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  2. I'm trying to find ideas for conglomerating concerts (see my YouTube channel for two concerts I've already done.) After I do Knebworth '79, I'm thinking of doing the first Boston Tea Party run in January '69. There are 2 definitive dates to mix from, 1/23 and 1/26. The issue I'm running into concerns this concert: Is it January 25, 1969? OR May 27, 1969? When searching both dates, the same concert comes up. Led Zeppelin's official website seems to point to the January 25th, but other Zep Heads seem to suggest it is from May 27th. I'm not well versed in their early shows (I find myself listening to later Zeppelin more often than not,) so if I could get some opinions on this matter, it would be much appreciated!
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  4. Where I come from and how I was raised I was taught that if you had nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Now I have never followed that shit. I told my mother not to let the door hit her where the good lord split her as I wanted privacy while "watching" Olivia Newton John in Xanadu...ahhhh, Xanadu.... But I digress, I recently beame a member here and I am utterly shocked at all the hate for Jimmy and Bonzo and Robert (well maybe not Robert, he talks a lot of smack himself). But seriously, how do you join what is basically a Fan Club, then rip on these guys.... I mean, I get that the outside world doesn't get LZ as a band, but here you'd expect to see those that do. They like the music, they just wish it was someone else playing it. They want album accuracy unless it's one of the Magical Performances. Like, how do you think they got those? And then there are stories of smacking people in the face and threatening to throw guys out of the band, embarrassingly excessive solos and awful skills. Not to mention subterfuge and dishonest product output by Jimmy that goes so far as to claim he can't play for shit but then at 60 he dubbed over his playing at 30. Seriously, where do you get this stuff? There are countless books, interviews, insider gossip and yet so many here run with the insane rumour mill of deranged fans. Stories started by imbeciles, uncorroborated, untrue and petty hurtful towards people they claim to love. I simply don't get it. One would imagine that this is exactly the place you'd go to see others who do get it. And if they don't they'd learn what it was about by the majority of people with love and admiration for a group that did so much for us all. Let alone the impact they had on music in general. The one place where my mother's advice would actually be employed by all. But no. It's all like "oh yeah the songs are great but these guys can't carry a tune." Bonzo can't play drums according one thread, Jimmy's the worst on another and Plant lost his voice in 72 on another. JPJ seems to still fly under the radar, thank god somebody gets a pass, but man, oh man is this the Twilight Zone or what? They should make another website for Zeppelin Song Fans and relocate these guys there or something. Seperate them from their families at the border so they don't come back and tear gas them to boot. This is a Fan Club for the band. If you rag on that band, you should be removed. Who knows in this crazy place, maybe I get removed for saying that. Say what you want, but cordialy. Fight with each other, of course. Everyone likes a good flame war now and then (except the moderators), but keep the band members sacrosanct. Otherwise; WTF are you doing here?
  5. Nowhere because it never happened. Like Paul Rodgers never karate kicked Jimmy on stage for showing up on smack during a Firm concert either. Like Jimmy would do a follow up album with a guy after he put his hands on him, puh-lease! I don't know how people get their rocks off, but I've heard a lot of ridiculousness. Go to youtube and you can watch many, many, many 95 performances. Little Rock must be the only bad one or these posters just don't get this type of live music. Maybe they want sterilized album versions, I don't know. But I saw P&P at MSG in July of 98 then a week or 2 later at Jones Beach. MSG was only ok because the sound bounces off of everything and during Jimmy's shredding it was awful. The PA is coming from behind while the amp is coming from the front, ugh! But that's not Jimmy, that's Madison Square Garden hosting real live music with massive wattage amps. i was sitting pretty close to front row so i had it bad, would have been better to sit in the nosebleeds where the amp doesn't reach fully for those parts. Jones Beach Amphitheatre? Freakin amazing. A natural course for the sound to be pushed, no need for a PA and again, you can see it on yutube. The MSG actually sounds better on the bootleg than it did when I was there and I suspect Little Rock would as well. Jones Beach is exactly how I remember it. But there's a book "When Giants Walked the Earth" written by a reporter with close access to Plant over the post LZ years. He rags on Page quite a bit and if that story were true, it would have been in there. Plant's a Hippie. I mean that it a good way, he would never lay hands on anything, let alone Jimmy.
