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  1. I bought my wife (Firekisses) a copy of the first album we listened to when we first met in person.
  2. 8 months down the line and I haven't seen a single horror movie that doesn't even deserve to lick the heels of A L'Interieur. I've seen the classic Ils some time ago. It's an awesome, awesome movie, but it's nothing compared to A L'Interieur, and that's saying a lot! I'm absolutely sure A L'Interieur is the single best horror movie of all time!!
  3. I love Zep but hate Kingdom Come. Does that help?
  4. Finally ordered this killer EP! Next month in Amsterdam I'll buy ObZen.
  5. JUST WON THIS ITEM ON EBAY FOR €16,-!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B) B)
  6. I agree in that singers can completely ruin a band. I can't stand the vocalists for Dream Theatre, Cradle Of Filth, Axl Rose And His Guns and indeed Megadeth. I simply don't understand why they ever thought 'Damn, this sounds fucking cool, man!' I mean... damn!
  7. Im think you're totally right. Most death/blackmetal just get me tired, because I think just tuneless noise and someone barking intelligible satanic crap over it is just fucking boring and cliched. 'We are fast and loud and kick ass!!!', Yeah, right.... I think metal kicks ass when something gets 'done' with it, be it played very tight and heavy, or bringing in progressive elements, because I think those elements make it earcandy, sometimes even for the curious.
  8. Well, people, just got this downloaded, Here is the Album Of 2008!! V http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?showtopic=3469 You can stop buying other new cd's this year!
  9. Just wanted to use my old name, but I added '(slight return)' -you know, Jimi Hendrix- because, well I wanted to be 'ha-ha'-funny.
  10. Van Halen? 3 lines: 1. Killer debut. 2. Competent other songs 3. Should've quit after David left. There!
  11. I saw a rather great movie, The Curse Of Alcatraz, yesterday... And then my dvd fucked up and the files that went on it turned out to be bad... I wanted to curse long and loud, being an hour into the fucking movie already!! :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant:
  12. He's damn right. Radiohead is the most overrated band since Syd-led Floyd and Red Hot Chili Peppers stopped being interesting after Dave Navarro left. Don Van Vliet has ALWAYS been interesting, and I'm not just saying this because I'm a Zappa-fan.
  13. Get the ones that are mentioned, but also Technical Ecstacy and Never Say Die! People have been talking shit about them. It's all fucking nonsence, they're awesome, you should get em!
  14. Hate it, although Johnny Cash does something interesting with it and makes it sounds awesome (therefore Johnny kicks major ass). Kenny Rogers once recorded a GREAT single (Just Dropped In), then decided to SUCK MAJORLY afterwards. Damn, what the hell went wrong with that guy?
  15. Add to that: Maroon 5 & A Simple Plan. So bad it almost makes me cry.
  16. That's childish. You know, Stewart Copeland, he invented sarcasm, so you should take it with a pinch of salt. Musicians often bitch at each other for petty reasons. Why should you give a fuck?
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