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  1. See? There's the variety of opinions! I loved the three piano tracks, as you say, especially since there were none at all on Presence. I'm actually surprised, considering the state of grief Robert was in, that the lyrics weren't darker and more grieving than they were.
  2. I've seen it written more than one time that John Paul Jones was much more in control of not only this album, but also the 1980 European tour than Page was. It seems to me he was probably more a producer in this case. I imagine Page probably was the contacted producer of all Zeppelin material. That was a horrible time in Page's life, indeed all their lives, and I suspect he's remembering it like he chooses, which, while I might not agree with it, it is his right.
  3. I'm a Zeppelin fan of almost thirty years' standing, and I have never, ever understood why so many fans don't like In Through The Out Door? I loved that album! I know, everyone's opinion is different, but I've seen arguments that the music just wasn't like the other albums (I've always countered that by saying Led Zeppelin III was totally different too) and so it just didn't seem right, or words to that effect. I listened to the remastered album for a few days in my car going back and forth to work, and while I found the companion disc to be VERY underwhelming, this reissue reminded me of why
  4. Weren't Bonzo's drums set up in a bathroom for this song? If so, that's probably where it comes from.
  5. I already loved LZ III, this new version just doubles it! I do like the simpler ''That's The Way'' for the most part and everything just sounds great. I see how ''Hats Off to (Roy) Harper'' came from ''Key to the Highway,'' very similar style. And it's nice to hear an official ''Jennings Farm Blues.'' Great work, Jimmy! Can't wait for the other six!
  6. My reaction to the remastered Led Zeppelin is this: It sounds fantastic, what I've heard so far. I've only heard a couple songs, mainly been playing Led Zeppelin II. I've had to fight the temptation to flip the songs over backward and start the album with ''Your Time is Gonna Come'' instead of "Good Times, Bad Times'' as the cassette album I had and first heard the album as had the sides flipped. Wasn't until some years later I realized the sides were backward and by then I was too used to it! ugh!! lol!
  7. I read something about part of the solo sounding scratchy or something and that's why Page edited it. Could it also be, just a guess here, maybe have been part of ''The 59th Street Bridge Song,'' which Page has edited out of any released, live version of "Heartbreaker?"
  8. I ordered the albums on Amazon and got digital downloads of the albums for free with them so I'm still waiting on the CD's but enjoying the digital versions. I'm still working through the albums, for LZ II, I say these sound superb, I really love ''La La'' so far. I don't recognize it, is this something different they were working on or did this turn into a released song later on down the line? If it was meant to be a new song, I do wish they could have finished it, cause it is superb. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is my favorite new track for Led Zeppelin II. And I do have to sa
  9. Didn't early "Immigrant Song" singles have this also?
  10. Or just drip water on it, as a friend of mine found out one time years ago, by accident when some water got splashed on the sleeve and it changed color.
  11. I have to admit this is how I first heard of Zeppelin. As I got older and studied this on my own, I don't believe there's any effect whatsoever. I've heard Stairway To Heaven now for almost 21 years and I'm no closer to being a Satanist than when I started. In fact, I'm less so. I don't believe the Devil did it either, because as a Satanism recruitment advertisement, the things the reversals say don't make any sense in that regard. It sounds more like some kind of sad story of someone being deceived by the Devil and something happening which causes insane amounts of suffering. Also, ther
  12. Thank you. Looking forward to watching it.
  13. Might I suggest actually sending it in to Zeppelin, if there's some way to get it to Page? You never know, there may well be a bootleg from that show and if so, it might get synced up to the right music as has been done with many bootleg records and videos on Zeppelin's YouTube channel.
  14. Stairway To Heaven Oddly enough, I had never heard of Led Zeppelin until I heard a tape of a radio show back in the early 80's about backward masking and the accusations of Led Zeppelin being nothing but Satanists and a vehicle for Satan. I heard the backwards clips before I ever got to hear the song all the way straight through. It would be several years later (1988 I believe) that I was listening to a weekly Sunday night dedication show on the radio and Stairway came on. I had a tape ready to tape songs here and there and when I heard it was Stairway, I just hit the tape and recorde
  15. I don't listen to it a whole heck of a lot these days. It's probably a little bit of the overplaying coming into play here but mainly I think, it's cause there are other songs I'd rather hear right now. I remember an interview with Robert Plant back around 1990 during that Led Zep weekend on MTV and he said it was the variety that kept Zeppelin alive. Usually though when I do play it, it's the live version from BBC Sessions that I play. I guess that's my favorite version.
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