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  1. Thank you everyone, that was very sweet!
  2. Firekisses

    Pet Peeves

    Life, living and feeling dead inside
  3. Now your next job is to find out where I hid the golden key!
  4. Just saying howdy from down south.

    ... and yeah... about pics of the mister... (I did see yours awhile back... yay)!

  5. And just who helped you out of exile Mr. 59LesPaul? Hmmmmmmmm?
  6. Agreed! I'm sweet and innocent (yeah, right) ...its Mr. Conway that'll handle business.
  7. Looks like Icqub got his ass handed to him....AGAIN!
  8. In answer to your smart ass remark obviously misplaced in the WRONG THREAD.... I posted his comments concerning what Keith said in the proper area. So if you want start attacking people on that matter, I'm the lady you want to go toe to toe with. Just make sure its in the proper place on the board.
  9. When it comes to relationships of any kind...there are never any guarantees. You take a chance when you choose to open your heart and soul to another person. The reward far outweighs the risks involved. Life is too short to be sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and contemplating the "what ifs" of all the moments you let pass you by.
  10. This it's what all the hate is about!? What a fucking joke!!So;Keith Richards takes a shot at "Stairway"!?Oh,the fucking horror!!! "Like,oh my god,he hates the greatest fucking song ever!!" (Just for the record,so do I.) ...and he took a shot at Robert!? I can't take it, and I'm sure Robert Plant is going to go into hiding over the whole thing. Kiss a Zep reunion goodbye,and it's all Keiths' fault!! Jesus Christ on a Big Wheel people; this kind of back-and-forth smack-talk has been going on since Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry (look it up). Newsflash: Believe it or not, there are people in the world that don't like Led Zeppelin,and there's people that don't like The Rolling Stones either (just not as many ), and I don't give a fuck either way, I know what I like-and love-and no one flippant comment is going to change that. It must have served some type of purpose however, because it got people talking, and I respect Keith a fuck of a lot more than the brown-nosing motherfuckers that say they loved the reunion show, and love Led Zeppelin, in order to make themselves look better. At least Keith says what he really thinks. BTW; his comments about Elton John were said in response to Elton basically calling him a monkey onstage. These guys are going to talk shit back-and-forth to one another, deal with it. As far as his comments about drugs being hypocritical,here's a thought: Wouldn't you take him more seriously, as someone who's been through it, than someone who just read about it in a fuckin' book? I know I would. Lighten the fuck up people;it's only rock-n-roll..... .....but I like it.
  11. I believe that life is too precious not to follow your dreams and your heart!
  12. Firekisses

    Pet Peeves

    Of course! Hell, I buy Valentine's Day gifts, cards and I make dinner so I want a little romance and appreciation in return. Okay...I make dinner because I enjoy it not out of obligation, but the point is still the same.
  13. Firekisses

    Pet Peeves

    Bosses who take the frustrations of their lousy personal life out on their employees. Especially my boss. I do not care to listen to you ramble mindlessly along about Second Life and the men you're playing head games with there. I know you're miserable every single day of your existence, but really its not my fault so quit sniping at me every two seconds for things you actually have to make up in order to have something to complain about. Men complaining about having to buy a gift for Valentine's Day for their lady. We know its a made-up holiday, but most women like a little romance and it won't kill you to do something romantic, I promise. I've listened to my one of my salesman complaining about it this morning.......I told him to buy her a card anf flowers and get over it. I suggested he make her a nice dinner but he thinks that would be too much trouble. I was going to have a much longer list but reading Del's post in here just put me in too good of a mood!
  14. I believe in long hot passionate kisses that makes you hear your heart beat throughout your entire body!
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