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  2. Honolulu, May 13, 1969. Photos: Robert Knight Mentioned in the Timeline: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/may-13-1969 "While in Honolulu, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are interviewed on KPOI FM." Another photo from this interview:
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  4. Does anyone know when or where or any details on this photo of Jimmy Page?
  5. A combination of post-War English working class diet and basic NHS dentistry?
  6. Steve this sounds good to me. Thanks for doing these.
  7. A beautiful piece of art.
  8. Here we go with the list. Now, rather than attending these shows in chronological order, there is a certain order I have come up with and they will be listed by me in that order. It didn’t really want to attend a bunch of shows from the same time period all at once, so it jumps around a bit. These are also not ranked in any order of performance quality for the most part. But the last few are amongst the very best. Houston – May 21, 1977 Right out of the gate, I wanted a hometown show. This is a pretty darn good performance and the perfect start of the adventure. This time period is also during Houston’s heyday, which peaked around 1980 with the release of Urban Cowboy. Seattle – March 21, 1975 The 1975 tour didn’t make the list too many times (not that I don’t enjoy these performances, it’s just how the list ended up), but this one could not be left off for obvious reasons. Memphis – April 17, 1970 Completely night and day from the previous two shows, this one is the last full show before the third album was recorded. It represents the band at a creative peak when it came to the jamming and improvisation on stage during their first two years of touring. Not to mention it’s in Memphis, a city which is a favorite of mine. I have been there once before, and would love to visit it during this time period. As far as I know, Elvis was at Graceland during this time (as opposed to being on tour or at his home in Los Angeles) and the possibility of meeting him outside the gate adds to this date being a must for the list. Tokyo – October 2-3, 1972 The first multi-show trip on the list. For most of my life, Japan has been at the top of my list of countries I would most like to see, so there isn’t a shortage of Japanese shows on this list. I’ve always enjoyed the charm of the performances on this tour, even though the band (particularly Plant) are not at their technical peak. I also think the stage setup at Budokan with the band’s name in giant neon letters behind the stage was really cool and unique. London’s Marquee Theater – March 23, 1971 This is the first of three shows on this list in which no recording is known to exist. Consequently, we have no clue the quality of this performance. The first two shows of this tour represent the band in explosive form, but the BBC show is pretty poor in comparison. What were the shows in between like? I’d wager that a gig at such a historic London venue would have brought out the best in all four band members; and knowing what they were capable of at the time makes that thought all the much better. Also, just think of cool it would be to see the band in such an intimate setting! Hamburg, Essen, & Offenburg, West Germany – March 21-24, 1973 In this trip, I stretch the rules a bit. It spans over four days and takes place in three different cities. However, all of the cities are within reasonable driving distances of each other (at least reasonable for someone who lives in Texas and has to travel around the state because of his job). Anyway… I’ve only recently started listening to shows from this tour and I must say, they are not overrated. Fabulous performances, and also taking place in the country most of my heritage comes from. Germany is probably second or third on my list of countries I would most like to see. I believe most of my family on my mother’s side is from Frankfurt to be exact, so a stop there on the 23rd while traveling from Essen to Offenburg would be a must. Los Angeles – September 4, 1970 For obvious reasons, a number of shows at the Forum will appear on this list, but not all of them. However, the ones that are included I want to attend in chronological order and this is the first one. It’s also the first show on this list from arguably my favorite tour of America. Not much can be said about this gig that hasn’t already been. It is a world famous gig and rightfully so! Communication Breakdown alone is worth the price of admission! Dallas-Fort Worth – May 18-19, 1973 The Dallas show is one of two gigs in which I personally know someone who attended it (the other one is Tampa 1977, but for obvious reasons that one is not included here). Of all people, the preacher at a church I attended for 7 years went to this show when he was 17. He and I were very close and he shared his memories of it with me several times. He described it as the greatest and most exciting concert he ever attended. In listening to this show, it seems a bit subpar for the era, but the only recording of it is one of the driest soundboard recordings (at least that I have heard). I believe a much better performance is buried in the mix. The Fort Worth show that took place the next day is one I have not listened to at this point, but it is marked as a “must hear” on the Year of Led Zeppelin blog, and he didn’t give those out lightly! Come to think of it… the Tampa 1977 show might be kind of exciting to attend! Well actually… I’d better leave that one alone… someone in my entourage could get hurt! 😁 Well, those are the first 8 trips out of 26. I'll pick this list up tomorrow.