  6. There's an interview with other members of Page & Plant that admit to back stage arguments between the 2, though they quickly point out that if they chimed in, the 2 teamed up immediately against them, lol. How funny is THAT? I don't think it was ever over mistakes though, I think more Page wanting to extend the improving and Plant wanting more album specific versions with a little bit of improv as well as Jimmy's approach. If he had backing guitars behind him live you wouldn't notice if he dropped a stitch here and there while on stage trying to come up with something new on the spot in front of a live audience as any and every guitarist does unless they play vanilla type music or with too much gain. Boy that gain hides a lot. I play as a hobby and I suck, but turn up that gain boy and I'm freakin Page! But they were a live band who made incredibly popular songs that fans nowadays detest when you play differently. Back then it was expected. When they were at their best the bar was set so high it was almost impossible to live up to it again when you're doing thing on the spot like that. Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn't but for the amount that they did exceed expectations, it's inhuman. but, Plant is notorious for complaining about how JPJ would get on him for not being in key or never having anything nice to say about his singing or something. At some Scandanavian Diamond Award's interview Jonsey says "lyrics were sang beautifuly" talking about Stairway and Plant's eyes pop out of his head and says something like "Wow, that only took what? 24 years?". But, with Jimmy, I truly believe he plays careless just waiting for a mistake because every amazing thing I've ever seen him do, came not too long after he dropped a note or played something on the spot that might not have sounded as good as he thought it would in his head. He winces, then watch out! Not that he wouldn't have preferred not to make one but it's like he's shaking things up that way by putting himself on the spot. I can't know the man's mind, but I believe that's his process and I gotta say, if it is, that takes minerals boy, pure unadulterated giant cajones of brass, or in this case, Led.
  7. How Many More Times The Lemon Song That's The Way When The Levee Breaks No Quarter In The Light Tea For One I'm Gonna Crawl Poor Tom. Truth is this is subjective. There really are too many great tracks to pick from for favorites.
  8. Caines wanted it more than the caps. All the giants are dead. The Boston Bruins are now the top team in the NHL.
  9. I love it! Like me you guys can't choose just one because it's very hard to say what you like "more". And every "Best" is subjective. There can be no wrong answer.
  10. Released 30 years ago today. Listening to it in its entirety. RπŸ˜ŽπŸŽΈπŸ‘
  11. Hoping for the caps to go packin! Lets Go Caines!!!
  12. A blast from the past from Australia! Tonight: The Scientists @ Teregram Ballroom
  13. agreed on Oshie I don't like bad hits at all.
  14. Should be a interesting series. I'll be pulling for the Blue Jackets, to many ex Rangers for me not to. ...as cool as it is to see hockey relevant again on the island, now that the Pens are out of the way, someone needs to take the Islanders out of it. I'm pulling for the caps tonight. That was a cheap shot on Oshie in game 5
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  16. I have never seen anything like that before! Caps just went up by 2 in the first.
  17. I've joined a Zeppelin cover band and never played out before (just once and it was with this band) and I need some advice on which amps to use and any other general advice from you more experienced gigging Zeppelin guitar players. All my life I played tube amps and one thing I like about them is that if you set it to a certain volume, but turn your guitar down or play really quietly, you get a clean/pretty clean sound, but then if you change your pick attack or turn up the volume, you get the necessary distortion. Digital effects processors always struggled with this. When using them, if you were on an overdrive setting but turned your guitar down, instead of getting a clean sound you got a sort of fizzy sound. I have to admit, from the experimentation I've done lately, the digital processors have come a long way and I'm actually able to sound like I'm playing on a tube amp, getting clean tones with light pick attack/low volume and breakup without the fizz with aggressive pick attack/higher volume. I'm bringing this up to see if you guys recommend using an Ax Fx pedal in combination with 4x12 cabinet or something. Or, should I just pick up a Marshall head and a 4x12 cabinet? Here's the thing about Marshalls that I want some advice on. In my experience, when I've played Marshalls in the past, they really only sounded good cranked up. Jimmy got a lot of his tones with the suckers cranked. My problem is that if I get a 100 watt head and a 4x12 cab, I won't be able to crank it in a pub. It will be way too loud. One more thing: What I'm trying to do, mostly (with a few exceptions) is to replicate as closely as possible the guitar tones as recorded on the albums, rather than Jimmy's live tone. This is why I'm thinking about getting the Ax Fx. A few years ago I read that one of the guitarists for Get the Led Out uses the Ax Fx and to my ears, they sounded right on. Recommendations?
  18. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/eric-clapton-2019-us-tour/
  19. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/journey-guitarist-neal-schon-launches-new-music-label/
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  27. Hands down TSRTS. best daze, no quarter, rain song, black dog.
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