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  1. Some of, um, sketches of Plant
  2. "Must..get.. some.. sleeeeep.."
  3. Jimmy and a mirrow. I used such ultra technologies like markers, scanner and MSPaint
  4. Q: What would you get if you put Plant And Daltrey on the same stage? A: This :cheer:
  5. Here's Jimmy Page "cartoon" I made (Presentation, actually) http://stream.ifolder.ru/8085133 - for Open Office http://stream.ifolder.ru/8085184 - for Power Point. Let me know if it wont work, I'll fix it Enjoy!
  6. I flatter myself that sometimes i look like Page.. i'm a girl, I know.. I'm a little crazy girl :bagoverhead: :bagoverhead: *EPIC FAIL* (and yeeeeah I got two-disc special edition of TSRTS )
  7. The pattern, please? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on the top?
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