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  2. Game 1: Nats - 5, Astros - 4. So Cole is beatable after all. His first loss since May. The Nats leaky bullpen made the game interesting late and it would have been a disaster if the Nats let the game get away from them after chasing Cole and using their #3 starter and top three arms from the pen. But Doolittle came thru. Game 2 should be a doozy...Strasbourg vs. Verlander.
  3. Strider

    2019 NFL Thread

    He's actually doing better in the pool this year than he usually does. 😁
  4. It's very simple Rick. If the schedule says Lakers at Clippers then it is a Clippers home game. If it says Clippers at Lakers, then the Lakers are the home team. Tonight the Clippers are the home team. So Clippers season ticket holders get this game tonight and the Clippers get the home side of the court and home jerseys. The Staples Center is home to four teams and the pecking order goes like this... 1. Lakers 2. Kings 3. Clippers 4. Sparks Rick, you forgot Portland in your Western Conference rundown. They should be a top 5 team this year.
  5. ebk

    2019-20 NBA Season

    Allez Les Boulez!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  6. Yesterday
  7. I traded, vinyl destroyer, a cellarful of noise, and a bbc section single record, all on vinyl and paid up for the new zurich cd in the late 80s.
  8. $979.69 in your dreams. This item will NEVER sell for anywhere near that amount. If it does, you've encountered someone with more dollars than sense.
  9. Good to Me as I Am to You - Aretha Franklin
  10. 1971 Celebration Days are a primary reason why I love getting any 1971 show I can get my hands on. 1971: The band was on fire, firing on all cylinders and Plant was still in full voice. Page played CD on the 12-string, which gave it a nice ringing tone and foreshadowed "The Song Remains the Same" (the song not the movie) a bit. 1973: Page switched to the Les Paul for the song. Plant's voice was not tip-top and it seems like the band dropped the key and the tempo to compensate for Plant's vocal shortcomings (they did the same thing with "Rock and Roll"...slower and lower). Also, the 1973 tour found the band going for a heavier vibe overall.
  11. I know nearly every Zeppelin song has a YouTube tutorial on how to play it on guitar, but sometimes those tutorials lack some depth. Once of my goals in the near future is to sign up for some online guitar lessons to try and get off this plateau I'm on, and I was wondering if anyone here has gone down that route and if any of the services have any decent LZ content?
  12. Not this weekend, Rick - November 3rd. Hot as Hell down here.... 5:47 pm and heat index over 90.
  13. Walter

    2019 NFL Thread

    There are very few certainties...Rick making wrong predictions is one of them!
  14. Walter

    2019 NFL Thread

    and they reload again, trading with Atlanta for Sanu.
  15. LZ II was the first LZ album I owned or listened to. I was there in 1969, as a 14 year old that had never heard ANYTHING like that before!! I experienced it for the first time, and for many times after that, listening with a pair of the big over-the-ear Koss headphones, that gave me everything that Garrard turntable could squeeze out of, that Robert Ludwig mastered LP. 😛
  16. This thread is beating a dead horse...we've known the RRHOF sucks for a long time. See the RRHOF thread in the "Other Bands/Music" section of this forum for proof. Maybe Jann is upset Rob didn't shag him? Actually, Led Zeppelin was one of the few who got in immediately upon being eligible. You become eligible for Jann's circle-jerk 25 years from your first album. Hence, Led Zeppelin was inducted in 1994, 25 years after 1969. Neil Young was also inducted that year.
  17. If you had asked me in 1972 what my favourite movie was I probably would have said "Billy Jack". I lost count of how many times I saw that movie from 1970 to 1975....it always seemed to be playing a theatre somewhere. I had the opportunity to see both these Billy Jack movies last night in the company of the son of Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor. The "Born Losers" print was faded a little, as expected, but "Billy Jack" was a nice IB Technicolor print.
  18. As a old time studio album fan of Led Zeppelin I have always dreamed of seeing these guys live, knowing full well I was 9 years to late. Having heard some boots back in the day for instance Dallas 75’, Destroyer 77’, Berlin 80’. Or whatever MTV played during Zeppelin Box set release back in the 1990s. Having bought 3 or four different copies, upgrades, remasters, an such of Song Remains The Same, I’ve been pretty shallow on unofficial recordings of the band (Thank you YouTube) that has changed, some recordings should be left in a box and others are spectacular but lack good professional recording though still worth repeat listens such as “listen to this Eddie, or Texas 77,” my question is this. Can someone please explain to me why there was such a big difference in the song celebration day how they played it live from 1971 to 1973 song remain the same version? The 1971 version is Bonzo attacking the drums with Joney going nuts? And the song remains the same version in NYC 73’ is was tamer (killer love it) but the 1971 is Holy Jesus these guys R on fire! I did search this forum for this question it and I’m sorry if I missed it or if it’s been asked before.
  19. The Pats look like a friggin' juggernaut.
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