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  2. Tom & Delores Laughlin were bad ass, they talked the talk and walked the walk and neither voiced any regrets. They used their movies as platforms and never backed down. My hats off to both.
  3. Last round, Offenburg - 3/24/73 was eliminated. Round 9. If you'd like to read all about it, here is the post with all the important info and here is the post for this round. The round posts include a detailed tracker of which show goes out when and the remaining shows. If none of that interests you and you'd like to go straight to voting, this is a direct link to the poll.
  4. What...? At first I thought you were just trolling, but can you really not hear the obvious differences in what's being played here...? You do realize that Page playing similar passages or motifs doesn't mean it's all from one show, right? This is pretty ridiculous man.
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  6. "Good Times Bad Times" - Led Zeppelin
  7. Other obvious differences: Dazed first solo break before the San Francisco segment. Very different. Stairway solo. Very different.
  8. It is the magic of Zeppelin. Both versions are amazing, yet very different. I heard the 1973 version first in 1976 when the movie and live album came out and that to me was the gold standard of excellence. Then I first heard some 1971 versions and I was completely blown away. It was so different - not just the speed. but Page's ending solos in 1971 are completely different than the 1973 versions, and there is so much variety in the ending solo within each year - night to night. Another one of the many wonders of Led Zeppelin. My favorites from 1971 are Toronto and Osaka 9/29.
  9. I would definitely have to agree with your point. Robert Plant in those early touring days from 1969-71 are unreal, the Bonham Jones combo during the 71 tour blew away anything I’ve heard The Who do live or Deep purple, Pink Floyd, Uriah heap, Tool, Sound Garden name it no one could touch that power.
  10. Game 1: Nats - 5, Astros - 4. So Cole is beatable after all. His first loss since May. The Nats leaky bullpen made the game interesting late and it would have been a disaster if the Nats let the game get away from them after chasing Cole and using their #3 starter and top three arms from the pen. But Doolittle came thru. Game 2 should be a doozy...Strasbourg vs. Verlander.
  11. Strider

    2019 NFL Thread

    He's actually doing better in the pool this year than he usually does. 😁
  12. It's very simple Rick. If the schedule says Lakers at Clippers then it is a Clippers home game. If it says Clippers at Lakers, then the Lakers are the home team. Tonight the Clippers are the home team. So Clippers season ticket holders get this game tonight and the Clippers get the home side of the court and home jerseys. The Staples Center is home to four teams and the pecking order goes like this... 1. Lakers 2. Kings 3. Clippers 4. Sparks Rick, you forgot Portland in your Western Conference rundown. They should be a top 5 team this year.
  13. ebk

    2019-20 NBA Season

    Allez Les Boulez!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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  15. I traded, vinyl destroyer, a cellarful of noise, and a bbc section single record, all on vinyl and paid up for the new zurich cd in the late 80s.
  16. Remember, Elvis Presley was Led Zeppelin’s greatest hero. Robert Plant explains that fact in an interview a few years back. The British public actually have more of a fascination and respect for Elvis than Americans starting in the early 60s. American kids in the 60s and 70s did not listen to Elvis, as did British kids in the 60s and 70s. Elvis was an idol of the American 50s and kept going on 60s films (sex appeal) & nostalgia performances in the 70s. He was much more influential on British artists (Beatles, Zeppelin, Stones, etc.. which in turn were much more influential on American artists. The LZ song “10 Ribs & All/“ is a Presley cover song of a Hymn he recorded. It has a similar chord progression and everything, but is a unique re-worked LZ (JPJ) song. Please note this song is created by JPJ and not Page. I know it’s Page’s band, but it would have never been LZ if it weren’t for the grossly underrated JPJ. This is his song. I’ll leave it to the reader to find out which one. As for the title, I have no idea about the “ribs” but as for the “pods” it refers to a religious poem. The song is from a hymn that Elvis recorded, although the title and various movements within the chord progression have been changed.
  17. $979.69 in your dreams. This item will NEVER sell for anywhere near that amount. If it does, you've encountered someone with more dollars than sense.
  18. Good to Me as I Am to You - Aretha Franklin
  19. 1971 Celebration Days are a primary reason why I love getting any 1971 show I can get my hands on. 1971: The band was on fire, firing on all cylinders and Plant was still in full voice. Page played CD on the 12-string, which gave it a nice ringing tone and foreshadowed "The Song Remains the Same" (the song not the movie) a bit. 1973: Page switched to the Les Paul for the song. Plant's voice was not tip-top and it seems like the band dropped the key and the tempo to compensate for Plant's vocal shortcomings (they did the same thing with "Rock and Roll"...slower and lower). Also, the 1973 tour found the band going for a heavier vibe overall.
  20. I know nearly every Zeppelin song has a YouTube tutorial on how to play it on guitar, but sometimes those tutorials lack some depth. Once of my goals in the near future is to sign up for some online guitar lessons to try and get off this plateau I'm on, and I was wondering if anyone here has gone down that route and if any of the services have any decent LZ content?
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