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  1. Sorry I missed your Birthday :(

    Happy Belated


  2. I'm listening to Dazed and Confused-The Song Remains The Same. Lori
  3. Hey Sweetheart nice to meet someone from home . I went to Highschool for 1 1/2 years in Covington the rest was in New Orleans Marion Abramson Senior High New Orleans East.

  4. good to meet ya lori J!! all the best, katy

  5. I made a tape (this was a long time ago) of ONLY Led Zeppelin songs to fall asleep to every night. I think my parents thought I was crazy! Lori J Louisiana
  6. I visited the site and Knebworth site as well. Thanks for the info and wish I could be there more than anything. Beautiful painting! Lori
  7. Yes, this is it! I don't remember my seat. It was a great night, but it seemed so short of concert. But atleast I had a chance to see them. I was in college at the time and I think it was a weeknight??? I know we didn't get there early or go out after so I am trying to remember if I had a test the next day, probably. Is that UNO?
  8. Hi Dave, I feel that they could not have replaced him so easily. Listen to Nobodys Fault But Mine and Out on the Tiles. He carried these songs, and of course, Kashmir. I'm Lori from Mandeville, LA and I am new at this and it so cool to connect with other die-hard Zep fans! Lori
  9. Hello everyone, I'm Lori and I adore Zepplin, especially Jimmy Page. I can listen day and night to every Zep song. I saw Page/Plant in the late 90s in New Orleans and the concert went by so fast. I am hoping they will reunite and do another tour. There music, like a lot of us, is an outlet and I feel connected to something larger than life when I am listening to their music. I am also a fan of their influences such as other rock/blues musicians. Even though I am in my early 30s, I am still long to learn how to play guitar, like my idol (Page) one day. Lori
  10. Great pics! I love Jimmy too! Best musician in the history of mankind! Lori J.
  11. What do the other member's want to do? Do they want to tour as well? Does anyone know? Lori J.
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