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  1. thank you so much, i was dying to watch Kashmir all day and was pissed when youtube pulled them. you made my day!
  2. I have the Netaid set on cd. "Dazed& confused"/Domino/In my time of dying/Whole lotta love. Great stuff!!
  3. I can't wait for the first clip to appear. Can everyone that is going please get them up asap!!
  4. I would just like to hear some of the stuff that Jimmy has lying around that never made it to a cd. For example: 1)a track called "Wanted" from the "clarksdale sessions" 2)"Domino" from the netaid concert 3) a track called "saccharine" from the Coverdale/Page sessions
  5. Jimmy is the driving force behind Zeppelin and always will be. Whatever he does, I'm there. Maybe he and Jonesy could tour with Jason or Michael Lee on drums and dig up a singer somewhere.(Coverdale?) That would get Plant back on board in a second.
  6. Obviously I can't reveal my source but I just got some excellent news regarding future shows. The same source that leaked some of the songs being rehearsed and told me about "For Your Life" weeks before the guitar world interview came out just gave me the following update. He has it on very good authority that at least a handful of U.S. dates are being considered as long as Plant is happy with Dec 10th's gig. Keep your fingers crossed!!
  7. Don't know for sure if they will play In the Light & The Rover but they definitely rehearsed them. That comes from a friend of mine who is very much inside the Led Zeppelin inner circle.
  8. I think they'll pull it off. There is a magic that surrounds Zeppelin that nobody can explain. Dec 10 will become a highpoint of the Zeppelin legend.
  9. Think outside the box once in a while
  10. No it was never played live. Page rehearsed it for the Coverdale/Page tour but it never made the stage. I have a bootleg of the soundcheck with Page, Guy Pratt and Denny Carmasi playing it
  11. Thanks, i heard he also mentioned Houses of the Holy. Is that true?
  12. There were supposedly 3 extra songs from those sessions: the window/whiskey in the glass/wanted. I remember reading an article that Page plays a 5 string bass on "wanted".
  13. Anyone find any cookies on the new dvd yet?
  14. http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermo...ewsitemID=85343
  15. There is an interview with Jimmy Page on Blabbermouth.net. Jimmy says they will start rehearsing again this week and speaks about the "intense" song they will be doing that has never been performed live.
  16. Anybody else have one of the originals?
  17. working on the "presence" song for the 12/10 show
  18. according to Page, this is one of the surprise songs they have been working on.
  19. As we all know, Page & jones would do a world tour starting tomorrow if they could. The question is will Plant agree to any additional shows after 12/10? Or will he rain on the parade like he usually does?
  20. i was thinking the exact same thing. i hope not. plant needs to focus on zeppelin that night
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