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  1. is it many coloured pictures in it? I just bought a book named the bands historie from 1968-1980. ther was a lot of black and white pictures...but I want some coloured ones:-)) Hugs linda.
  2. is this a new book? I have never heard about it. hugs Linda.
  3. no I have never heard about that, is it new? Hugs Linda.
  4. thank you ..I will do that:-) Hugs linda.
  5. If Robert doesn`t want to join the group as a singer, Zeppelin should be something we just have to remember as the best ever!!! NOBODY!!! can take his place!! Anyone agrees???? Linda.
  6. Help?? If I want a Zeppelin book with LOTS of PICTURES which book should I buy. Please help!
  7. Hi. I`v heard that there is a new book coming out of Zeppelin. Called "In the light" but when I was seartching the web..it was two different books by the same name??? Which one is the newest?? and if any one has it, does it have any pictures in it? Hugs from Norway. Linda.
  8. thank you so much:-) you are an angel, smiiile Hugs Linda Norway.
  9. hi list:-) I have just been watching a show with Robert Plant and Allison Chrowe. they were singing a song called " Please red the letter that I wrote" written by Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and two other guy`s. I can not find this song on any Zeppelin Cd`s...please tell me.On wich CD can I find this song?? Hugs Linda from Norway.
  10. oh no it must be more??? were can I get the dvd you mention
  11. Hi. I have now been listening to the DVD`s The Songs remains the same and the dobble DVD with Zep I think it is called Zepelin II. songs from 1970- to 1979 in Knebworth. I LOVE watching this DVD`s, but I would now like to ask you fan`s. Is there any other DVD`s I can buy/watch??? that has other materials/interwies or other things than this DVDs that I already have. I am so interessted in "LIVE" materials from them. Please I would LOVE to hear from you. Hugs Linda.
  12. Thank you for this link it is so interessting:-) Hugs from Norway.
  13. I know for a fact he didn`t try to impress anyone in that time, he just was one of a kind, beautiful and gorgeous. A Golden God
  14. Well.I think If we fans will ask or demand for a new tour it would help:-)) Hugs LInda. Norway.
  15. No this guys can never play under another name then ZEP:-))))) anyway I would LOVE to see them. Maybe it is possible next year. See you there,he,he.¨¨ Linda
  16. which one do you think is best?? Hugs lInda. and why??
  17. He doesn`t need to show anything anymore, he is just so gorgeous as he is:-))) Linda.
  18. Hi thank you for your answer. Yes it would be awsom to see them again, even if they are older!!! Hope they will get on a new world tour soon:-) Hugs lInda.
  19. Thank you I will look into it:-) Hugs Linda.
  20. What do you mean about the others beeing to mosest:-))))) Can you tell me a little bit of what this book is about? why this book maybe is a bit different... Hugs Linda.
  21. I would LOVE to see them!!!! I really would have...but please be honest..why do you all think that Robert said all this time.. it will never bee the same..It was perfect then, but it can not be re created... I would LOVE to see them, but in my hearth..I will always remember them for what they were in that time... Hugs lInda.
  22. To be honest all of you Zep fans out there, would a new world tour with Zeppelin be the same. as it was in their prime time.. When you hear Zeppelin in their hight`s in the 70`s, would it truly be the same to listen to them now??? Robert ...Blessed be his kindly hearth...who said him selves..I can not longer sing as I did when I was young... Would it be the same magic as it was before...my true oppinion...NO!!! What do you think???
  23. thank you for an very interessting link:-) I wish I cold learn a little bit more about their songs and their meaning. HUgs lInda.
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