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  1. Weren't Bonzo's drums set up in a bathroom for this song? If so, that's probably where it comes from.
  2. I already loved LZ III, this new version just doubles it! I do like the simpler ''That's The Way'' for the most part and everything just sounds great. I see how ''Hats Off to (Roy) Harper'' came from ''Key to the Highway,'' very similar style. And it's nice to hear an official ''Jennings Farm Blues.'' Great work, Jimmy! Can't wait for the other six!
  3. My reaction to the remastered Led Zeppelin is this: It sounds fantastic, what I've heard so far. I've only heard a couple songs, mainly been playing Led Zeppelin II. I've had to fight the temptation to flip the songs over backward and start the album with ''Your Time is Gonna Come'' instead of "Good Times, Bad Times'' as the cassette album I had and first heard the album as had the sides flipped. Wasn't until some years later I realized the sides were backward and by then I was too used to it! ugh!! lol!
  4. I read something about part of the solo sounding scratchy or something and that's why Page edited it. Could it also be, just a guess here, maybe have been part of ''The 59th Street Bridge Song,'' which Page has edited out of any released, live version of "Heartbreaker?"
  5. Nobody. If they couldn't replace John Bonham, they can't replace Robert Plant. Either convince him to tour with the three as Led Zeppelin, or call it something else, cause Zeppelin it ain't. Sorry.
  6. Maybe it was something he conceived of later?
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