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  3. I liked a couple things at the Grammy's. The girl who sang the song to her Father and Tanya Tucker who sang a REAL country song. Nice to also see violinist Joshua Bell. He played the music to the film 'The Red Violin.'
  4. A lot tears and broken hearts.
  5. Just bought led zeppelin 2 vinyl and I noticed side a has same songs on sticker as side b. Anyone ever hear of this
  6. And a few soundboard tracks from 26-05 / 11-06 / 23-06 1977 on 2 cd's. My box is no. 36/50
  7. Got hold of the 10.1.98 Lakefront Arena, New Orleans show recently. This show has unbelievable energy and incredible performances by both P and P, and the whole band. Just wondering if anyone has FLACs for this and might be kind enough to share? I have a Youtube rip right now and would love an upgrade though can't find one anywhere online. Even MP3s at 320 kbps would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  8. Jesus! "Led Zeppelin" alone has a complete double live album with it! As a mixing engineer it's fascinating to hear the alt mixes especially the ones without vocals. Hearing different aspects of the mix breathing with renewed air is fascinating. Alt mixes like "Four Sticks" are just amazing and the stuff with "Presence" is exceptional. As for "Coda" that now becomes an absolute gold mine of lost material.
  9. RIP to John, Keri and Alyssa Altobelli. They have been identified as passengers on the helicopter that crashed killing Kobe and Gianna Bryant and others yesterday. The Altobelli's are survived by their son and daughter. Prayers to those kids after losing both parents and sister.
  10. Agreed. Kramer wasn't there last night for their Grammy's performance. Aerosmith were rough, but Run DMC were even worse. "Walk This Way" deserved better...
  11. When you read Joey Kramer's whingefest of a memoir, it's pretty fuckin' obvious him and Tyler have never gotten along. Steven Tyler fancies himself a drummer, but he fancied himself a frontman more and realized he couldn't be both. Enter Joey Kramer. The story goes, when Aerosmith was recording Nine Lives and Kramer's father died, necessitating Joey's departure from the sessions, they brought in Steve Ferrone to pinch hit on the drums -ostensibly so Kramer could replace the parts on his return- but they left Ferrone's drums on the record. That's more or less an open secret... Fact, and it's been proven time and time again over the last fourty years: the only irreplaceable member of Aerosmith is Steven Tyler. He's probably been looking for an excuse to oust Kramer from the band for decades and Joey's health issues gave him the excuse he needed at last.
  12. Has to be a candidate for best lead into any song EVER. So emotional.
  13. redrum

    2020 MLB Thread

    Yep, being an old Giants fan. I know he drove batters crazy with his antics. 😄
  14. That's exactly what got Bill Graham...
  15. Yesterday
  16. "The Last Adieu" by EV, 23 & 24 July 1977- their last concerts in the USA
  17. Good question. I really can´t remember which one exactly, but it is a 75 US concert, I dearly love the NQ live versions of 73, almost all of the later ones are a hard piece of work for me. Whenever I stumble across it, I´ll let you know.
  18. The Reaper has claimed some big names this year and we're only in January for crying out loud!
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