The extreme lows and highs are rolled off sharply, so although this mix has a lot of punch it doesn't have a very broad soundscape. That's pretty common for 70s rock mixes. The 2007 remaster has the highest peaks (4 frequencies over the -20db mark). It has slightly more bass and mid-range than the original, but less treble. But, the extreme lows and highs are up in the mix and the average levels are very balanced, giving a "bigger" sound. The 2018 remaster looks almost identical to the 2007 version except it has less peaks. This confuses me as I've always read that the 07 mix was over compressed and louder, but that would make the range have less peaks (gated) but an overall higher average. Looks like the opposite here, but I'm amateur at this at best. One thing I've noticed both visually here and audibly is the highest frequency on the graph. It doesn't even register on the first two but is way up on the 2018 version. Maybe others can back this up, but I can notice Bonzo's cymbals being more audible in the latest release, and that's about where cymbals sit. I'd like to see someone who really knows this stuff delve in a little more (I've thought about bringing it up in the stevehoffman forums). I plan on doing all the studio takes of TSRTS as soon as my 80s copy of HOTH arrives. EDIT: One thing this doesn't take into account is the instrument stereo balance. Page rearranged the balance on the remasters, keeping the guitar on the right side (where he'd be in concert). Unlike the original release that had instruments swapping places.
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