  9. There have been plenty of “which concerts would you most like to attend” topics, but I thought I’d put a new spin on it. In coming up with which concerts I would most like to attend, it sort of evolved into a fanfiction type of scenario; and as time went on, this fantasy of mine was becoming quite enjoyable to conceive. This is probably a good time to point out that since this post is based completely on fantasy, it isn’t really meant to be taken seriously, it’s just something I drummed up for a little fun, nothing more. Led Zeppelin has always been a very mythical band, and they always appreciated mythical tales! So basically in this fantasy of mine, I have a time machine. With it, I can take a small number of friends with me back in time to attend Led Zeppelin concerts. But since this sounds too good to be true, I had to stipulate some rules… The first one being that when the time machine is used, I and anyone else that goes with me are gone in real time. So basically if we’re in the past for two days, we’re gone from the present for two days. With that in mind, I figured that the weekend would be the best time for me and most other people to use it. I also set a limit for the number of times it can be used: 26 times. Enough to use it every other weekend for a year. But that doesn’t mean I can only attend 26 shows; because since I have an entire weekend to work with, it works out in some cases that multiple shows can be attended in one trip. If multiple shows were performed in the same city on consecutive days, I can attend as many as shows for as long as I wanted to remain there. There were also some occasions in which the band performed two shows in one day. So in choosing these 26 trips, one thing I kept in mind was to try to milk them as best I could and attend as many shows as possible while at the same time, keeping every trip under three days (however on two occasions, I break this rule; more on that later). Naturally while picking, one would want to choose the absolute best performances to attend; and while this is mostly true for my list, there were other elements I kept in mind as well. I’ll address those when they come up. But one thing I will point out right now is that I’m from Houston. I was born and raised in Texas and as a matter of fact, in my 26 years of life, I have spent a total of less than two months time outside of the state. The point is… there is no shortage of shows performed in my hometown on my list, and thankfully, they never gave a bad performance in Houston, so it’s a win-win. While all but currently three of these shows exist on audio recording, I wanted to leave out shows that were professionally recorded on film or video. But of the shows which fit that bill, the only one I would have considered for this list is the Ahmet Ertegun tribute concert at the O2. I also wanted to include as many years as possible, and in the end, the only one left out was 1980. There were some really good performances during the Tour Over Europe but I had to narrow the list down, and none of those shows made it.
  10. I read in Richard Coles Book Stairway to Heaven that John Bonham poured Orange Juice on Alvin Lee Of Ten years after. Jimmy and Peter Grant were so outraged and furious with Bonham that they told him he ever pulled another stunt like that again he would be out of the band. Don’t know if that is true or not?
  11. Sat through almost an hour of Beyonce's Homecoming with my girlfriend. Help me, God. Despite celebrating 'blackness' why does the 'n word plus bitches and hoes' always seem to pop up? Practice what you preach. I refused to watch anymore.
  12. Making such a statement is no different than someone claiming conservatism is stealing from the poor to enrich the wealthy, with a nice side helping of racism to keep the idgits in line. Life, and politics are never one dimensional.
  13. Except most art cannot blow your head off. Sweet gun though, kinda like the one a six year old kid used to accidentally blow his 4 year old sisters head off with last week. I guess art is subjective.
  14. I guess by some peoples logic, Joe Walsh & Don Felder were official Eagles and the guy who took over for Bill Ward was a member of Black Sabbath. Shit, Geezer & Tony pretty much stripped Ward as a member of the band. Talk about confusion. Honestly, why does this matter?
  15. ...and the first of my two shows is tomorrow! I'm going to catch the "Play It Loud - The Instruments Of Rock And Roll" exhibit earlier in the day at The Metropolitan Museum Of Art. It'll be fun to see what LZ stuff ends up being there. The updated setlist: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/nick-masons-saucerful-of-secrets/2019/sony-centre-for-the-performing-arts-toronto-on-canada-53931f25.html
  16. I don't believe so. If you look at pictures and film (TSRTS, several pre-75' TV interviews, etc.) his teeth look rotted. There appear to be both missing and black, rotted teeth. A real shame as it looked like his original dental structure was quite nice.
  17. Good post Kip. Around the 13th century no fewer than four churches laid claim to the skull of John the Baptist. In merry old England, half the English churches in the middle ages claimed to have the remains of Joseph of Aramathea. Damn these saints got around more after they died then they ever did alive.
  18. Saladin had been dead for a decade when the Fourth Crusade began, plus, the sacking of Constantinople had nothing to do with Saladin or anyone else, it was about money. The Fourth Crusader Army, which had just sacked Zara, and was excommunicated as a result by Pope Innocent III, were pretty much screwed when the son of the deposed ruler of Constantinople came a calling. The crusader army camped out at Constantinople just hanging out and getting paid for nothing for about a year when the ruler was deposed and the money cut off. The crusader army then sacked Constantinople as they did to Zara. So to recap, we have a christian crusader army, supposed to re-take Jerusalem instead sacking Zara for money and then Constantinople, and getting excommunicated in the process. Saladin...are you serious? Oh wait, its always the brown guys fault, bonus points if muslim.
  19. Though the 2019 version does not, the 1993 original version does have this note in the print: "So as to get as many tracks on this vinyl edition as there are on the CD we had to master at a slightly lower level than usual. Be not afraid to stand heavy on the loud pedal."
  20. Yesterday
  21. I'm almost done with the 5/25/1977 remaster. I thought I'd have it finished by now but I ran into some unexpected problems, although I think I have a solution for them. Here's a preview. I really like the tone on the Alembic on this one.
  22. So they are perfect? Mentally unstable people, or people known to be stalking an ex-partner can buy a gun at a gun show unchecked - right? Shouldn't that be improved? You need to jump through more hoops to drive a damn car than own a gun (as I understand it). Why? A car can be a weapon if some idiot decides to. Like I said, get experts (constitutional experts, law experts, social engineers that are considered top of their field, community representatives) to look at data and ideas. Pass conclusions and suggestions back to the community for debate and go from there. (I don't even stand by that last sentence as sensible debate by a polarised and very tribal community is not possible.) To have the position that any look at reform is itself the enemy is a strange position to hold.
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