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  2. Ritchie Yorke, who started out as a disc jockey and music critic eventually became a rock musician and rock band biographer, wrote a definitive biography of Led Zeppelin. Music journalist and author Ritchie Yorke, who served as Billboard’s Canadian editor for a decade in the 70s and went on to pen books on Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, and most recently John and Yoko, died in his native Australia, from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on Feb. 6. He was 73. When Yorke fixed his sights on something he believed in, his support was dogged. The New Yardbirds had become Led Zeppelin and he began championing their debut album, when positive reviews for it were still scarce. The band never forgot and he went on to tour with them, introduced them on stage, wrote a biography and even appeared in their feature film. Their bassist John Paul Jones described him as "Zeppelin's champion". That decade [the 1970’s], he put out Into The Music: The Van Morrison Biography, The Led Zeppelin Biography, and The History Of Rock ‘n’ Roll. In the 80s, he returned to Brisbane. He worked as an announcer and producer for ABC Radio for two years until 1989, and wrote for Brisbane’s Sunday Mail until 2007. In 1991, re-issued his Led Zeppelin book under the title Led Zeppelin: The Definitive Biography.
  3. I remember seeing the reviews to HTWWW in a Rolling Stones album review section. They gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  4. We were this close to a tornado last night. Pretty scary for about 15 minutes. Fortunately, it passed our neighborhood and things are bright and sunny today. I hate weather.
  5. Presence In through the out door physical graffiti led Zeppelin (no title) Zeppelin 3 Houses...... led Zepp 2 Led Zepp 1 Coda
  6. Snooker, the World Championship day one of seventeen. That's a big part of my viewing between now and May 6th.
  7. JTM


    The best players are only benched if they are injured or out of form. There is nothing out of the ordinary going on in the premiership, teams win, teams lose, that's footie. There is not nor will there ever be a playoff, the team with the most points and/or the best goal difference will be the team that wins the premiership (if two teams finish on the same number of points). As for the Euro League, that is far from crap. I get that you think "nothing makes sense" I still don't get American Football and I've been trying to since the early eighties when Super Bowl was first broadcast, I've tried following the weekly NFL highlights show but it's akin to watching a film in a foreign language I just can't fully grasp it so I've given up.
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  9. Wolverhampton vs Bringhton & Hove on NBC Sports
  10. Yep, ballpark in Arlington. It's the last year, they are building a new stadium across the street with a retractable roof. It'll be nice to watch a game in the AC when its 117° outside, but baseball is just not the same indoors.
  11. What a joke “band “ —attractive tho !
  12. If he said he gave him cocaine three days ago, sure, but not for something that happened decades ago. You're being ridiculous.
  13. Why are you going to miss it? Is it being closed or are you moving away? And what park is it? Texas?
  14. Somebody please explain how this damn premier league works? All of a sudden, Manchester City is no longer the monster they were all year. All of a sudden bad teams are winning. All of a sudden there is no scoring. All of a sudden nothing makes any sense? Is it settled? Are the best players being benched? Is there aa playoff? Or is this all that Euro league crap?
  15. It's probably just me please tell me what you think
  16. So I looked at a couple of spotify's made playlists and their drum mania and air guitar I feel incorrectly represent led zeppelin and a few other bands for example Whole lotta love?!! on a drumming playlist, how about when the levee breaks or Kashmir?! even the immigrant song has better drums, and running down a dream is not that good with drumming too, that's just me. Stairway!!!!!! what the solo doesn't come to the end of the song, who does air guitar on stairway. Immigrant song's okay I guess, but what about heartbreaker, communication breakdown, they don't do other band as big hits, why do Zeppelin's they have the best collection of small hits ever.
  17. JTM


    Defo not amused, anyway any money spent is pocket change to any oilygark (sic) Sheik.
  18. Fair enough. Typo. Crown Court is not the High Court, but it is the higher court.
  19. referred to Crown Court, which is a higher court than Magistrates Court but is not the High Court.
  20. Glorious. Warm, clear and sunny. What a treat for Easter?
  21. For me Steve, he will always be best ever. His output after teaming with The Black Crows and the o2 gig is non existent for whatever reason. But maybe he does not want to output less than what he feels acceptible to himself critically. No matter. For me - BEST EVER musician along with the other 3 but with added mastery of song/guitar writing and producing.
  22. He WAS considered one of the very best ever, but 1999-2019 saw him slip to somewhere between Scatman John and Left Shark. ...Jimmy Page here...
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