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  1. Sup?? Hope all is well with you:)

  2. Awesome, thanks for posting pics!
  3. Thanks for the ADD:)

  4. Ha ha know who you are too! =0)

  5. Know who you are my Thelma!!!!!!!

  6. Ha ha your right. Unfortunatley I can't edit the title.
  7. This reminded me of the plastic wigs kids could get years ago. My friend had an Elvis one. Note Robert and Jimmy are next to each other! From: tucsonweekly.com http://www.tucsonweekly.com/TheRange/archives/2011/03/18/finally-daryl-halls-hair-in-infographic-form Poster link: http://popchartlab.com/index.php/poster_detail/a_visual_compendium_of_notable_haircuts_in_popular_music/
  8. Some pics outside before the show from WireImage. http://www.wireimage.com/SearchResults.aspx?igi=477724&s=robert%20plant&sfld=C&vwmd=e
  9. Sorry you are bummed but he was a very kind and unforgettable person and it was important to honor that again on his birthday. I am a Harley person and when you go to bike rallies many bikers wear patches in memory of brothers and sisters departed but not forgotten. I have more than one on my vest.
  10. Today would have been his 52nd birthday. Gone but not forgotten!
  11. I know somewhere this was posted but couldn't find it. http://www.hennemusic.com/2011/02/robert-plant-to-rock-hdnet-on-february.html Also a link from hennemusic.com of the Electric Prom show that was near impossible to be to be able to viewed in the U.S. http://www.hennemusic.com/2010/11/video-robert-plant-rocks-bbcs-electric.html
  12. Interview with Miles Kennedy from Backstage Axxess. http://backstageaxxess.com/index.php/interviews/493-myles-kennedy-backstageaxxess-interview
  13. You are right. I just watched not to long ago the Pamela Des Barres Documentary where Pam visited her and she showed off the ring Elvis gave her.
  14. Ha ha good one leddy....he is a very very naughty boy. Nice concert pic NFBJ!
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