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  2. Dallas and their loss to the Jets now looks even worse. 33-0 whacking on MNF for the J-E-T-S suck suck suck. The Bills lost to NE on a blocked punt and a dirty hit on Allen on what I believe would have been the winning drive. Allen just has to learn how to play in the first half. He will. The Browns have won in Foxbory with far worse teams. I am not sure why they have given NE so much trouble. Maybe part of it is Belecheck growing up a Browns fan?
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  4. are you suggesting that in the released soundtrack Page used snippets of the European tour? that's very difficult to do, variances in volume, tone and speed. I think Page had enough on his plate dealing with just the three MSG shows SIBLY is nowhere near the same as MSG version. Not that I thought there was any substance in this suggestion but I'm enjoying listening to the Mobile show anyway though,
  5. So in the film SSRTS you're suggesting that the actual film of them onstage at MSG they're miming to a playback from Mobile? and then at Shepperton they're miming to a film of them miming to a playback of Mobile? Black Dog has a different guitar solo and noticeably different vocals. if you think they're identical you're getting carried away with your own hunch. They are similar but they're not that similar. But then they're bound to be similar playing the same set list every night and despite Page's insistence that every night they were walking the tightrope of improvisation, they weren't and some sections eg the rockabilly part of WLL are always pretty much the same in template, variations in parts but mostly similar..
  6. Well it is opening night. So Lakers vs Clippers. How the hell are the Clippers +3? Is this a Lakers home game? So how does that work? Sean, maybe you know? If you are a Lakers season ticket holder I suppose, like Jack Nicholson, they get the game tonight? The Clippers play in the same damn building. The two top teams, Vegas wise, in the NBA. New year and the wild west is indeed the WILD WEST. Look at some of these stars on different teams Lakers Lebron and Anthony Davis Clippers, now have Kauwi Leonard to add to an alreday loaded roster Houston Westbrooke joins Harden. And if it was me, I woudl take Westbrooke and Curry over anyone to start a team with Golden St The Slash bros once Thomson returns. Curry has his hands full along with Green until then Denver and Utah are pretty good teams but do not have the star power these teams have but do have some balance. In the East, its the 76ers to lose. I do not think they will lose. But the Nets do have K Irving and Kevin Durant. Problem is KD is out most of the season with this recovery from surgery. The sooner he returns, and if he is the same KD, then the Nets must be added to the contender list in the East Once again, Lakers and Clippers tonight, if you like late games on the East coast. Oh, I forgot to add, the Lakers are the NY Yankees of the NBA
  7. Lets keep it rolling Buffalo. Sharks in tonight after we beat them out west. Now we use our number one goalie also. LETS GO BUFF A LO!!!!!! The old cheer should be heard loud again from the rafters. This team is good. But likely needs a forward or two to get to the top level? But who knows?
  8. Hit 70 here in Rochester, and that is high for this time. Though we have had some Halloweens that are summer like. Time to set the clocks back this weekend. That means its dark at 5. I have a raccoon coming every night that I feed. A can of cat food and critter food. Peanuts, corn, sunflower seeds and such. I was given a large bag of dry dog food from a local pet store that I will be giving him. They eat pretty much anything. And I know, I should not be feeding him. But that is me. I feed the birds on a daily basis, year round. Squirrels included.
  9. Amen. its a joke. I think in recent years they have tried to put more of the bands that are truly deserving? Not sure when Zeppelin went in but it was never fast enough. If there was a true Hall of Fame the list would be much shorter. Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Stones, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Eagles, would be my top of the list groups. Add Deep Purple to that, sorry. Aerosmith must be on there and Rush. Then Alice Cooper and Ozzie (Black Sabbath), Cream (Eric Clapton), Yardbirds, Beach Boys. If you are going to put Janet Jackson, then you have to put Hermans Hermits. There
  10. Oh man, if I did not have this fucking type 2, a curse on mankind, I would be eating German dark, Chocuer, Dove, Esther Price (have it shipped in from Ohio on the holidays, a special place, great stuff) and much more My wife, once the bag is opened, will likely be pounding those little Midnight Milky Way, and 3 Muskateers which I detest. She also likes Resses and such. Clark bars were the only type of peanut butter bar I could eat. Butterfinger are the same thing I believe? Nestles Crunch might be my all time favorite cheap bar
  11. Speaking of injuries, I am getting sick of players milking them. Singletary on my own team is a prime example. A damn 5 week hamstring injury with all the pampering they get these days? Vince Lombardi in Instant Replay, a must read for any football fan, goes into a locker room and sees a few guys "injured". Tells them to get their lazy ass's out on the field. We need more of that. Too many of these million dollar babies get away with too much. And those guys did not get peanuts compared to the contracts of today. 1960s NFL. Lombardi must be sick if he can see this somehow
  12. Well they are not a bad team Went into Green Bay and obliterated them. One year removed from winning the Super Bowl over NE. I disagree
  13. And yet the same people that have the gall to call us "science deniers" on climate change buy into the transgenders in women's sports nonsense. They preach at us and they are confused about which bathroom to use. https://nypost.com/2019/10/21/transgender-cyclist-rachel-mckinnon-dominates-as-competitors-raise-questions/ If this continues unabated, women's sports will just disappear. Males have a natural physical advantage over females. But if men can be women and women can be men why should there even be men's and women's sports in the first place? Totally insane, but that's the state of our society these days.
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    ^Sweeeeet, will have a look tonight as I have tomorrow off.
  15. Oh ya! This is actually on my Rhino Music Calendar. I'll be rocking this all day - starting with the LZII Multi-track mixdowns - followed by LZII proper and then some live gig from around this time. I have a job were I get to listen to music all day. If it's too loud your too old - Lock it in and rip the knob off! Happy 50th LZII!
  16. Listening again, i can hear all similarities you mentioned, but just pay attention to plant. Both performances are noticeably different, and if thats not enough- the guitar solos
  17. David Crosby Sets the Record Straight: Exclusive Interview https://ultimateclassicrock.com/david-crosby-interview-2019/
  18. The destroyer lps from the 80’s have many flaws in editing and the wax itself, i agree, just some 3 lp well-mastered sets on colored wax would be life saving. I think we all need some high quality pressings of these newly circulated shows
  19. 👍 https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/black-sabbaths-bill-ward-returns-with-new-day-of-errors-song-dark/
  20. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/listen-to-taylor-hawkinss-get-the-money-song-feat-chrissie-hynde-joe-walsh-duff-mckagan/
  21. https://www.tmz.com/2019/10/21/eddie-van-halen-living-best-life-despite-cancer-treatment-tool-mclaren/
  22. Wasn't sure where to post this; Drummer Frankie Banali, who has participated in a number of "Bonzo Bashes in the past, has been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/quiet-riot-drummer-frankie-banali-diagnosed-with-stage-four-pancreatic-cancer/
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