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  2. The only one I'm seeing getting "hissy" here is you. You've even created an entirely separate thread to moan about how people aren't agreeing with your views. No one in this thread has attacked you or called you vile names. You have every right to express an opinion and people have every right to state that they disagree with you. Simple as that. If you go into a thread on bootlegs and then talk about how shitty you think bootlegs are, don't be surprised if you find a lot of people who feel differently. Feel free to ignore bootleg posts if you cannot handle others disagreeing with you. This compilation was clearly not intended for you or people who don't have bootleg ears (which, by the way, are the ability to get past things like hiss, distortion, or crowd noise in order to appreciate the performance underneath). It was intended for people who can appreciate different Zeppelin performances across different eras, even if the sound quality varies a bit. Not everyone has to like it, of course, but that was the intended audience. By the way, nice of you to cherrypick the worst sounding song on this compilation and then make a blanket statement that the entire thing "sounds like shit". Did you even bother to listen to this whole thing? While we're on the subject of your other post, I found this particular quote peculiar: First off, are you aware that pretty much any Zeppelin bootleg can be downloaded for free? They're very easy to find if you know where to look. I can go and download an entire show in just a few minutes if I want to. So you don't have to be worried about paying someone else and not Zeppelin if that's your concern. Secondly, if you're expecting threads such as "what is Zeppelin's best tour" how in the world do you expect to get any meaningful answer without bootleg recordings? What other evidence would there be? Newspaper clippings? Reviews from fans who were probably stoned out of their minds at the time? Bootleg recordings allow for an honest picture of what the tour actually sounded like. This is why the 1975 tour is consistently cited as Robert's worst tour vocally. Because the bootlegs allow us to hear how bad his voice sounded. Same thing with the 1977 and 1980 bootlegs showing how far Jimmy's playing ability had declined. Thirdly, while the streaming service has yet to be released, I think you are being extremely optimistic if you think Jimmy is going to release tons of bootlegs on it. We still have no news on the live album that was supposed to come out last year, nor the innumerable times Jimmy has stated he will go out on tour and/or record a solo album. To each their own, but I don't know what you were expecting going into this thread. It's literally a compilation of bootleg recordings. Once again, if you don't like it, move on to something else.
  3. Your going to tell me Dazed and confused sounds good? Hahahahaha oh that’s right I need those bootleg ears. LoL
  4. It’s odd coming to this forum and expressing something about the band that has been a huge part of a lot of peoples lives and just get criticized for expressing an opinion on Led Zeppelin. For example People here like to share their info about bootlegs live recordings but if someone says like I have many times that the 1977 shows majority of them were terrible and there are only a few good concerts of that tour they’ll freak out or they’ll just call you names or if you make an opinion that the 75’ concert tours were pretty raunchy because of robert’s voice they freak out I wonder why do these people collect bootlegs anyways just to say I have a bootleg? I think these forums are meant to ask questions like what was the Zepplin‘s best tour I don’t care about stupid bootlegs that recorded on that tour because sooner or later Jimmy’s going to release all that on streaming service so why would I want to pay someone and not Zeppelin?
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  6. Umm yeah have fun dude. If you really think this sounds good that’s fine. I find this form funny how you bootleg collectors get hissy if someone tells you that these bootleg sound like shit. WTF is (bootleg ears)?? Maybe that is a bootlegger thing...I believe 99% of Zeppelin fans would laugh at you if you played this....sounds like shit man, don’t take it personally.
  7. That's wicked! Wish I had the opportunity to meet him. Although probably never will...
  8. I admittedly haven't really dug into this tour at all. I've had 3/7 Montreux for several years, but then I don't usually listen to anything from '70 until the summer tour starts in August. I've listened to 3/21 Vancouver, and it's great, but short. Checked out 3/27 LA for the first time two months ago, and it was pretty good, but I didn't finish. Have heard great things about 4/17 Memphis, especially the epic HMMT.
  9. Houston 3/29/70. How Many More Times is just outstanding and has the crowd loving every minute Tampa 4/9/70 same comments as above! Memphis 4/17/70 same comments as above!
  10. The Blues will beat them in Boston. You will be sitting their looking stupid Your Bruins come off of a sweep of an upstart, young Carolina team, having dodged the Tampa Lightning by sheer luck, after Columbus did the real work for them. Columbus had them on the ropes. If that puck does not hit the post in game 5 Columbus would have been up 3-2 and likely won the series The Blues had to beat Bishop, a very daunting task in itself, beat San Jose, a team that really believed this was their year, and a team that was experienced and battle tested. These Blues are battle tested vs stiffer competition. Including a Winnipeg team some thought could win the Cup Ill take pleasure in guttin you boy!!!!
  11. Too funny....that's our local morning show that's been on for many, many years. Russ, the head guy on the show, is a huge KISS fan. Back in '96 when they came to town on their reunion tour, we dressed up as KISS for the show and for a pre-party they - "The Monsters" - were hosting. I have a picture of us from that night somewhere... Anyway, Ace Frehley is going to play a show for "Monsterween" at City Walk/Universal Studios on October 27. That coincides with Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.
  12. "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" - Led Zeppelin
  13. When this first came out I thought they wrote it. When I then heard the original I could not believe how different they were, but both are fantastic.
  14. If you like this type of stuff, the whole album is called Horizontal, by Moodswings. It is the third Moodswings album, out in 2002. Much spacier than their first 2 - Moodfood and Psychedelicatessen . Anyway, I can only find a few tracks from this double CD on YouTube to post. The real title of this one is Opium at 45 Degrees, a second version of the track Opium on the first disc. The other tracks on YouTube are the more conventional ones with vocals - the best ones are not on YouTube as far as I can find.
  15. I met Jimmy at his home in Windsor in 1988. He was very polite and nice and spoke to me for about 15 minutes and shook my hand.
  16. Walter

    2018 NHL Season

  17. I've never seen this memorial - where's it at? Makes me wonder what memorials will be erected when the other members eventually pass on. Something on par with Strawberry Fields in NYC or even grander I imagine.
  18. what hockey team have you been watching? Bruins in 5
  19. I'm trying to gather shows from all tours and showcase them as a sort of "what if there were 4 to 6 concerts on each deluxe edition release." I'm having a bit of trouble picking a night for this tour. This would be attached to Led Zeppelin II. More info on my project here. Quality of the concert aside, what are your favorites from tour?
  20. I've finished my pick for UK/Scandinavia 1969. This is a showcase of the Danish shows March 15 – 17. I've ordered the setlist in a way that was typical to this tour. I was able to cheat a little bit since the Danmarks concert was already on the DVD, so this was a quickie. More info about which gig was used for each song, etc. is in the video description. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgSXPaRQHfY
  21. You did a great job. My new soundtrack this week !!!
  22. luvlz2


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